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Unicellular microorganism
A requirement for survival
Germ free, without disease-producing organisms
Practice that eliminates infectious pathogens from a work area is called________
aseptic technique
An unforeseen event that occurs without intent
objective reporting
Reporting exactly what you observe
The correct way to use an extinguisher is with a ______ motion.
Working or acting together; uniting to produce an effect or to share an activity for mutual benefit
Response of the receiver to the sender's message; the response, or feedback, lets the sender know if the message is acknowledged and clearly understood
The process of rubbing two surfaces togetther, such as skin
You need to ____ the door before entering a room where there may be a fire.
The quality of being exact or correct; exact conformity to truth and rules; free from errors or defects
Doing or saying the right things at the right time
The thoughts, beliefs, and values of a social group
What is the most common mode of transmission for a nosocomial infection?
direct contact
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA
Federal regulation governing the privacy of medical records and encouraging electronic transactions
A living thing that is so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye but only through a microscope
Besides handwashing, name another method to prevent the spread of infection.
Identify the patients at risk and properly dispose of waste and trash.
You are about to catheterize a patient. The curtains are open and the door to the hall is slightly open. What do you do?
close the curtains and shut the door.
Disease-producing microorganism
the spread of microorganisms
The absence of microorganisms germs
Nosocomial infections are acquired from where?
the hospital
Negligence when applied to the performance of a professional
body language
Communication through hand movements gestures, facial expressions, body movements, and touch
What kind of extinguisher is located in the kitchen?
The science that deals with the preservation of health; when used to describe an object or a person, it means clean and sanitary
The exchange of thoughts, messages, or ideas by speech, signals, gestures, or writing between two or more people
normal flora
Microorganisms that are necessary for health, and usually live and grow in specific locations; they are nonpathogenic when in or on a natural reservoir
good bacteria in stomach
Raise ____ ____ on beds when necessary.
side rails
interpersonal skills
Skills used in inceracting with other persons, such as courtesy; good interpersonal skills enable people to interact or work together in a productive and satisfying manner
subjecive reporting
Giving your opinion about what you have observed; the nursing assistant should never use subjective reporting
ethnic diversity
The variety of races, religions, and cultures in the world
What are the most common measures used when practicing Universal Precautions?
Handwashing,gloves,gown, mask,and goggles when appropriate.
nurse manager
The RN leader responsible for the care delivery, personnel supervision, and operating budget of a unit, area, or facility
infection control
The effort to prevent the spread of pathogens
Which joints do you need to immobolize in a splinting situation?
above and below the fracture
You are in an elevator, and two people behind you are discussing Mrs. Bounds, a difficult patient on their unit. What's wrong with this conversation?
Information about patients is never discussed in public areas.
nosocomial infections
Hospital-acquired infection
Any disease producing microorganism is called what?
Wipe up spills___________ and call housekeeping if necessary.
Being responsible for one's actions and the actions of others who perform delegated tasks; answering questions about and explaining one's actions of others
immediate supervisor
An individual responsible for providing direction, critiquing performance, and giving feedback related to that performance
What is bradycardia?
slow heart rate below 60
Stand with your feet ____when lifting to maintain a broad base of support.
diagnosis-related groups DRGs
Diagnostically related groups of patients; a DRG includes patients whose diagnoses are related, usually by body system or broad disease type, such as heart disease
Bacteria that have formed hard shells around themselves as a defense
Place the ____ _____ within the patient's reach when finished with patient care.
call light
Can you touch the inside of the sterile package with your hands?
pateint-focused care
A care delivery model in which multidisciplinary teams plan, make decisions, and deliver care with the patient's needs being the focus rather than the needs or convenience of various departments or caregivers
Sujective observations
Symptoms that can be felt and described only by the patient himself, such as pain, nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and headache
hepatitis C
Prior to 1988 known as nonA-nonB hepatitis, Transmitted best through needle sticks and may result in chronic liver disease
ethical behavior
To keep promises and do what you should do ; to act in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice
The substances that flow out of or are produced by glandular organs; the process of producing this substance; for example: sweat, bile, lymph, saliva, or urine
what are the three emergency steps in CPR?
check call care
What joints do you need to immobolize in a splinting situation?
above and below the fracture
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