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Terms Definitions
walking speed
Middle Ages
motion, movement
slowing down
runaway love
justin beiber
O Mirtillo
Monteverdi 1605
Straight Edge
Minor Threat
In Arab vocal music, an improvisation that introduces a song and which serves to establish the maqam used in the rest of the piece.
harp intro to waltz
Concert Halls
First in Oxford,England
El Capitan
John Philip Sousa
\"Istanpitta Ghaetta\" date?
14th c
Nay, Mizmar
Arabic wind instruments
distance between pitches. step;pitch to its closest neighbor. skip;pitch skips its closest neighbor. leap;pitch leaps over at least 2 closest neighbors.
central pitch melodies gravitate around and end
Takht Ensemble

-->2 melodic instrumental families
Sahb— “pulling or stretching”—bowed lutes and aerophones
Naqr—plucking or hammering—plucked lutes and zithers (plucked or hammered)
fairly fast, slower than allegro
Nuper rosarum flores/Terribilis
Du Fay, 1436
Romantic Time Period
musical era from 1820-1900
Polyphony Organum
2+ melodies playing together; initially parallel to chant, then developed its own melodic curve
Moral and ethical qualities of music
(French: teasing), indicates a piece of music of light-hearted character. The best known badinerie is the lively last movement of Bach's Suite in B minor for flute, strings and continuo.
Astor Piazzolla
Injects inspiration taken from jazz,classical music into traditional tangostyle Dissonance, extended harmonies (fromjazz), polyphony from classical music Transforms tango into form containingmore possibility for deep, musicalexpression, artistry.
The madrigal was a
sacred choral piece of the

Secular voice piece
Small group of singers w/ accompaniment
poetry is serious and elegant
music designed to fit the text
refers to dance forms from Britain late 17th century (d.f.)
Rock is characterized by a strong, steady beat in a triple meter
Used by the Navajo with nasally singing. Consists of 1-2 notes/beat, usually ¼ or 1/8 notes. Very square music.
Cage’s teachers
Henry Cowell (1933) and Arnold Schoenberg (1933–35)
neo classical
twentieth century music returning to older styles
Many Baroque operas deal with ancient____________, whereas oratorios deal with ancient ______________.
Rome; Israel
Brass Section
Brass instruments are essentially very long pipes that widen at their ends into a bell
What instrument did Paul McCartney play during his career with The Beatles?
Bass Guitar
opera buffa
an Italian farcical comic opera originating in the 18th century and containing recitativo secco, patter songs, and ensemble finales.
Who was the first internationally acclaimed American composer of classical music
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
fake book
the collection of jazz tunes that every musician should know.2 elements. 1. Bare elements of the tunes and you fake your way through it 2. It’s not a legal book, not copyrighted and just passed around. The music sheet is read/played several times in one piece- the first time, nothing is really improvised and the musicians focus mostly on the melody (pianist can improvise a little, but the other players listen and play accordingly) The second time around, harmony is emphasized. Each player in the group has a solo part.
a short fragment that is distinct and recognizable in a longer piece such as a symphony and is broght back many times throughout
luckenbach, texas(back to the basics of love)
waylon jenning (1977)
This symbol indicates to raise the pitch a half-step –
– sharp
belief that all living things have a spirit
Invented by Franz Liszt, it is someone who possess outstanding abilities in singing or playing a musical instrument
a musical direction in the most rapid tempo.
ritornello form
a baroque form where in a piece listeners hear the same thing in the beginning as they do the ending
minimalism and Glass
type of music seeking the greatest effect from the least amount of musical material. Glass is a mucial composer
Pablo Milanés
one of the most prominent artist in the movement of nueva trova
afro cuban- interested in incorperating traditional styles of music in his repetoire
Theme and Variation form
A A1 A2 A3 A4 .......Coda
At what California venue did Dick Dale first perform and increasingly draw and audience to?
Rendevous Ballroom
variation form
form in which a single melodic unit is repeated with harmonic, rhythmic, dynamic, or timbral (tone color) changes
A special theater was built at ___ for the presentation of Wagner's music drama.
a. Dresden
b. Munich
c. Berlin
d. Bayreuth
d. Bayreuth
What is Dick Dale's style of playing guitar?
