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Terms Definitions
short, seperated
Getting faster
compact disk.
Bartered Bride
Bedrich Smetana
Kenny Rogers (1976)Traditionalists
Stephen Sondheim
concept musical
no linear plot, just vignettes
Hal Prince
Star: Elaine Stritch, Barbara Barrie 
songs: Another Hundred People, Being Alive 
Chorus Format
5-9 choruses
Louie armstrong played the
german word for song
California Uber Alles
Dead Kennedies
Scott Joplin
an American composer and pianist. dubbed the "King of Ragtime." During brief career, wrote 44 ragtime pieces, one ragtime ballet, and two operas. the "Maple Leaf Rag", became ragtime's first and most influential hit
Violin Concerto in D Major
Music teaching tradition in India
struggle between existence and extinction
responsible for monitoring and reporting sale numbers for recorded music
opera String Quartet no. 4
in a leisurely manner; slowly.
Nicolo Paganini
1782-1840. Astonished audiences with demonic prowess on violin. Used extended techniques such as harmonics (ringing tones) and col legno. Composed 24 caprices for solo violins.
True to life-opera about regular ppl
a technique of writing successive passages using identical rhythms but different melodies
gradually dying away with slower tempo
sur la touche
bowing over the fretboard
small guitar popular in many regions
Classical Symphony form
Fast, Slow, Dance, Fast.
Brass Instruments
trumpet, French horn, trombone, and tuba.
The Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the UK"
--- instruments were given values or pistons
A polyphonic composition in which all the voices perform the same melody, beginning at different times.
cool jazz
a restrained, controlled jazz style that developed during the elate 1940's
What is Gonje?
A single-stringed fiddle instrument traditionally from the northern part of Ghana. Came from Dagomba group.
It was Mozart's birthplace, and every year a festival featuring his music is held there.
Earl Scruggs
bango player, most famous soloist. Started 3 finger “scrugg style”, very serious- nevery funny or comical. Dressed in a three piece suit, this changed the atmosphere of the bango, his bango had a big resonator on the back and made it sound brighter and more metallic
Irving Berlin wrote what popular Christmas song?
White Christmas
large scale work like an opera but non-staged and based on a sacred story
melodic style with one note to each syllable of text
This composer wrote: Jaws, Superman, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, and the first three Harry Potter movies
a. Walt Disney
b. Aaron Copeland
c. John Williams
d. Hans Zimmer
c. John Williams
program music
non vocal music written in association with some literary work
The most important keyboard instrument of the Romantic Period was
a. the harpsicord
b. the organ
c. the piano
d. the clavichord
c. the piano
the lowness and highness of   musical sounds
Who is Dolly Parton?
"9-5"- working girl, works harder than men but no promotion, no credit for working hard, executive positions not meant for women at the time
Based on lecture, who was continuously referred to as "the hardest working man in show business?"
James Brown
an arrangement of a certain number of lines, usually four or more, sometimes having a fixed length, meter, or rhyme scheme, forming a division of a poem.
Anton Wbern- Five Pieces for Orchestra (third piece)
20th Century Music
Compound meter
A time signature whose upper number is a multiple of three and whose beat note can be divided into three equal parts creating a ratio of 3:1
idée fixe
Term coined by Berlioz for a theme which recurs, perhaps obsessively, in different movements of a work
`tuning system
all the pitches common to a musical tradition
As discussed in lecture, "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys sounded similar to which of Chuck Berry's songs?
Sweet Little Sixteen
Serial Music/12 tone composition
method of composing in which all pitches of a composition are derived from a special ordering of the 12 chromatic tones; developed by Schoenberg in the early 1920s
Franz Liszt
born in Hungary, son of an official of the Exterhazy family; became famous as a virtuoso pianist (age 11); as Court Music Director at Weirmar conducted performances of new music and supported new composers (Wagner, Grieg many others) several well-publicized affairs with high-born ladies added to his fame, as well as honors from citiess and princes all over Europe. Influences: Hungarian heritage, piano training in Vienna , life in Paris, the virtuosity of Paganini- wanted to expand the technical limits of the piano, both in his playing and his compositions. He wrote: music for Piano: transcriptions, etudes, HUangarian dances, tone paintings, concertos; for orchestra: 2 programmatic symphonies (Faust, Dante) 12 symphonies poems, hungarian rhapsodies; organ works; choral works
pizzicato pizz.
plucking with finger plucking withe left finger
a song in which new text is set to a borrowed or preexisting melody
What is the theme of bachata music?
Its subjects are often romantic; especially prevalent are tales of heartbreak and sadness.
What other art form was music closely related to?
