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racist nationalism
Gregor Mendel
heredity, peas
Cortez conquers Aztecs
Marxist theories of imperialism
Russo-Japanese war (Japanese victory)
Glorious Revolution in England
"interpretation of dreams", sexual stages, psychology and hysteria
The British passenger ship torpedoed by the Germans in 1915, who claimed munitions were on board. Over 1,000 died, including Americans, and this event helped turn American opinion against Germany.
Herbert Spencer
social darwinism, protecting weak humans = bad for human race
Austro-Russian rivalry
Bulgaria (R) vs. Serbia (A)
Carl Jung
subconscious inherited memories from previous generations, "Modern man in search of a soul"
Louis Napoleon overthrows 2nd republic in France and becomes Napoleon III
Russian founder of the Bolsheviks and leader of the Russian Revolution and first head of the USSR (1870-1924)
an indecisive naval battle in World War I (1916) Germans won more than UK
rerum novarum
pope Leo XIII, affirms private property, critisized capitalism's poverty and insecurity, supports creation of Christian Socialist Party
ruled by British with native help, india absorbed 20% British investments, Disraeli made Victoria "empress of India"
G general, assisted von Hindenburg in battles, continued to serve Hindenburg as chief of staff and later as quartermaster general
Italian Unification is complete
1866 (involves one country)
Weimar Republic
The name of Germany's fledgling post WWI democracy. Named for the seat of government, it was beset by social and economic problems and ended with the election of Hitler.
Ferdinand Foch
French commander of the allied forces that joined forces with the american expeditionary forces to fight as one
2nd Balkan war
Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia beat Bulgaria and take land
got out of prision, armed workers from Petrograd and sailors seized power, helped "reds" win civil war with brilliance and brutality
admiral and first secretary of G navy, largely responsible for the buildup of the G navy prior to the war and for country's aggressive submarine strategy
Prince Max von Baden
chancellor of Germany, assumed leadership and played major role in arranging armistice
Russian Civil War
Bolsheviks + Soviets = "reds" vs. "whites", Whites supplied by Allies who half-heartedly intervened (COMMUNISM!?)
Woodrow Wilson
prez of US, during first half he maintained a strictly neutral position and tried to serve as an active intermediary between the two sides, when G used unrestricted sub warfare and when the infamous Zimmermann telegram in 1917 happened: US joined war
Berlin Concerence- sets up Africa's divisions among European powers (imperialism)
1884 (involves many countries)
Nicholas II
the last czar of Russia who was forced to abdicate in 1917 by the Russian Revolution
Austria's Ultimatum to Serbia
demanded that Serbia crack down on anti-Aus propaganda in the Serb press and that it allow Aus to participate directly in judicial proceedings to prosecute the parties guilty of assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Franco-Prussian war
Council of Trent
Edward Grey
British Foreign Secretary
Uncertainty principle
Heisenberg, quantum mechanics
French Revolution (Radical Phase)
The "majority" - Communist party led by Lenin. Although they were not the majority and actually received a terrible percentage of the Russian Congress's vote, Lenin kept the name to create attraction and support. After the Russian Congress received the low voting, the Bolsheviks and Lenin took over and simply disregarded the Russian Congress from there on out.
entente cordiale
British and French alliance
Napoleon is defeated in Waterloo
United States general who commanded the American forces in Europe during World War I (1860-1948)
"evolution and ethics" humans overcame evolution, survival of the most ethical (help the poor = society/nation survive together)
worker councils, want peace and socialism
Kornilov Revolt
Provisional govt getting too authoritarian, Kornilov was marching on Petrograd, RR workers stopped them
Edict of Nantes- establishes religious tolerance in France
A poorly planned and badly executed Allied campaign to capture the Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli during 1915 in World War I. Intended to open up a sea lane to the Russians through the Black Sea, the attempt failed with more than 50 percent casualties on both sides.
Russia in WWI
Russo-Japenese (humiliating), need to help out Serbia (cant back out AGAIN). Difficulting mobilizing, poor leadership, equipment and morale, pulled out under Lenin (Treaty of Brest)
Boxer Rebellion
society of Harmonious fists fought back vs. Christians and foreigners, boxers crushed by international force of 20,000
Triangular trade
China India and Britian, B manufacture, I textiles and opium, C silk and tea
G foreign minister, also a telegram that attempted to persuade Mexico into attacking the US in exchange for financial incentives and a military alliance between Mex and G
Austro-Prussian war
1866 (involves more than one country)
Napoleon becomes first ever Consul for Life
Schileffen Plan
Strategic plan for victory avoiding a two-front war.
Fourteen points
the war aims outlined by President Wilson in 1918, which he believed would promote lasting peace; called for self-determination, freedom of the seas, free trade, end to secret agreements, reduction of arms and a league of nations
1st Balkan war
Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece beat Turks and divide territory
Berlin Conference
split up Africa, rules for occupation set up
Br general in command of the 6th Indian Division, led Br campaign in Mesopotamia from 1915-6, in Apr 1916, surrendered all 10,000 men at Kut, Mesopotamia- largest military surrender in Br history
Splendid isolation
Period of isolation in GB, where they feel as though they do not need to get involved in the war; Perpetual Neutrality
British East India Co.
ruled parts of india (18th c.)
Battle of the Somme
A 1916 WWI (1914-1918) battle between German and British forces. Ending in a stalemate, the bitter three-month conflict is notable for the high number of casualties- 1.25 million men killed or wounded - and the first use of tanks in warfare.
Russian Royal Family
Nicholas II - not ready to rule Alexandra - German Alexi - hemopheolic
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