Staccato Picking Style
Wagners cycle of four music drams called:
a. Lohengrin
b. Tristan and Isolde
c. The Ring of Nibelung
d Die Meistersinger von Nurburg
c. The Ring of Nibelung
Two of these instruments have a conflicted pitch interface
both continuous pitch control and something resembling the keyboard show up on the ondes martenot (keyboard for discrete control and "ring mode" for continuous) and trautonium (metal bar for continuous and flanges over the metal bar for discrete). The Theremin provides only continuous pitch control.
What was the new role of dissonant chords in the 20th century?
Used more freely, distinction was abandoned, “consonance is the new dissonance”
Texture Types
plukcs strings
always, continually
Monteverdi, 1608
the renaissance period
FORM of "Erlking"
gong siyam
small gong
unstable, tense chords
a cappella
unaccompanied group singing
Large Egyptian frame drum
a hold or pause
national instrument of Kazakhistan
Symphony No. 3 Eroica
Beethoven (Symphony)
Importance of music in Vienna
Triple Meter
Three beats per measure
Dead Kennedy's
alternative tentacles- records labelfrom San FranciscoJello Biafra-vox
A Latin-American/Caribbean dance and music genre, originally from the Dominican Republic
String Quartet K 387
Mozart 1782
Italian for detached. The shortened performance of a note so that is sounds only for a moment; a note played or sung very clipped
-perhaps the finest composer for chorus who ever lived-composed water music for public entertainment
concertato principle
Principle of contrasting the sonorities of different performing ensembles
Lower case f
represents a forte (LOUD)
Vocal style established in the Baroque, with a solo singer and instrumental accompaniment
\"If ye love me\" composer?
Thomas Tallis
word for ensemble of instruments, predominantly percussion (Java, bali, southern Kalimantan and Malaysia
-tones that result from sound waves that are multiples of the basic tone-
Art rock or progressive rock was largely a British style
a long instrument that has moveable bridges (made of ivory) that divide the string into some kind of proportion to give different pitches. You can play on either side of the bridge giving it different pitches. All of the strings are tuned to the same note so it just depends on how you line it up. It is supposed to look like a dragon to some extent, the bridges being the spine of the dragon. It can be a very delicate instrument and plucked quietly, but it can also make very aggressive loud sounds. (similar to qin of China)
music from the period of aprox. 1600-1750- used excess and extravagance
Ravi Shankar
"star" artist. Worked with the Beatles.
two or more independent lines sounding simaltaneously
The piece by Smetana that depicts Bohemia's main river is the
The word "piano" means to play ________?
According to lecture, the movie, "Gidget," was influenced by what genre of music?
Surf Rock
of the first or highest quality, class, or rank:
when the rhythm of music accents "off beats" or creates rests on strong beats
A --- was a popular renaissance lute or keyboard song, but turned into a virtuoso for harpsichord or organ solo
In the 15th and 16th centuries, an instrumental composition to be "sounded" on instruments rather than sung.
Small drum held between the knees also known as tamborita; during salve music
complete cadence
a resting point that gives the listener a feeling of completion
Three Characteristics of Melody
Range, Shape, Type of Movement
string quartet
Composition for two violins, a viola, and a cello; usually consisting of four movements.
an entertainer who feeds lines to the main comedian and usually serves as the butt of his or her jokes.
rondeau (baroque era)
a compostion beased on the alteration of a main theme (refrain) with subsidary sections called couplets, to allow for musical diversity. Form ABACADAEAFA
three-part musical form as in a b a form
The concept of a total artwork in which all the arts - musi, poetry, drama, visual spectacle - are fused together is called
a. Gesamtkunstwerk
b. leitmotifs
c. idee fixe
d. Ewigemelodie
a. Gesamtkunstwerk
speed or pace of the musiclargo - very slowgraveadagioandanteallegro - fastvivace - livelypresto - very fastprestissimo - as fast as possible
According to the movie Respect, who was the founder of Motown Records?
Berry Gordy Jr.
Titles such as Prelude, Impromptu, and Intermezzo are used for
short, lyric piano pieces:
What the Term "Romantic" means:
A cultural Movement that stressed emotion, imagination, and individualism.Romanticism was in part a rebellion against the neoclassicism of the eighteenth century and the age of reason.Freedom of expression.Authors projected their personalties in their work. Romantics were especially drawn to the realm of fantasy.
tenuto (ten.)
hold the tone its full value or even a little longer
Jazz Band
Each player in the band had a job to do.Head- Main melody of the typical jazz tune at beginning.
