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inadudible syllables that compose entire songs such as the sioux grass dance
Popular intertribal events which draw in lots of people, lots of music and dancing and ****
Ndaa songs
war dance; there are competitions. they are the hit tines of traditional Navajo life ex. Circle Dance Song Shizhane e.
Close ties, animal dances, dances for crops and plants and seasons
Cactus plant (drug), a sort of religion for Indians which a ritualized music
the iroquois use a __________ timbre than the Sioux.
I guess it doesn't really have one thats even comparable to what they use
Didn't think it was beautiful.
Characteristics of NA Music
Native AMerican Church
An Indian movement with roots in ancient Mexico and recent development in Oklahoma
the zuni lullaby uses a collection of ____________.
pet names
Earliest accounts from European journals.
Spanish were experiencing completely new music. May have been biased.
the timbre of the navajo yeibichai is between the _____________ and ____________.
sioux and iroquois
Purpose and Function of Song and Dance
Clarify the relationship between natural and supernatural, portray honor strength and courage,
what region are the iroquois "gadasjots" from?
what is their dance called?
1. eastern woodlands
2. quiver dance (stomp dance)
what is the term usesd to describe the navajo yeibichai vocable pattern used to call forth ancestors?
call of the yei
how would you describe the navajo circle dance "shizhane'e"?
a mixture of vocables and translatable text
sung in navajo humorous use of puns
a pledge
without a saddle
Mayans main city
Chichen Itza
artifacts- underground winter house, woven grass basket hat, wood handle tool for digging roots
deep valley with steep cliffs
The usual way of doing things.
Dwelling built by Plains Native Americans, made of poles and arranged in a circle covered by buffalo hides.
go over again; follow a line
Beads cut from seashells to make designs that showed important decisions, events, or stories, or traded and exchanged for goods.
Ice Age
a long period of extreme cold.
Objects made by people in the past.
sweat lodge
building with heated rocks where people went to clean off.
group of families bound together under a single leadership
A theory that Native Americans crossed a land bridge when they came to America
vision quest
(esp. among some North American Indians) the ritual seeking of personal communication with the spirit world through visions that are induced by fasting, prayer, and other measures during a time of isolation: typically undertaken by an adolescent male.
Moral Code
Set of rules defining right from wrong
A group of early Americans who lived in the South West
Pitches sliding down from high to low at the end of musical phrases
A fence made from strong timers placed upright, side by side into the ground, used for protection
an object made by people who lived in the past
role of men
hunted and fished; made weapons and tools
This is what the Spanish had that was better than the Native Americans
The American Indians have made many contributions to present day life today, such as respect foe nature, farming, arts (jewelry, pottery, weaving) and __________________________.
legends and stories
What were the Great Laws?
the rules of the Iroqouois Confederacy
What Indian Nation was the first to have a written language?
The Cherokee Indians.
Music with Newly Created Navajo Texts and Melodies: Native American Elements
Repetitive, simple chant-like melody, and Native-American text that deals with the importance of Mother Earth
What is a harpoon?
A spear with a shar barbed point at one end and a cord attached to the other end.
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