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Odysseus' father
Who lives there?
Who is Odysseus' father?
to make wrinkles or grooves
in media res
"in the middle"
Who is Odysseus and Penelope's son?
beautiful nymph goddess who keeps Odysseus on her island for seven years
Whirlpool in the straight of Messina
something that happens by accident or by chance (usually good)
Who is Eumaeus?
Most treacherous of the suitors
How many ships does Odyessus have after encountering the the Laestrygonians
Who is the leader of the suitors?
True Or false? When Broadsea refuses to apologize to Odysseus after having insulted him, he is eventually punished by Athena.
What is the name of Odysseus's dog that is forgotten?
The Trojan war
What war was odysseus fighting in
What does Odysseus take with him when visiting the Cyclops?
20 years
How long was Odysseus away from Ithaca?
After his raft is destroyed, Odysseus is assisted by Ino who provides him with a ?
magic veil
Who is the main character of the epic poem?
Athena tells Telemachus to seek information about his father from which men?
Melelas and King Nestor????
Describe Tiresias?
was a blind prophet of Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years.
the prayer or request for help at the beginning of the Odyssey
Where does Odysseus go next? In book XXIV
his dad's (Laertes)
Athena gives Telemachus one piece of information about his father. What is it?
His father is not dead
Why are the sirens alluring?
sailors passing by this island were enchanted by the siren's voice and was condemned to stay in their island forever
the tree in the bedroom
What symbol does Penelope test the man with to prove that he is really Odysseus
When Cyclops tells what has happened to him and his friends ask who did it to him he can only say "no one".
epithets used to describe Odysseus
cunning, the man skilled in all ways of contending, wily, brave
What is Odysseus' plan? For killing the suitors
Start killing the suitors with the help of the seine and pig herders through bribery while the nurse and Penelope are in their room; then have the women who were also loving on the suitors clean the blood and bodies up and kill them after they finish
disguises himself as an old beggar
When Odysseus gets to Ithaca after 20 years what does he do?
When do Odysseus and Penelope finally sleep?
After they both tell of the hardships they had to overcome
What do the men find in the Cyclops cave when they first enter?
They find wine and cheese, etc.
To go fight in the war at Troy
What is the the reason for Odysseus leaving in the first place?
What does Athena do during the meeting on Mount Olympus?
Asks Zeus why he is so against Odysseus
what does odysseys' wife do in books 1-4 that reveals something of her character?
she weaves but undoes her stitches by night(trickery)
What gift does Aeolus give Odysseus?
A gift of each of the four winds to help get Odysseus back to Ithaca
What does Telemachus plan to do now?
Get on his boat and sail to Sparta and Sandy Pylos
How do Odysseus and his men escape the Cyclops Polyphemus?
After blinding him, they wait for him to try and find them They know he will open the door of the cave and try to catch them as they leave. They hide under his sheep as they go through the door.
Why does Telemahus call the men to assemble?
This is his way to tell them that he is in charge and is tired of the suitors taking advantage of him
Odysseus wife
Greek concept of hospitality
Who is odysseus' goddess guardian
Transformed the men into animals
Odysseus' palace is rudely inhabited by these evil men who are they
True Or false? Odysseus finally reveals his true identity to Alcinoos and the Phaiacians at the eend of Book VIII
What is the name of the cyclops
Which encounter do Odysseus and his men have before Polyphemus?
How many men are left alive
Only Odysseus
True Or false? When Odysseus realizes that Zeus has ordered Calypso to release him unharmed, he expresses his pent up anger at her for having kept him prisoner for so long.
a giant whirlpool in the ocean
What is Charybdis?
an old beggar
Who does Athena disguise Odysseus' as
How many men does Odysseus lose to Scylla?
long narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heroes
Provide the greek term that relates to the following: Odysseus kills all of the suitors
arete, dike
What does this tell us about Odysseus?
He is foolish
Who is Elpenor?
He is the youngest man of Odysseys group to survive the Laestrygonians
What is the first reaction of the men when they near Scylla and Charybdis
they were scared
Why does Laertes wear rags and not bathe?
To not show his identity???????????
What favor does Elpenor ask of Odysseus?
he asks for a proper burial
How has Telemachus changed since the beginning of Book I, and how does Penelope react?
He has gained more confidence because Athena talked to him and willing to fight against the suitors; Penelope was "astonished" that he was more mature?????
What occurs between Odysseus and Irus? Why?
Irus: beggar
They fight by boozing because he was being rude to Odysseus and telling him to leave
Why were the Gods mad at Odysseus
He said he didn't need the Gods
What punishment is Sisyphus enduring?
He is trying to get a bolder to stay on top of a hill but it just keeps rolling down
What false names does Odysseus give the cyclops Polyphemus?
no man or nobody depending on the translation
At Odysseus' house in Ithaca, we are introduced to the suitors. What are they doing in the house?
Playing with dice and sitting on fur from animals they have killed while the servants are serving them
What two events give Odysseus hope that he is doing the right thing and that his efforts will be successful?
a. Athena tells him when he is trying to go to go to sleep that everything will work
b. Cristippus missed when he threw the horse shoe at him
what are the names of Odysseus's wife and son?
Penelope is his wife and Telemachus is his son
What sign does Zeus send to the assembly, and what is its meaning?
a. 2 eagles
b. that there were people watching overhead?????
What does Odysseus do to keep himself and his crew safe?
They put wax in their ears so they can't hear the sirens.
Why are they a danger to Odysseus and his men?
The Sirens lure men to their death on the rocks by their enchanting singing.
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