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Terms Definitions
fetal bradycardiatachycardia
Severe generalized edema
Pre-EC: Heme
HemoconcentrationLow plateletsLow fibrinogenHRF DIC

Maternal Weight Gain
        Optimal Weight Gain
By 20 weeks gestation

10-13 lb
Severe pre-EC care
Daily wtSeizure prec.MgSO4
softening and weakening of cervix
Profound late is over...
>40bpm deceleration
Peripheral cyanosis; the blue discoloration of the hands and feet in most infants at birth that may persist for 7 to 10 days.
sinusoidal patterns usually related to?
what is an infant's bladder volume?
Stopping MgSO4
N/VResp distress WeaknessGive Ca gluconate
absence of FHR ___________ is reassuring
Active psyche
fear of loss of controlanxiety
(exces¬ sive amount of amniotic fluid)
How much may alkaline phosphatase increase?
Yellowish discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, and sclera of the eyes caused by greater than normal amounts of bilirubin in the blood.
A combining form meaning "similar, beside". Also a combining form meaning a woman who has given birth to children in a number of pregnancies.
An abnormal condition of pregnancy characterized by the onset of acute hypertension after the 24th week of gestation.
Absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow.
decreased motility, emptying prolonged, volume remains increased
GI during labor

Perineal body incised at 3-4cm dilation of the vaginal introitus
Size of uterus at:
7 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks
Hen egg
Gestational HTN
No proteinuria >20 wks140/90 2 occasions, 6h apartCuff size, trimester, position
complications of spinal anesthesia
HoTNshiveringlevel of pain reliefallergy, toxicity
three sections of pelvis
inlet, pelvic cavity, outlet
patients should go to the hospital when contractions are ____________ min apart
Family medical history
Presence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, hematologic disorders, tuberculosis, or preeclampsia-eclampsia
Occurrence of multiple births History of congenital diseases or deformities
History of mental illness Causes of death of deceased parents or siblings
Occurrence of cesarean births and cause, if known
What is the most frequently performed operation in the U.S.?
The lower, narrow part of the uterus.
Shiny Shultz
The fetal side of the placenta.
Erythroblastasis fetalis
Hemolytic anemia in newborns resulting from maternal-fetal blood group incompatibility, especially involving the Rh factor and ABO blood groups.
An abnormal condition in which the myocardum contracts regularly but at a rate greater than 100bpm.
Period of time from fertilization to birth.
This is passive movement of the unengaged fetus and can be identified generally between 16-18 weeks.
DIC and hypoxia
risks involved with placental abruption
decrease in pH
woman holding her breath during pushing leads to 
if the testes has not descended, this is called...
what is "rubra"?
dark red; 3-5 days after birth
Changes in Integument
-Increase in skin thickness, fat, hyperpigmentation
-Incr. hair and nail growth, sweat, acne, temperature 
-Linea nigra (line from umbilicus to pubic bone)
-Stretch marks- striae
Blood glucoses1. Preprandial2. Postprandial
1. Preprandial 65-1052. Postprandial 1h 3. Postprandial 2h
NSG: fourth stage
palpate fundus q15m for 1hassess bleedingencourage bonding, breastfeedingassess perineumperi care
assessment in labor
FHR, maternal VS, contraction status, dilation/effacement, presentation/station of fetus, urinalysis, H/H, US, EDD, prenatal care?, wt gain, probs
Current medical history
• Weight • Blood type
• General health including nutrition 
• Any medications presently being taken
• use of alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine
• Illicit drug use or abuse 
• allergies 
• Potential teratogens

• Presence of disease 
• Record of immunizations  
• Presence of any abnormal symptoms

What happens to tidal volume during pregnancy?
increases by 50%
When do anatomical distortion of stomach and pyloris develop?
later in pregnancy
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
A disease encountered during pregnancy or early in the puerperium, characterized by increasing hypertension, albuminuria, and generalized edema.
Period that begins with the onset of labor and ends with the delivery of the placenta; also called perinatal.
Harlequin Sign
Rare color change of no pathologic significance occuring between the longitudinal halves of the newborn's body; when the infant is placed on one side, the dependent half is noticeably pinker than the superior half.
Family-Centered Care
Philosophy of care that recognizes the family as the constant in the child's life and holds that systems and personnel must support, respect, encourage, and enhance the strenths and competence of the family.
