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French Horn
Handel, 1738
the sign
soft; subdued.
Duke Ellington
Cotton Tail
FORM of "Pathetique"
music moves together
grouping of beats
gradually growing slower 2
Charles Ives
-american-"the unanswered question"-chamber orchestra
gradually slower and broader
A series of intervals
Holst (Suite of orchestral music)
freely with respect to tempo
Tom Bee
Pan-tribal: “Beginning.” XIT (Crossing of Indian Tribes) isa rock band from Albaquerque NMan activist/musician. As ateenager Tom Bee undertook a search of his roots and became involved in the Red PowerMovement. He now runs a native record company SOUND OF AMERICA, dedicated toproducing and distributing Native American popular music.
Just What I Needed
The Cars
panpipes common among indigenous populations from Peru and throughout the Andes
According to lecture, where specifically does Moby say he was born?
tension, restlessness in music that wants to resolve
Proper & Ordinary of the Mass
Washington DC
city where Ellington was born
Orchestral Forms
Concerto, Concerto Grosso, and Overture
The louds and softs of music
describes art created from the undisguised, but often modified, use of objects that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a mundane, utilitarian function.
Henry Purcell
Considered the greatest English composer. Composed Dido and Aeneas.
Cantata No. 80, No. 1 Choral Fugue
Gottschalk's The Banjo is in a modified sonata form
pattern of durations of sounds in time
wagner's term for his musical dramas "total work of art"
Muzio Clementi, Jan Ladislav Dussek
Inspired Beethoven's works
composers adopted ideas not only form the Classical period but also from the Baroque era. Harmonies are modern, accompanying figures are new, phrase-lengths are irregular, and the rythm is lively bouncy even a little quirky
Schubert's song "Erlkonig" is set to a poem by
The organ is a keyboard instrument whose tones are produced by wind going through sets of pipes of various lengths and materials.
According to lecture, What month did Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper all die in?
Honky Tonk
50's texas bar music, oil boomers
Aretha Franklin
a. "Queen of Soul"
b. Representing female empowerment
i. Inspired by Ruth Brown
c. Incredible singing ability
d. Rooted in gospel
In 1720, the German city of --- developed an orchestra that got attention all over Europe
Sergei Prokofiev
Russian child prodigy who became a concert pianist, conductor and composer, had to write for Stalin
This is when two decima singers are dueling
Singers are called Repentistas
musical sentence
a complete musical thought (made of two or more phrases) that ends with a complete cadence
The organization of a piece of music in which the sections are recognized with letters. Recognizes repetition vs contrast
Whole Lot of Shaking Going On
Jerry Lee Lewis
fundamental tone of a compound tone or of a series of harmonies
The Velvet Underground
New York group promoted by Andy Warhol. Music was rough-edge and chaotic, loud, anticommercial. Lyrics focused on sexual deviancy, drugs, violence
Tone clusters –
three or more adjacent tones sounding simultaneously
The bouncing of the bow on the string during a down bow so as to play a series of repeated notes
A note, part of a particular scale, that gives a bluesy quality to the musical line. Includes flat 3,5, and 7. Also, a very famous jazz club in NYC.
Blue Note
According to the lecture on The Beatles, "skiffle" was a result of what types of American music?
Jazz and Folk
Honky Tonk Music
a. "The Wild Side of Life" (1951), Hank Thompson
i. Combination of honky-tonk music & Western Swing
ii. Social themes: Dislocation of urban working-class life and unstable romantic relationships
b. "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels" (1952), Kitty Wells
i. 1st female superstar of country music
ii. Response to Thompson, female narrative similar to blues
wie am anfang
in time, at the preceeding rate of speed
“Like a Rolling Stone”
• Composed and performed by Bob Dylan (1965)• the piano and organ dominate the texture, rather than guitars, bass, and drums
Felix Mendelssohn and Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel
Brother and sister came from welathy and educated German Family, home was a gathering place for musicians and intellectuals, widley traveled, excellent education in the arts, encouraged to develop their talens as somposers and performers. Felix: Famous as pianist, conductor composer, his works combine classic ideals and form and structure with romantic, emotionally expressive melodies; also revived interest int he music of JS bach Piano and violin concertos and organ mucis Fanny- prolific composer and skilled pianist, encourage to develop her talents but not to become a professional musician or to publish her works, nevertheless composed over 400 pieces: mostly songs and piano pieces also oratorios, cantatas, vocal and instrumental chamber music.
  Bebop evolved in after-hours nightclubs including Mintonos and Monroeos in New York City. T/F
true   Bebop evolved in after-hours nightclubs including Mintonos and Monroeos in New York City.
What is the difference between a diminished triad and a minor triad?
The fifth is lowered, making it diminished.
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