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Terms Definitions
key change
nonsense syllable
dying away
stretch time/elastic
"The Four Seasons"
Vater unser (Schein)
Favorite Thing
The Replacements
mike d'antonio
killswitch engage
a melody with words
Specific melody with accompaniment
begin without a pause
multiple performers playing simultaneous variations of the same line of music
j'ai envie de
I feel like
motive unity between 4 movements
Was hast du verwirket
Schutz, 1639
Korean narrative vocal performance style, featuring epic-length stories (5 of them)
A musician's job, engagement. (Slang)
Tant que vivray
Claude Sermisy, 1520
smallest smallest melodic or rhythmic unit
-most famous child prodigy in history-played for royalty and aristocracy-1781 freelance musician
classical style
Restrained, objective style of art
Where did Schumann live?
small German town
a sacred vocal composotion in polyphonic texture with a latin text sung a cappella
is a Renaissance choral work called that is not based on the Mass?
rhythmic or melodic repeating pattern that is usually played “underneath,” “against,” or as a backdrop for the main melody.
Who was the Queen Of Soul?
Which of the following countries was NOT a leading opera center in the nineteenth century
Oldest of the three traditions, very sparse theater. The stage will look the same for every Noh performance, very bare, a runway, and a pillar, no curtains. Music accompanies Noh theater with slow music and traditional Japanese singing that sounds a lot like moaning. Known as mask theater, see very little skin, almost everything is covered up. By covering up the entire body, the actor is disguised completely and the essence of the character is allowed to come through. The characters do different motions to convey emotions. The tempo of Noh theater moves very slowly. Everything goes at snail’s pace for a long time, then it accelerates really quickly, and then it goes back to being slow. Plots are all about morality. There is some kind of moral point to the whole plot (e.g. good vs. evil).
A significant number of these are piano transcriptions in his very complex style which typically involves intricate polyrhythms, virtuosic technique and interwoven linear, rather than harmonic, textures
GENRE of "Heavenly Aida"
Opera recitative & aria
electronic music
sounds produced by computers and electronic devices
On which musical element is the artistic effect of plainchant based?
who is the bassist for mudvayne
ryan martinie
Which "professor" served as Alan Toussaint's mentor?
Professor Longhair
a group of singers specializing in singing church music; choir.
Who is the German-born conductor who set up a concert series across the United States and also established New York City's second professional orchestra
Theodore Thomas
Anacrusis/pickup notes
notes that come before the first downbeat of a piece (and thus before the first barline), and which make a complete measure with the last notes in the piece.
The text and formal arrangement of a religious service
car wheels on a gravel road
lucinda williams (1998)
» Seen in various forms across all ofAfrica-often available as souvenir» Central instrument of the Shonapeople of Zimbabwe» Music created by repeated pitchedrhythmic patterns (like Gamelan)-often with vocals over it
The tone quality or \"color\" of a musical sound
Absolute Music
Music purely for music, not elaborate titles or program
to attune to a certain pitch or key.
Claudio Montevardi (1567-1643), henry purcell(1659-1695)-- 17th century opera
montevardi-orpheo-> based on ancient greek myth of orpheo, attempts to rescue hisdead lover (eurydice) from hades of the underworld
Symphony No. 1
Title: 3rd Movement from Symphony No. 1Composer: Ellen Taaffe ZwilichDate: 1983Instruments: lots of them
Nationalistic composers expressed their nationalism by:
a. employing nature songs/dance of their people in their works
b. borrowing exotic styles from other countries
c. writing absolute music
d. all the above
a. employing nature songs/dance of their people in their works
Mozart's Opera (4 points)
1. Don Giovanni2. More realistic plots and characteristics3.Better flow between recit. and Aria4. Music changes to reflect actions of characters
According to lecture, what was Lillith Fair named after?
Adam's First Wife
3 instruments in the front line that supply the melody in DIXIELAND MUSIC
trumpet, trombone, clarinet
Poco A Poco
Little by little; to do the prescribed action over a series of measures, gradually
What was the popular song (which we heard in lecture) off the Beach Boys album, "Pet Sounds" ?
“God Only Knows”
What does rubato mean?
Slowing or speeding up the tempo. "Stretching" the tempo.
If You Ever Been Down Blues
piece composed by G.W. Thomas and performed by Sippie Wallace and Louis Armstrong
What is chance music? Which composer created the idea of chance music? Which one of the Listening Excerpts at the end of the study guide is an example of chance music?
composer chooses pitches, tone colors, and rhythms by random methods, or allows a performer to choose much of the musical material; John Cage – 4’3”
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