Ray Charles
----"I've Got A Woman"
-blinded at age six and orphaned by the time he was sixteen
-got his start in Seattle in the late 1940s, recording jazzy crooning numbers
-The song "I Got A Woman", written by Charles, was his first #1 hit on the R&B charts
-Powerful gospel inflections can be heard in Charles voice
-the beat of the song sounds like a driving R&B beat
Handel (Oratorio)
La Campanella
rapid; fast
very fast
Order of Flats
New Orleans Jazz
gradually getting softer
Voice Types
Sopranomezzo-sopranoAltoTenor BaritoneBass
Bizet (French Opera comique)
speaking multiple languages; characteristic of people living in Africa
Heavy, ponderous, firm, vigorous
grand or noble style
non troppo
not too much:
A sustained or repeated tone
da capo (D.C.)
from the beginning
bowed parshaped fiddle of bulgaria
___________music without Tonality, without a key center
Atonal Music
Date the Middle Ages
450 to 1450
composed "Mass for Pope Marcellus" which convinced the Council of Trent that polyphony could be used in church and still get the meaning across.
Florentine Camerata
-group of intellectuals-tried to revive the geek drama-enhanced w/ music-primarily for literature
systematic arrangement (3/4, 4/4, for example)
similar to gongdiao mode (12356), considered bright and happy
Secco Recitative
a recitative with continuo accompaniment
_____________ embraces Broadway but with a more complex blend of jazz, latin rhythms and the influence of Bernstein’s own classical training as pianist/conductor/composer
Musical style
the first beat of a measure
a simple, repeating melodic idea or pattern that creates rhythmic momentum
He was court composer to Emperor Joseph ll and his two successors in Vienna. He taught Beethoven, Schuber, Liszt, and one of Mozarts sons
Art Music
music that is formal, sophisticated, urban, and appreciated by an educated elite
Henry Purcell
English composer, wrote dido and aeneas
Pitch can be:
-Definite or Indefinite-High or low
a particular school of vocal or instrumental performance--secrets kept w/in the musical family
fusion of cultures that takes place when different ethnic groups meet
mixed meter
4/4 and 3/4 with different instruments
A small South American guitar made from the shell of an armadillo or similar animal and having two to five strings, or eight to fifteen metal or nylon strings turned to five courses
Sound Waves
pure wave (tone) / chaotic wave (noise)
texture in which all voices or lines move together in the same rhythm
W. A. Mozart
Movements of symphony, Requiem (died during the creation), Classical era concerto K-622
The Guitar was more popular than the Lute in the Renaissance (T/F)
proper of the mass
varying parts of mass (changeable)
three or more pitches played at the same time.
________leads to the establishment of the Communist Soviet Union in 1922
The Russian Revolution
(of a passage in a musical score) immediately slower.
strophic form
the most popular song form of the time
had two or more stanzas all set to the same music
"Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" is an example of what style of music?
Jump Blues
Josquin Desprez
one of the greatest composers of the Renaissance
-born around 1440, in France (no records of family or schooling)
-worked in Italy, moved to France (served courts) (died in France)
-Composition to commemorate the death of Pope's son, who was murdered
-text taken from 3 verses in Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)
-Each line of text is given a contrapuntal setting with all four voices usually imitating each other
- scholars feel the motet was not intended for religious purposes, but for Pope's privacy
Musical stress and syncopation
stress--a sense of expectation, new beginning of beats or grouping and subdivisions
Syncopation--metrical stress of a note is displaced so that empasis occurs on normally unstressed beats
has a simple arrangement of an A section, a contrasting B section, then a rerturn of the A section. (ABA
Ternary form
passer du temps avec des amis
to spend time with friends
Presidential Medal of Freedom
honor awarded to Duke Ellington later in his life
lived the life of a "free artist." He was often broke, but spent his mornings composing, is afternoons in the cafés, and
Franz Schubert
Theme and variations –
an instrumental form in which a stated theme is followed by a series of  variations on that theme
each instrument or voice emphasizes different overtones...
this results in different color [sound varieties or overtones]
12 bar blues
3 sung lines, 1 bar or 1 measure is 4 beats., harmonic structure/chord progression that blues starts to take toward the turn of the 19th century.
What is an aria? What word does it come from?
An aria is an elaborate song, is generally accompanied by instruments, and is found in operas, oratorios, and cantatas of the last three centuries. Aria is the Italian word for “air
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