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 C. Change key in a musical composition

modulate means to:
taio cruz
strophic form
tone cluster
very soft.
Maple Leaf Rag
Runaway slave communities
Japanese narrative songs
Tutti Fruity
Little Richard
Classical Period
Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
instrumental composition originally based on vocal models, but later were independent of any such models
Dish It Out
The Contortions
intertribal festival/ ceremony/social eventMore than one tribe, main purpose= to expand social relations- social networking and communal daycare, weekend long events (Friday night- Sunday). Types- competitive- centers around dancing and drumming, money involved, profession powwow dance, substantial prizes. Traditional- no competition and money, arbor= central dance area, dancing starts at 7pm Friday,saturday people socialize dancing starts again at 1pm Saturday, large dinner break, start again 7pm until late,Sunday= same thing as Saturday only people pack up and leave after dinner.
Fletcher Henderson
Black king of jazz
Romantic Texture
Essentially homophonicRicher, fuller chords for enhanced accompanimentConstantly changing texturesSome counterpoint
inner form
content of each section
German composer in Rococo period
4th space in bass clef
(a musical direction) vivacious; lively.
first section of a sonata-form movement
Beat grouping in South Indian Meter
Fiddlin John Carson
first country music recording-1923
light moderately quick;
not as fast allergo
long-short rhythmic pattern in tango, derived from a Cuban rhythm
argentinaslow urban couple dance with pronounced downbeats
Sonata for Piano, K 310
Mozart 1778
The tam-tam's disc is made of _______.
"Big Mama" Thornton
"Hound Dog"
-Thornton's original: raspy, powerful voice; bluesy, Delta-style band; 12-bar blues with added beats; howls & spoken word show informal, improvisatory feel; about a bad lover
Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown, and Charlie Parker were popular artist during which era:
a. swing
b. bebop
c. cool jazz
d. fusion
b. bebop
Dramatic vocal work on a religious subject, performed in a concert hall or church
Golden Ring
George Jones and Tammy Wynette (1976)Traditionalists
Porgy And Bess
Written by The Gershwins
a serious opera
all black cast
discussed serious social issues
There is no place like home
Henry Bishop
The recurring pattern of strong and weak beats and underlying pulse.
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix Experience • The Experience was first seen in America in 1967 at the Monterey Pop Festival
The clarinet tube is usually made of ______.
A section of a melody or a tune
Terraced Dynamics
Sudden change of dynamics with no gradiation
Girolamo Frescobaldi
foremost organ virtuoso of the Baroque Period
A symbol // indicating a sudden pause in the music
a multi-movement hymn of praise to a person or ideal usually lasting about twenty minutes and containing and instrumental introduction, choruses, duets, and solo arias, but no recitative because there is no story.
another way of keeping the meter from becoming monotonous, the simultaneous use of rhythmic patterns that conflict with the underlying beat, such as "two against three" or "three against four," means "many rhythms," occurs frequently in the music of many African cultures as well as in jazz and rock.
Which artist was originally hired by Bartholomew to fill in as a session pianist in place of "Fats" Domino?
Allen Toussaint
Daddy Yankee
Is a reggeton artist from Puerto Rico
Wagners method of writing an opera
orchestra equals all drama
endless melody,music is accompanying all throuhout the whole opera
plot and dialogue have orchestra playing
a note played as a quick release of sound, choppy
au mouvt
in time, at the preceeding rate of speed
(oh moo mah(n)) 
no buredi - listening example
three melodic ostinatostwo electric guitarselectric bass guitardrum settwo congas maracas
Motown Records
Named For Detroit, Founded in 1960 by Berry Gordy,
It is a pattern in which A stands for the main theme, which then alternates with other themes. THe A theme should return at least 3 times as follows:ABACADA
What kinds of songs do they sing?
They sing folk songs.
eighth rest
rest equal in time value to an eighth note
The elements of musical form are?
rhythm, pitch and melody, dynamics, tone color, and texture
the renaissance was an age of what?
reason and evidence of the senses;
worried about what sounded good;
more consonant.
J.S. Bach, Mass in B minor, Agnus Dei II
sound:..built up from bass voice ..trumpet later.."Dona nobis pacem"other: countersubject..two subjects, two answers..A1 is real, A2 is tonal
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