Music was also closely related to poetry. They were almost synonymous in meaning to the Greeks.
isorhythmic motet
Polish girl
tu vai
you go
Elements of Duration
highest male voice
a capella
unaccompanied voices
performed softly, subdued
Josquin--"Ave Maria---Virgo Serena"
Medieval/Renaissance Period
The Gambler
Kenny Rogers (1978)Traditionalists
Invented the English oratorio-
St. Louis Blues
W.C Handy
same pitch but different notation
Regional music gone nationalHillbilly Music (folk music of the South)Western Swing (larger ensemble with saxes brass, jazz rhythm sections)Nashville
Maelzel metronome; tempo indication; the number of beats per minute, expressed in a specific note value=72.
Afro-Cuban religious and musical practice» Combines language, beliefs of Yoruba cultfrom Nigeria with aspects of Catholicism» Result of slave trade» Dates back to 1500’s-development through1800’s» Yoruba natives brought to Caribbean, SouthAmerica, baptized as Roman Catholics» Developed way to continue original beliefsystem while appearing to adopt Catholictraditions:
Grass Dance
Womans dance in present-day powwow named after the fringed regalia worn in performance
The Rolling Stones, "The Last Time"
A dazzling technical passage designed to show off the performer's skills is called a:
A single unaccompanied line of music
A Cappella

Choral music performed without instrumental accompaniment.
Another term for Gregorian chant is?
Gamelan Angklung
cremation ceremonies - 4/5 slendro
pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic:
Elvis Presley (1935-1977)
"King of Rock and Roll"
gagaka orhcestra
harp, flute and piccolo and bells
Alston Ellis, Hopeton Lewis, The Paragons, and The Gaylads, were all a part of:a. Mentob. Skac. Rocksteadyd. Reggae
c. Rocksteady
a musical motive associated with some person, thing, or symbol in the drama
a cradle-song or lullaby, in lilting triple or compound time. The most famous example of the use of this title is by Chopin, who wrote one Berceuse, followed by Liszt.
a complete music unit in a multi-movement work
are affections?
The representation of emotions in music
_________Got his start with Ballet Music
Igor Stravinsky
anything that serves as a concluding part.
Sam "lightnin" Hopkins
-East Texas Style
-Performed in Juke Joints, Train Stations, Etc.
-"Everybodys down on me"
term referring both to a style of performance and to a form; an early source of jazz, characterized by flatted or "blue" notes in the scale; vocal consists of 3 line stanzas in the form a a' b.
idea that music often centers around 1 note and its chord
Debussys Prelude ˆ lapres-midi d'un faune was based on a poem by
a.  Walt Whitman.
b.  Edgar Allan Poe.
c.  Stephane Mallarme.
d.  Stephane Degas.
c.  Stephane Mallarme.
Time Signature
-Found on staff at beginning of piece-Top number = Beats in each measure-Bottom number = note value of beat
The shape or planned design of a musical composition, the way in which the various sections are deployed in linear time, is called?
Amédé Ardoin
was a Louisiana Creole musician, known for his high singing voice and virtuosity on the ten-button (diatonic or "Cajun") accordion. He is credited by Louisiana music scholars with laying the groundwork for Cajun music in the early 20th century
• Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney • No. 1 in 1965• Instrumentation acoustic guitar and strings• Form: AABABA
Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans)
-Records 'The Twist" in 1960.
-'The Twist' was promoted by Dick Clark on American Banstand.
49 songs
Collection of songs that are easy to learn and memorize, people sing it for fun. It usually has English words in it. It is like a folk song, sung for leisure, after dinner, etc.
bass part that is always linked to a set of chords but is not explicitly written
where did the renaissance start?
during age of exploration; rebirth
Two works that illustrate the use of Medieval concepts are Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols and Carl Orff's
Carmina Burana.
an ancient drum of India shaped like a long conical barrel with two tuned heads of different sizes.
In a minuet and trio, which is usually repeated?
the minuet
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
First Movement form Symphony No. 40 in G Minor
Call and Response
(1) in jazz, a pattern in which one voice or instrument is answered by another voice, instrument, or group of instruments. (2) performance style in which the phrases of the soloist are repeatedly answered by those of a chorus, often found in African and other nonwestern music
What was the form of the De capo de Aria
ABA form
James Brown
-----"Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"
-"chanka" style of guitarist Jimmy Nolan
-the overall style was still heavily R&B; influenced
-12-bar blues
-cal and response
-riffs, synocopation
-Listen for the use of stop-time at the end of each chorus
According to lecture, why was Moby's Animal Rights album reviewed unfavorably by critics?
The genre changed from techno to punk rock/ambient
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