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Rio de Janeiro
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crude oil
unrefined oil
Amoco Cadiz
France, Brittany; 3/16/1978
Ecuador, Galapagos Islands; 1/2001
Guimaras oil spill
Phillipines; 8/11/2006
Sweden, Tralhavet Bay; 3/20/1970
in situ
in its original place
Aegean Sea
Spain, A Coruna; 12/3/1992
chemicals used to enhance natural break down of oils in the water
2001 Shell Ogbodo oil spill
Nigeria; 6/25/2001
Shell (Hurricane Katrina)
U.S. Pilottown, Louisiana; 8/30/2005
Argo Merchant
United States, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts; December 15, 1976
Nowruz Field Platform
Iran, Persian Gulf; 2/4/1983
Limburg (bombing)
Yemen, Gulf of Aden; 10/6/2002
2009 Queensland oil spill
Australia, Queensland; 3/10/2009
Oil spill
Presence of significantly large amount or layers of crude or refined oil on soil or sea water
Project Deep Spill
Norway, Helland Hansen Ridge; 6/2000
Torey Canyon
United Kingdom, Isles of Scilly; 3/18/1967
2010 ExxonMobil oil spill
Nigeria, Niger Delta; 5/1/2010
Australia, Indian Ocean, off the coast of Western Australia; 7/21/1991
Exxon Valdez
U.S., Prince William Sound, Alaska; 3/24/1989
2009 Luderitz oil spill
Namibia, Southern coast; 4/8/2009
double hull
an additional water tight layer added on to the bottom of a ship to reduce the damage due to grounding
deballasting stations
locations where tankers can berth and unload their ballast water so that it can be treated and released into the ocean
ABT Summer
Angola, 700 nautical miles (1,300 km; 810 mi) offshore; 5/28/1991
Atlantic Empress / Aegean Captain
Trinidad and Tobago; 7/19/1979
African Queen oil spill
U.S., Ocean City Maryland; 12/30/1958
Venice Energy Services Company (Hurricane Katrina)
U.S., Venice, Louisiana; 8/30/2005
Munguinhos refinery
Brazil, Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro; 11/23/2001
Bass Enterprises (Hurricane Katrina)
U.S., Cox Bay, Louisiana; 8/30/2005
Citgo refinery oil spill
U.S., Lake Charles, Louisiana; 6/19/2006
Kab 101
Mexico, Bay of Campeche; 10/23/2007 - 12/17/2007
Yellow River oil spill
China, Chishui River (Shaanxi); 1/5/2010
Petrobras pipeline
Brazil, Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro; 1/2000
Deepwater Horizon
U.S., Gulf of Mexico; 4/20/2010 - 6/15/2010
a device used to remove oil sliks on the surface of the ocean
Tar ball
A lump or blob of solidified tar resulting from an oil spill, natural seepage from the sea, or other source, that resists biodegradation and often washes up on beaches.
Hawaiin Patriot
U.S., 300 nautical miles (560 km; 350 mi) off Honolulu, Hawaii; 2/26/1977
MV New Carissa
U.S., Coos Bay, Oregon; 2/4/1999 - 3/9/1999
Gulf of Mexico
An arm of the Atlantic surrounded by the U.S., Cuba, and Mexico.
Ixtoc 1 oil spill
Mexico, Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico; 6/3/1979 - 3/23/1980
MP-69 Nakika 18" & MP-151 Nakika 18" pipeline (Hurricane Ivan)
U.S., Louisiana; 9/16/2004 - 10/6/2004
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