This can be heard around 8-10 weeks with a doppler. It promotes maternal/fetal bonding.
24-48 hours before labor
when does nesting usually occur?
premonitory to labor
cervix begins to soften and ripen(weaken) when?
too much pitocin
most common cause of late decelerations
What are early decelerations?
Head compressions (expected and normal)
what should WBC be after delivery?when will labs become normal?
elevated; 4 weeks
Vascular damage d/t preeclampsia
DON'T limit fluids! Vessels are dryOnly limit with CHF/Pulm edema
Give in GDM if BS >140(+) = OGTT2+ exceed 95-140, (+) GDM
NSG: prolonged decelerations
vag exam, change maternal position, dc oxytocin, notify, iv fluids, tocolytic if hypertonus noted, anticipate nl FHR recovery

Factors Contributing to Adolescent Pregnancy

Risk Taking behavior
Intercourse not a conscious decision
Low self esteem
Acting out
Lack of knowledge
Early decelerations are a _____ response due to _____ ____ __________.
Early decelerations are a vagal response due to fetal head compression.
At delivery, maternal venous capacitance is reduced by the volume of the ______ (____ml)
This volume is ____ replaced or ____ in the maternal blood loss estimate.
At delivery, maternal venous capacitance is reduced by the volume of the intervillous space (>500ml)
This volume is NOT replaced or counted in the maternal blood loss estimate.
What are 3 causes of uterine vasoconstriction?
Increased circulating catecholamines
Alpha-adrenergic agonism
Toxic doses of local anesthetic
Cesarean Section
Division of the abdominal wall of the mother as well as the wall of the uterus in order to extract the baby.
A woman who is pregnant for the first time. This is the most dangerous pregnancy.
Fetal position
This is the relation of the presenting part (occiput, sacrum, mentum) or sinciput (deflexed vertex) to the four quadrants of the mother's pelvis. Denoted by a 3-part abbreviation.
40% increase in O2 demand and consumption, with mild respiratory acidosis by the time of birth
respiratory changes in labor
engagement of presenting part
occurs when largest diameter of presenting part reaches or passes through pelvic inlet
when and how is pulmonary ventilation established?
following birth; lung expansion
when should a mom need to start using iron supplements?
5-6 months
PIH panel (3)
1. CBC (Platelet, HH)2. CMP (LFT, uric acid, BUN/creat)3. 24 h urine
Bishop's Score is used to predict _________ by measuring _______________
success of inductiondilation, effacement, station, consistency of cervix, cervical position
in true labor, activity ____________ contractions and they are not relieved by _______________
intensifies, resting or warm water
Nagele's Rule
estimated date of confinement (EDC)

First day of LMP
Subtract 3 months 
Add 7 days= EDB 
November 21 —3 months 
August 21 +7 days 
August 28
What is drug transfer across the placenta dependent on? (6)
Molecular weight
Maternal drug concentration
Maternal and fetal pH
pKa of drug (only unionized drugs cross placenta)
Protein binding
Lipid solubility
triple M, double P, single L
What are causes of a spotty block? (Hot spot)
Improperly positioned catheter
Anatomic barrier to diffusion - epidural adhesions
Drug problem
-dont see as much now d/t opioids
L/S ratio (lecithin/sphingomyelin)
This test is usually done around the 35th week of pregnancy and beyond and determines fetal lung maturity. If greater than 2, it is safe to deliver.
the fetus is not acidotic
presence of FHR accelerations almost always indicates
when the NTE falls or rises, what changes happen to the baby?
increased oxygen consumption, increased metabolici rate, decreased glycogen stores, acidosis, and respiratory distress
oxytocin is produced in the.....
posterior lobe of maternal and fetal pituitary glands
Why is ephedrine usually preferred? (3)
Does ephedrine cross the placenta?
Apparent protection of uterine blood flow
History of safety
Ease of use
Second trimester avoids the critical period of ________ & minimizes the risk of _______.
Second trimester avoids the critical period of organogenesis & minimizes the risk of preterm labor.
