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Terms Definitions
Melodic decorations
Polychoral music
multiple choirs
call and response
Homogenous blending of voices
basic unit of rhythm/music
little ascending and descending symbols, were written above the words to suggest the contours of the melody.
every syllable gets a note.
concordant or harmonious combination of tones
dates of the renaissance era
Who composed the 1st modern opera?
poet-musicians in the northern region of France.
Brahms, Johannes
(1833-97) German; Hamburg-based to 1862; Vienna-based thereafterStyle/Period: Middle German Romantic (Neoclassical)Genre Profile: 303---3302---3333---320---00---330Quantity of Work Produced: extensiveBest Known For: important contributor to most main genres (except ballet & opera)Notable Works: . . . songs [solo v & pf] (1851-96) . . . 21 Hungarian Dances (in 4 books) [pf 4 hands] (1852-69) . . . Piano Sonata #3 in F minor Op.5 (1853) . . . Piano Conc. #1 in D minor Op.15 (1854-8) . . . Sym. #1 in C minor Op.68 (1855-76) . . . A German Requiem [cantata/oratorio for 2 solo vv, chorus & orch.] (1857-68) . . . Serenade #1 in D [orch.] Op.11 (1857-8) . . . Serenade #2 in A [small orch.] Op.16 (1858-9, r1875) . . . 25 Variations & Fugue on a Theme by Handel in B flat Musical Influences: --JS Bach; -BEETHOVEN; ---Buxtehude; --Handel; Mendelssohn; --Mozart; -Schubert; C Schumann; R SCHUMANN; ---Schütz; Spohr; folksong; ---Baroque & Renaissance musicHas Influenced: +Barber; Bartók; Beach; Berg; Bridge; Busoni; DOHNÁNYI; Dvorák; Elgar; Enescu; Fibich; Glazunov; Hindemith; Ireland; +Kokkonen; Mahler; Medtner; Nielsen; PARRY; Pfitzner; REGER; -Reinecke; -C Schumann; Schoenberg; Schreker; STANFORD; Stenhammar; R Strauss; Szymanowski; [E Toch]; Webern; Wolf-Ferrari; Zemlinsky
dance form featuring a staged presentation of group or solo dancing w/ music, costumes, and scenery.
Large scale dramatic genre originating in Baroque, based on a text of religious or serious character
discordant and unstable combo of tones
performing forces employed in a certain musical work
a texture featuring a single, unaccompanied line is called:
the quality of sound that distinguishes one instrument or voice from another:
(means round dance) usually in a circle or line
Well-Tempered Clavier
Composed by J.S. Bach
2 volumes.
for clavichord/harpsichord
each book was 24 preludes and fugues. 48 pieces in total.
What is the language of ave Maria...virgo serena?
