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Terms Definitions
The Moldau
very soft
staggered triad
un artiste
an artist
Magnus liber organi
drums and zylophone
samba de roda
becoming gradually slower.
Bliss Dub
Walking on Wire
GENRE of "Love-Death"
Music drama
texture of Greek music
is lyrical and tender
the repetition of consonant sounds
Author of Also Sprach Zarathurstra
Amarillo by Morning
George Straight (1983)
controlled dances that accompany gagaku
Who sang "Midnight Oil"?
Barbara Mandrell
piano p
Like Copland and Prokofiev, Revueltas wrote music for films
The process by which Renaissance composers freely embellished plainchant melodies for use in their compositions
composed by Giacomo Carissimi
about a man who offers to sacrifice the first thing he sees after a battle as long as he wins, ends up being his daughter 
in vocal style (see also Cantabile)
"Blue" notes
pitch inflections, microtonal, African origin
electric guitar
an electronically amplified instruent capable of many specialized techniques, comes in two main types: the hollow-bodied (or electro-acoustic), favored by jazz and popular musicians, and the solid-bodied, used more by rock musicians
gradually increasing in force, volume, or loudness (
Muddy Waters
-Born and raised in Mississippi Delta
-1943: moved north to Chicago to find opportunities as a professional musician.
-Combined country blues sound with electric guitar into a "nitty-gritty, low-down, jumpy sound".
terraced dynamics
instruments add/subtract to make music loud/soft
Author of Now I See it Well
hard edged avant-garde, Neoclacissim
description of Stravinsky's style
Lamento borincano
written by Rafael Hernandez
One of his best known works
tells the story of a poor farmer who travels to sell his produce but can't because of the depression
orchestral score
conductor follows a composite notation of all the instrumental parts for a particular piece
Key area. Certain chords have more strength and "pull" than others, setting up a hierarchy or chords.
The “beloved” in Berlioz’s piece was inspired by his real-life infatuation with
Harriet Smithson
relative rapidity or rate of movement, usually indicated by such terms as adagio, allegro, etc., or by reference to the metronome.
when two or more distinct melodies are combined
Syllabic/melismatic singing
One or two notes per syllable/Many notes per syllable
A modified version of a theme is called a(n):
The rhythm section tends to start and end each piece by playing the melody.
Audience expectations
The 19th Century Public was captivated by virtuosity. Private music making increased. With a piano being a standard fixture in almost every home, there was a great demand for songs and solo pieces.
Peter Tosh
one of the performers who helped develop reggae, created protest music
Timbre in music is often compared to color in art, and different instrumental or vocal sounds may be described as having different "colors."
What producer was affiliated with girl groups such as The Crystals, Darlene Love, and the Ronettes?
Phil Spector
Piccolos are made of ______, _______, or _________.
wood, metal, plastic
Name the 6 Voice Types
1.) Soprano2.) Mezzo-soprano3. Alto4. Tenor5. Baritone6. Bass
idee fixe
" fixed idea" the term coined by Berlioz for a recurring theme used in all the movements of one of his program symphonies
brandenburg concertos
set of 6 concerti grossi composed by J.S. Bach between 1711 and 1720
"Amazing Grace"
well-known hymn, its 4 phrases are of equal length and rhyme scheme is a-b-a-b
the first 3 cadences are inconclusive, but the last cadence, at the end of the fourth phrase, has a final downward motion that gives the listener a sense of closure
a set of horizontal lines, now five in number, with the corresponding four spaces between them, on which music is written.
--- is the first known book (psalter) printed in America (1640)
Bay Psalm Book
Which of the following lists of dynamics shows a change from louder to softer?
Mezzo piano; piano; pianissimo
7. The "cleaned up" version of "Roll With Me Henry" was called
Dance With Me, Henry
Who is Janis Joplin? (Rock)
"Piece of My Heart"- her man sucks, doesn't treat her well, but "stays with him" theme, gives him her love, he'll give it back; "Me and Bobby McGee"- freedom = rock bottom, free from Bobby, left her with nothing, they traveled around US together
What is Perfect Strangers about? (Content & Year)
Had a past with significant other, didn't work out, can't have future but both still have memories of them together, 1980s
Why are the drums important in Ghana's culture?
They can "communicate" to other people of other villages.
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