Magnesium Sulfate
Med used for PTL that acts as a CNS depressant, thus depressing uterine activity. Monitor resp, LOC and check reflexes. Keep calcium gluconate at the bedside.
every 5 minutes
in the second stage of labor how often should fetal heart tones be monitored in a high risk patient?
what should you assess the female genitals for?
majora is outside of the minora
if cord protrudes from vagina.....
position with butt in air to relieve pressureoxygeniv fluidsmoist compress on visible cord
How do ANP and BNP affect uterine blood flow?
In which pts can an ANP infusion be useful?
What does it do?
Shown to attenuate the vasoconstrictive response to angiotensin II
ANP infusion useful in preeclampsia to decrease BP and increase uterine bloood flow
What are some advantages of 2-Chloroprocaine?
Rapid onset
Very short half life in maternal & fetal blood

 Count FHR for 30-60 sec. between UC.  Then auscultate during and after UC for 30 sec to determine rate, rhythm and increases or decreases.
procedure for auscultating fetal heart rate
when should the "taking in" period happen? what happens during this time?
1-2 days after delivery; sorting out reality from fantasy in birth experience
Some studies have shown higher cord pH following treatment with phenylephrine or ephedrine?
When would phenylephrine be an appropriate choice?
In a pt in whom tachycardia would be detrimental (higher HR w/ ephedrine)
How does the effect of muscle relaxants change with GETA in PPBTL?
Prolongation of effect of most muscle relaxants
What is done for placenta prolapse?
Lower head of bed, elevate feet, push cord back inside, call Dr., prep for c-section
Why does the incidence in carpel tunnel syndrome increase?
Due to changes in nature of connective tissue
ie. Absorption of more fluid (d/t decr colloid osmotic pressure)
if pt is admitted with vag bleeding or hx of painless vag bleeding....
do not perform vag exam assess FHRevaluate amt of blood losseval labor patternnotify MD
What does the pain in the second stage of labor result from?
How is it transmitted?
The distention of the pelvic floor, vagina, & perineum
Transmitted by rapidly conducting somatic nerve fibers
la carne
el sabor
called “Taylorism”, this early theory, developed by Frederick Taylor during the
Industrial Revolution (circa 1900) used time/motion analysis to study work and
seek improvement in productivity.
unintentionally acts unethically
amoral manager
diaphragm innervation is at
also known as negative reinforcement
T/F the significance of neurobehavioral test scores for child development has not been proven
Noble style and Reflective style, between the two styles
Evolution of the field of OB
The administrative school:
focus on functions of management, five functions

The most important storehouses of information for organizations are
the feelings that individuals and groups have about their work and the workplace
What is the cure for preeclampsia?
the build up of the contraction
..are often placed with external cephalic version
answers the question, how namy employees can a manager efficiently and effectively control? It determines the number of levels and managers an organization has.
The following are strengths of organizational structure facilitates coordination when the organization has multiplicity of complex and inter dependent activities. Facilitates the efficient allocation of specialists
refer to a distinctive tradition or institution strongly associated with a society- a guide to deciphering attitudes, values, and behaviors.
takes all the correlations found in studies of a particular relationship and calculates a weighted average
appreciative inquiry
change strategy that directs the groups attention away from its own problems and focuses participants on the groups potential and positive elements1.discovery2.dreaming3.designing 4.delivering
takes into account how likely all those facing a similar situation are to respond in the same way
involves both owning one’s personal experiences and acting in accordance with one’s true self.
authentic leadership
positively valued work outcomes that are given to an individual or group by some other person or source in the work setting
extrinsic rewards
general mental ability used in complex information processing; the ability to develop and understand concepts 
Can a infant with galactosemia be breastfed?
Cystic fibrosis
Chronic hypoxia and frequent pulmonary infections
Counterproductive Behavior
defined as employee behaviors that intentionally hinder organizational goal accomplishment- Property Deviance i.e. sabotage, theft - Production Deviance i.e. wasting resources, substance abuse - Political Deviance i.e. gossiping, incivility - Personal Aggression i.e. harassment, abuse
mac returns to normal by
third postpartum day
Aortal caval compression starts at
a) 13 weeks
b) 30 weeks
c) 20 weeks
13 weeks
seeks to change the attitudes, stereotypes, and perceptions that groups have of each other and reduce dysfunctional conflict.One method is for each group involved to independently create a lists of the way it perceives itself, the other group, and how it
Appreciative Inquiry
Cohort that places great deal of emphisis on achievement and material success. They work hard and want to play hard. They believe the ends justify the means.