Bach, Johann Sebastian
(1685-1750) German; Leipzig-based from 1723Style/Period: Late German Baroque (w/eclectic German, French & Italian elements)Genre Profile: 003---3323---2222---033---00---330Quantity of Work Produced: immenseBest Known For: solo organ---sacred & secular cantatas---concs. & concerti grossi---masses---orchestral pcs---passions---works for solo player---sonatas---harpsichord (solo, chamber combs., w/orch.)---motetsChrist Lag in Todesbanden [church cantata for 4 solo vv, chorus & orch.] BWV4 (1707-8?) . . . Toccata & Fugue in D minor [org] BWV565 (before 1709) . . . Passacaglia & Fugue in C minor [org] BWV582 (1708-12?) . . . Prelude & Fugue in D [org] BWV532 (1708-17) . . . Toccata & Fugue in F [org] BWV540 (1708-17) . . . Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C [org] BWV564 (1708-17) . . . Brandenburg Concertos [6 concerti grossi for featured instrs. & strings] BWV1046-51 (1708-21Musical Influences: Albinoni; [G Böhm]; BUXTEHUDE; F Couperin; --Frescobaldi; -Froberger; [F Gasparini]; [R Keiser]; [G Legrenzi]; Lully; Pachelbel; -Schütz; --Sweelinck; Vivaldi; ZelenkaHas Influenced: ++Alkan; CPE BACH; JC BACH; WF BACH; +++Bartók; +Beethoven; ++Brahms; ++Bruckner; +++BUSONI; ++Chopin; +Clementi; +++Dupré; +++Elgar; +++Enescu; +++Finzi; [+++W Fortner]; +++Foss; ++FRANCK; ++Franz; ++Gounod; +++Grainger; +++Hanson; +++Harbison; Hasse; +++Hindemith; +++HONEGGER; +++Ives; +++Kagel; +++Karg-Elert; +++Kodály; +++Koechlin; +++Kokkonen; KREBS; +++Ligeti; ++Loewe; +++Mahler; +++MARTIN; +++Martinu; ++MENDELSSOHN; ++Mendelssohn-Hensel; +Mozart; +++Nancarrow; ++Paine; ++PARRY; +++Penderecki; +++REGER; ++Rossini; +++Ruggles; +++Schnittke; +++Schoenberg; ++R Schumann; +++Shchedrin; +++Shostakovich; +++Stanford; +++Stravinsky; +++Taneyev; +++Villa-Lobos; +++Webern: ++WIDOR; [+++BA Zimmermann]
Virtuosic solo passage in the manner of an improvisation, performed near the end of an aria or a mvt of a concerto
polyphonic vocal genre, secular in the Middle Ages but sacred or devotional thereafter.
20th cen. technique where notes of melody are dist. among diff instrum. giving pointillistic texture
compound duple meters
6 6 64 8 12
What was Palestrina's ideal sound?
Restrained, serene, and celestial.
The Camerata
Derived from the Italian word for 'Salon'
Aristocratic humanists who aimed to resurrect the musical-dramatic art of ancient Greece.
Camerata members fostered the invention of Opera.
Vincenzo Galilei
Giulio Caccini
Jacopo Peri
Gregorian chant
monophonic melody with a free flowing, unmeasured vocal line; liturgical chant of Roman Catholic Church.
Serialism (tone row)
Schoenberg method based on particular arr. of 12 chromatic tones
program music
Instrum. music endowed w/ literary or pictorial associations, esp popular in 19th cen.
quotation music
music that parodies another work or works, presenting them in a new style or guise
what is the name for german comic opera?
late in life, handel turned his efforts from the opera to:
opera seria
the late Renaissance madrigal came to full flower in the music of:
Claudio Monteverdi
a texture in which a single voice takes over the melodic interest while the accompanying voices are subordinate is called:
Doctrine of Affections
an entire piece or movement was normally built on a single affection(joy, anger, love etc.)
A stanza or group of four lines of poetry
Concerto delle donne
ensemble of ladies, 16th century at the court of Ferrara in the last decades of the 16th century was the first all-female vocal ensemble established at a court.
prepared piano
piano whose sound is altered by the insertion of various materials between strings. John cage
Impressionism (art)
French mvt dev by visual artists who favored vague, blurry images.
chief form of italien secular music in the Renaissance
the madrigal
Written for 3 or 4 voices and set to to love verses of French Renaissance poets.
two types of baroque sonatas
sonata di chiesa, sonata da camera
Where was Renaissance music performed? By whom?
Renaissance music was performed by professionals and amateurs.
Music was played at court, civic festivities, and at home.
Where is the closest monastery?
Tulsa, OK (Clear Creek or St. Joseph)
Identify 2 pre-eminent composers of the chanson.
Guillaume Du Fay and Josqui des Prez
the term Baroque derives from:
a Portugues word for a pearl of irregular shape
Give several reforms in music dictated by the Council of Trent
(use of secular spirit in sacred music, noisy instruments, thought that polyphony jumbled the text in mass. Abolished all sequence parts of the mass except for 4.
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