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U.S. population
305 million
Idaho Legislative District
ada 14-21
seeks to encourage several nation-states involvement (NATO)
The predominant philosophy associated with unilateral disarmament is ____________
Theories Involving Interest Groups
Disturbance Theory
Transactions/Elite Theory
open rule
provision of house allowing amendments during debate
Budget legislation that specifies the amount of authorized funds that will actually be allocated for agencies and departments to spend.
The largest multilateral food aid program is controlled by the ____________.
The precedent that obeying orders does not excuse combatants from responsibility for war crimes was first established _________________
The ICJ case regarding the Nicaragua-Colombia maritime border dispute demonstrates that __________.
Which UN-sponsored body issued a warning about global warming?
Supremacy Clause

Basically asserts the fact that Federal laws are hold priviledge over state, district, and local law.

Utilitarian idea that punishment is not about inflicting pain, and should serve the greater good.
national sovereignty
a political entity's externally recognized right to exercise final authority over its affairs
2 types of democracies
Direct democracy, Republic (representative government)
legislative clearance
process enables pres to require agencies submite budgets (balance)
Courts that generally review only findings of law made by lower courts.
appellate courts
One advantage of secret diplomacy is that it ____________
Which of the following best describes the relative opinions of leaders and the general public in the United States regarding job protection as a foreign policy goal?
The mixed pattern of LDC development is caused __________
According to realists, which of the following is the most significant barrier to arms control?
gives votes opportunity to have final say on bill that legislature has approved
Burke's support of American but not French Rev.
group of the top-ranking officials of every major federal department, plus other officials included by the president.
those who are opposed to using government to promote either order or equality. (freedom)
Checks and Balances
each branch of government restrains other branches of government by
using their powers - veto, funding, judicial review.
political incumbent
the candidate or officer already in office, or who has been in office during the election. They usually have the advantage during elections and campaigns.
reps who vote according to what they think is best for the constituency
The jurisdiction of courts that hear a case first, usually in a trial.
original jurisdiction
The idea that humankind will be able to meet environmental needs and hence be able to continue to prosper is a guiding principle of environmental ____________.
Relative to the other 216 countries in the world, the USA's incarceration rate (ppl in prison per 100,000 population) is closest to:
Independent regulatory agencies
exercise quasi judicial and quasi legislative powers and are administratively independent of both the president and congress.
elastic clause
allows Congress to "make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers"
public goods
benefits and services, such as parks and sanitation, that benefit all citizens but are not likely to be produced voluntarily by individuals.
3. Describe the Constitutional Convention:
b) Their backgrounds
young, extensive public experience, educated, and upper class (economic
elite. Their recommended plans and their compromises
i. Virginia Plan
proposed a new government favored by large states, bicameral
legislature, proposed proportional representation.
ii. New Jersey Plan
proposed one state, one vote; set precedent for supremacy doctrine,
amend Articles of Confederacy.
iii. Great Compromise - proposed by Roger Sherman of Connecticut
bicameral legislature, House of Representatives proportional with
3/5th for slaves and Senate with two members from each state.
The fifteen-member elected body that sets some education policy for the state and has limited authority to oversee the Texas Education Agency and local school districts.
State Board of Education
fiscal policy
the governments use of its taxing an spending powers to regulate the economy
Substantive Rights - Unenumerated: Gonzales V. Carhart
Substantive Rights - Unenumerated: Washington V. Glucksberg
Retrospective voting
- voting based on how the previous political party had done
Benefits to Media Monopoly (SA)
Increase quality of product
Internal competition
Functions of political parties
1. Provide central ideology (broad)
2. Recruit candidates – non-elections
3. Govern – policy formulation/execute
4. Mobilize support/gather power
5. Provide information – government/public
6. unity/linkage/accountability
en banc
as a panel - involves all judges in court
State Economic Factors
How the state is unique. Eg public lands water etc
Speaker of the house –
presiding officer and the most powerful member of the House of Representatives.
Full Faith and Credit Clause
the fourth article of the constitution that makes all states recognize the laws and judicial decrees of other states
Five Principles of Justice (Mill)
unjust to deprive people of liberty and property, unjust to take or withhold from any person that to which has a moral right, each person should obtain that of which he deserves, unjust to break faith with anyone, impartiality is an obligation of justice
War powers resolution
a law passed in an effort to limit a presidents use of combat forces abroad. Largely unsuccessful.
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