Procedural Justice
perception of the fairness of the procedures used to determine outcomes.
Routine task performance
well-known responses to demands that occur in a normal, routine, or otherwise predictable way
Chapter 2
Define/describe the perceptual error called 'Contrast Effect'
The tendency to evaluate people/objects by comparing them with characteristics of recently observed people/objects.
Think of Sandra's 'water' example.
You just had terrible service at McDonald's on Monday, so you expect to have terrible service again on Wednesday.
You just experienced excellent help at Home Depot so when you go to Loew's the next day by contrast, their service seems terrible.
performance is influenced most by
individual attributes (ability, exp)org support (resources, tech)effort (willingness to work hard)
The tendency of a culture to value stereotypical masculine or feminine traits.
The learned and shared way of thinking and acting among a group of people or society
in-group collectivism 
indicates how much members of a society take pride in the groups and organizations to which they belong
What is the normal blood loss during SVD?
A patient with gestational diabetes is at risk for what?
Macrosomia baby.
Leadership as a process
an influence process that includes:-Evaluating situation and people-Formulating task objectives/strategies-Influencing beliefs,abilities,competencies of people-Shaping the culture of the organization
states of feeling that are often mild in intensity, last for an extended period of time, and are not explicitly directed at or caused by anything
maintaine uterine displacement with the parturient in the supine position for intra gestational surgery...
after 24 weeks gestation
T/F In a paracervical block a common fetal side effect is bradycardia
Task group
people working together to finish a job – our groups in class (assigned or chosen) are examples of this
What is extinction
not enforcing any behavior, that behavior will just go way.
Uncertainty Avoidance
refers to the extent to which people can tolerate risk and uncertainty in their lives.
behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS)
assess performance by directly assessing job performance behaviors "critical incidents"= short descriptions of effective an ineffective behaviors- to create a measurement instrument that managers can use to evaluate employee performance
Chapter 3What is Personailty?
Personality is defined as the combination of stable physical and mental characteristics that give the individual his of her identity
Describe in detail how a task or a series of tasks is to be performed, or indicate what cannot be done
What is the Tx for mild preeclampsia?
Rest and monitoring
Which phase of the first stage of labor is from 4-10 cm dilated and is rapid?
Active phase
Emotional Labor
is the need to manage emotions to complete job duties successfully
early decelerations of (10-40 beats/min are simultaneous to contractions and re the result of
vagal reflex and head compression
Which prophylactic prevention of HOTN is the most successful
a) Prehydration with 1000ml
b) Prehydration with ephedrine (IM)
c) Prehydration with mechanical displacement
d) Prehydration with mechanical displacement + ephedrine
Prehydration with mechanical displacement + ephedrine
Integrated Bargaining Characteristics
-Variable amount of resources to be divided.-Primary motivations: Win-Win-Primary interests: convergent or congruent to eachother-focus of relationship: long-term
Continued for last card
4. Engages in emotion- including behavior to demonstrates courage and convictions about vision. .
Job Analysis
a process used to identify the sets of behaviors that represent "task performance" for different jobs
Enriched core job characteristics will create positive psychological states, which in turn will create positive work outcomes only when:
growth-need strength is highemployee has knowledge and skillEmployee context satisfaction exists
task significance 
the extent to which a job has an impact on the organization
What are the two diagnostic factors for Preeclampsia?
1. increased BP2. Proteinuria
Compensatory Forms Model of Withdrawal
argues that the various withdrawal behaviors negatively correlate with one another--that doing one means you're less likely to do another. The idea is that any form of withdrawal can compensate for, or neutralize, a sense of dissatisfaction, which makes the other forms unnecessary.
all elective surgeries should be
postponed until 6 weeks after delivery
Continue compressions on newly born until
a) spontaneous HR is > 100
b) spontaneous HR is > 60
spontaneous HR is > 60
This describes what type of individual dealing with locus of control: Easy going, live happy relaxed lives, Less willing to take risk, Work less on self improvement, Less guilt prone, Prefer games based on chance.
Internal Locus of control
Role of Brainstorming in IDEO
helps them maximize idea output so that they have a huge quantity of options to choose from (optimal solution coming out of the funnel), is a critical part of ideao's philosophy to build off one another's ideas, encourages wide variety of ideas, no matter how farfetched, positice start to product development process
A listing of who reports to whom up and down the organization
chain of command
prior to epidural positioning and placement...administer....
non particulant (clear) antaci and 500-1000 cc LR fluid bolus
The 5 minute APGAR score reflects
a) amount of neonatal asphyxia and condition before delivery
b) the adequacy of initial resuscitation
the adequacy of initial resuscitation
What are the two types of schedules of reinforcement
Continuous and Intermittent
Chapter 2
Define 'Causal Attribution'
A model used to describe how a person attributes outcomes to a particular cause. The model has at least three dimensions with one dimension referring to stable-unstable causes, another to whether the locus of causality is internal or external, and a third to whether the causes are controllable or not. Therefore causes may he internal, stable, and controllable, internal, unstable, and controllable, and so on.
What assessments are done to the postpartum mother
VS, BUBBLEE, Bowel sounds, heart sounds, lung sounds.
goal of the anatomic shunt is
to maximally perfuse the placenta and bypass nearly all of the nonfunctional lung and liver
T/F Your colleague has given you report on Mrs. Jones' epidural and states that it's adequate, you take him at his word
False, always check the block yourself!!
When there is worker dissatisfacton emploers must contersol what?
The reason for the dissatisfaction and not what that that the result of the dissatisfaction is.
Early decelerarions - quick or slow to return to baseline?
quick - recover as cxns recover
How to you treat prolapse of an umbilical cord?
immediate delivery, try to lift pressure (presenting part) off cord until delivery
Paracervical block (choose all that apply)
a) used in 2nd stage of labor only
b) used in 1st stage of labor only
c) blocks T10-L1
d) blocks L2-L3
e) is a sensory/motor block
used in 1st stage of labor only
blocks T10-L1
What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
It is a personality test that taps four characteristics and classifies people into 1 or 16 personality types. It is made up of 100 ? &classifies them as extroverted or introverted (E or I), Sensing or intuitive ( S or N), Judging or Perceiving (J or P
transfer of oxygen across the placenta is dependent upon the
ratio of maternal blood flow to fetal umbilical blood flow
There is a high incidence of back pain in pregnant women what are some of the risk factors for it
a) higher weight
b) lower height
c) younger age
d) prior history
a) higher weight
b) lower height
c) younger age
d) prior history

What is a persons overall factor of intelligence, as suggested by the positive correclations among specific intellectual ability dimensions.
It is there General mental ability (GMA)
What is one of the biggest downfalls of a INTRATHECAL injection of Duramorph?
a) Respiratory depression
b) Burning
c) Pruritus
d) Nausea & vomiting
Pruritus but if keep dose under 0.2mg may not see this
Why would you not want to use morphine in an epidural for labor?
Because there are 2 windows for Resp depression
between 3-4 hours and then again in 12hrs
to desire
pa02 increases
la obra
work of art
Pulse rate 102
Give brethane
the act of suggesting.
Emphasizes horizontal specializationProcedures are minimal, and those that do exist are not highly formalized
Organic type/pro bureaucracy
Value-Percept Theory Facets
Pay SatisfactionPromotion SatisfactionSupervision Satisfaction - reflects employee's feelings about their bossCoworker Satisfaction Satisfaction with the work itself - single strongest driver of overall job satisfaction
Common Organizational Designs
-Product Structure-Functional Structure-Matrix Structure
carefully discuss things before making decisions
transactional leadership
managing. helping org's achieve current objectives more efficiently and ensuring that employees have the resources needed
the process of positioning the organization in the competitive environment and implementing actions to compete successfully
Rewards behavior periodically — either on the basis of time elapsed or the number of desired behaviors exhibited
intermittent reinforcement
an approach for organizational transformation designed to create an intrinsically motivated, learning organizationincludes values, attitudes, and behaviors required to intrinsically motivate self and others to have a sense of spiritual survival through ca
spiritual leadership
Augmentation or labor induction is done when cxns are
defined as an act, constructive response in which individuals attempt to improve the situation
Morphine/Fentanyl which has a higher lipid solubility
Process where 2+ parties exchange goods or services and attempt to agree on the exchange rate for them. “Negotiation” & “Bargaining” are interchangeable.
the condition resulting in feelings of angry, in which ratio of one's outcomes/inputs is less than the corresponding ratio of another person with whom that person compares him/herself.
the belief that one's efforts will positively influence one's performance.
Golem Effect
low managerial expectations lead to low performance
*many organizational problems can be traced to expectations and expectation discrepancies. expectations are the driving force behind the subordinate response to mangement
The presence of individual human characteristics that make people different from one another
workforce diversity
introduce into operations new and better ways of doing things
process innovations
The pattern of authority, influence, and acceptable managerial behavior established at the top of the organization
org governance
Increasing diversity makes it harder for group members to work together, even though the diversity itself expands the skills and perspectives
diversity-consensus dilemma
colloborative way to gather and analyze data to improve teamwork
team building
studies in real life org settings
field studies
social skill
the ability to build effective relationships with the goal of moving people toward a desired outcome
In Monozygotic twins, if division occurs beyond 12 days after fertilization, what will occur?
Conjoined twins
Incomplete miscarriage
Heavy profuse bleeding with open cervix.
Filtering; Selective Perception; Information overload; Emotions; Language; Personal differences
Affective events theory
workplace events can generate affective reactions--reactions that then can go on to influence work attitudes and behaviors
Most females have which pelvic type? (this is also most ideal)
T/F a unilateral block may go undetected in the 1st stage of labor
Influence Tactics
Org. & societal culture influence appropriateness of each influence tactic. Tactics run along a continuum of force – degree of force should match demands of situation.Rational persuasion, Inspirational appeals, Consultation, Ingratiation, Personal appeals, Exchange, Coalition tactics, Legitimating tactics, Pressure
The following describes what type of leader behavior from path goal theory; friendly and shows concern for the needs of followers.
la especialidad de la casa
specialty of the house
organizational effectiveness
define purpose and goals of the organization. continually evaluate (don't want to become obsolete)make sure you are meeting present needs without compromising the future.
Intent is to increase efficiency, but it may be decreased due to the motivational impact of unappealing jobs
job simplification
Degree to which the authority to make decisions is restricted to higher levels of management
The shared beliefs and values that influence the behavior of organizational members.
org cultures
A configuration involving one or two ways of specializing individuals and units
simple design
making judgments about how to deal w info once it has been collected
a generalized set of beliefs about the characteristics of a group of individuals 
Hypertension diagnosed before the 20th week of pregnancy?
Chronic HTN
What is the most common cause of tachycardia in a fetus?
Mongolian spots
macular areas of blue/black on the dorsal area and buttocks; usu disappears by the time the child reaches school age (DOCUMENT)
augmentation vs inductionwhen induction usedbishops scoring
artificial stimulation of uterine contractions that have become ineffectiveI: artificial initiation of labor; used when cervix ripebishops: dilation, effacement, station, cervical consistency, cervical position (2 pts each); >7 prima; >5 multi
blood is pumped from the right ventricle into the
pulmonary artery
When does the posterior fontanel close?
in 2-3 months
What is the normal newborn heart rate?
100-160 bpm
Irrational Escalation of Commitment(Decision making bias)
Continuing a previously selected course of action
The following is a strength of what type of organizational design; they are able to preform standardized tasks efficient, minimum duplication of personnel and equipment, employees have opportunities to talk the same language among peers
Goal commitment
the degree to which people accept and strive to attain goals.
Key Rules of Brainstorming
expressiveness: express any idea that comes to mind
non-evaluation: no is to evaluate any idea in any way during the generation phase. all ideas are valuable
quantity: strive for quantity (the more ideas, the better)
building: try to build on others ideas
also be sure to fister psychological safety (minimize evaluation apprehension) and use diversifying catagories to help generate more ideas
Chapter 11 
What are the 4 functions/purposes of organizational culture?
1. organizational identity
2. collective commitment
3. social system stability
4. sense-making device
degree to which the job is important and involves meaning to organization or society in general
task significance
performance orientation
the degree to which members of a society appreciate and reward improvement and excellence in schoolwork, athletics, and work life; the extent to which innovation, high standards, and performance improvement are encouraged and rewarded
What is considered discordant growth in twins?
20% difference in weight
What type of FHR abnormalities are an indicator that the baby is in the complete station?
Early decels
part of the fetus that lies over the inlet
positive rh blood type denotes that the individual carries the
d type antigen
What is the pH for amniotic fluid? What color will it be on nitrazine paper?
6.5-7.5; blue
T/F Acrocyanosis is a normal finding at birth and is not a reliable indicator of hypoxemia
TRUE (slide 33)
a person or thing acting or serving in place of another.
The Job Characteristics Model (JCM)
Five core job dimensions produce critical psychological states that lead to beneficial outcomes for individuals and the organization.
Skill variety
Task identity
Task significance
ingratiation and impression management
attempt to increase liking and the practice of actively shaping our public images
Politics is a necessary function resulting from differences in the self-interests of individuals.Politics is the art of creative compromise among competing interests.Politics is the use of power to develop socially acceptable ends and means that balance i
Alternate tradition of organizational politics.
What stage of labor is from complete dilation to delivery of infant?
2nd Stage
Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Assumes that people act to satify their needs and resolve tension.Self ActualizationEsteemBelongingSafetyPhysiological
tx post partum hemmorage
oxytocin 2030 U/L, Methergine .2 mgIM (uterine an smooth muscle constrictor) Hemabate (form of prostogland/uterine/smooth muscle constricotor/increase BP)
What are Leopold maneuvers used to do?
determine position of baby
4 Key components to team effectiveness
• Work Design – Autonomy, Skill variety, Task identity, Task significance• Composition – Ability, Personality, Roles and diversity, Size, Flexibility, Preference for teamwork• Context – Adequate resources, Leadership, Performance evaluation and rewards• Process – Common purpose, Specific goals, Team efficacy, Conflict, Social loafing
If the follower is willing and unable then the leadership style need is
selling or coaching
Chapter 12
What is an organization chart and what is it's purpose?
a boxes and lines illustration showing the chain of formal authority and division of labour
What should you test the amniotic fluid for in PPROM?
FLM - fetal lung maturity
normal apgar score, moderate, needs res.
normal is 7-10
mod 4-6
need res 1-3
temperature can increase during 1st 24 hours due to:
breast engorgement, muscular exertion, dehydration, hormones
Greatest Challenge When Shaping Team Players
culture is highly individualistic, Put into orgs that historically value individual achievement
What is social Learning
the view that people can learn through observation and direct experiences.
How long apart do BP readings need to be to be able to dx HTN?
at least 6 hrs
why are epidurals placed for external cephalic version
discomfort, manipulation can result in placental rupture/distress and requires immediate cx-placement avoid the need for RSI and GETA.
In late active labor and delivery your patient starts complaining of severe pain even though during early stage she was comfortable this could mean
a) there is a unilateral block
b) the catheter has migrated
c) she obviously doesn't have any pain toleranc
there is a unilateral block
Explain the Reinforcement process when dealing with the social learning theory
people are motivated to exhibit the modeled behavior if positive incentives or rewards are provided behaviors that are given more attention, learned better, and performed more often.
Woman gains 5 lbs in one week during pregnancy, nurse should?
consider that patient has preeclampsia.
What instructions are important to tell pregnant women about wearing a seat belt?
the lap portion goes under, not over, belly
In the 2nd 30 second period the infant doesn't respond to positive pressure ventilation and his HR < 60, what do you do (choose any or all that apply)
a) provide positive pressure ventilation
b) administer chest compressions
c) administer epinephrine
a) provide positive pressure ventilation
b) administer chest compressions
c) administer epinephrine
"letters to the Professor"- Why being proactive is important.
Take initiative when on a team. Be proactive rather than reactive so that situations are handled effectively and a letter to the teacher is not neccessary
When is the best time to give IV analgesics and why?
during contractions, baby will get less
Primary Apnea
a) results in an initial period of rapid breathing followed by primary apnea
b) can be resolved by tactile stimulation
c) causes blood pressure to fall
d) is not reversible
results in an initial period of rapid breathing followed by primary apnea

can be resolved by tactile stimulation
why is there an engorgment of the epidural venous plexus
obst of the inferior vena cava by enlarging uterus and the increase in circulation blood volume
T/F a total spinal is very likely to happen in a pre-existing epidural that failed, who then had a spinal placed
TRUE, it puts them over the edge
What baby is most at risk for RH incompatibility?
one in which the mother is Rh negative and the father is homozygous for the RH factor.
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