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접객원 [接客員]
배심 (陪審)
물 - thing
계 - machine
음 - drink
객 - guest
공 - mutual
화 - change
최 - most
수 - number
비 - fly
치 - install
도 - flee
족 - tribe
양 - ocean
쇄 - print
태 - great
항 - navigation
지 - land
기 - air
소 - small
산 - mountain
총 - gun
주 - week
반 - half
외 - outside
여/려 - travel
이 - two
실측 [實測]
(actual) survey,《數》observation
군부 [軍部]
the military
전립선암 (前立腺癌)
prostatic cancer
해 - sea; maritime
반 - meal; rice
박 - surname (Pak/Park)
유 - possess; exist
행 - go; perform
청 - blue; green
속 - secular; custom
사 - scholar; officer
중 - middle; center
시 - time; o'clock
목 - tree; wood
담 - talk; converse
위 - to do
동 - cave; village
계 - calculate; measure
화 - to talk
가 - house; master
원 - member; personnel
장 - place; space
국 - section; situation
편/변 - convenience; comfort
만 - ten thousand
실 - fruit; fact
폭 - to explode
각 - each; various
고 - to inform
Government Information Agency (Korea)
요원 (要員)
the necessary personnel
be spirited[animated, rising, energetic
자신 (自信)
self-confidence [self+ believe]
if, in case of
우승 [優勝]
the victory; championship
살상 [殺傷]
killing and wounding
방사선 치료[放射線 治療]
radiation treatment
감명 [感銘]
a deep impression
정보 기관 [情報機關]
intelligence agency
화면 (畵面)
a picture; scene
영 - beautiful; hero; English
면 - face; surface; page
분 - to divide; minute
부 - section; division; part
요/료 - to measure; ingredient
명 - life; to order
자녀 (子女)
sons and daughters, children
수용소 (收容所)
an internment camp, (Gitmo)
영원 (永遠)
eternity; perpetuity; permanence; immortality
노동자 (勞動者)
laborer; wage earner; worker
내용 (內容)
content(s); substance; (subject) matter; import(취지); details(상세); depth(
윤 - high official; surname (Yun)
등 - class; rank; grade; equal
보 - to inform; to retaliate
승인 (承認)
approval, an OK, consent, agreement
경쟁 (競爭)
competition, a contest, rivalry, emulation, a race.
정상 (正常/定常)
normalcy, normality [straight + usual]
의미 (意味)
(a) meaning; (a) sense; signification; significance
occupy; hold; have; possess; get; take up
평결 (評決)
verdict; a decision; a deliverance
과 - task; lesson; section; to levy
귀환 (歸還)
a return home [return + return]
mess, wreck, ruin, (in) bad shape, disorder, confusion
대규모 (大規模)
a large[big; great; huge; grand] scale; an extensive scale.
증거 (證據)
evidence; (a) proof; witness; (a) testimony
권고 (勸告)
(a piece of) advice, counsel, an advisory opinion, recommendation, exhortation
시절 (時節)
the season, the time (of the year)
행운 [幸運]
(a stroke of) good fortune; (good) luck; propitious fate; ((美)) a lucky[good] break
시도 (試圖)
a trial, a try, an attempt, an endeavor, a tryout, a venture, an experiment (try + diagram/map)
경로 (經路)
course, a route, a channel, a path [passing through + road]
(not) by any means; by no means; not nearly ((so)); ((none)) at all; utterly; ((cannot)) possibly.
to stop in, to lodge at, to stay at (a hotel, an inn, etc)
시인 (詩人)
대량살상무기 [大量殺傷武器 ]
자 - person
우 - mail
완 - complete
열 - heat
불/부 - not
문 - question
실 - room
아 - we;
민 - people
안 - peaceful
상 - commercial
용 - use
노/로 - road
답 - answer
수 - hand
중 - heavy
속 - rapid
설 - speech
세 - limit
지 - paper
양/량 - foodstuff
구 - old
색 - color
두 - head
약 - medicine
주 - pour
사 - history
전 - electricity
회 - assemble
자 - self
하 - below
어 - language
학 - study
남 - male
비 - expense
삼 - three
긴급 (緊急)
emergency, urgency
쇠퇴 (衰退)
atrophy, degeneration
동양 [東洋]
the Orient
명명 (命名)
naming; christening
극복 [克服]
conquest; subjugation.
경청 [敬聽]
listening courteously.
시 - city; market
반 - reverse. counter
운 - carry; luck
점 - a store
가 - value; price
전 - front; before
친 - kin; parent
일 - sun; day
선 - fresh; clean
인 - impress; print
신 - deity; spirit
입 - to enter
호 - to call
이 - benefit; profit
주 - to reside
제 - younger brother
경 - light (weight)
포 - cannon; gun
천 - heaven; sky
현 - present; appear
점 - a point
탄 - bomb; bullet
공 - craft; work
정 - right; proper
항 - port; harbor
법 - law; method
식 - style; ceremony
합 - unite; join
평 - flat; peaceful
광 - light; ray
저소득층 (低所得層)
the low-income bracket
작곡 (作曲)
musical) composition[setting].~하다  write music, compose [do + song]
무사 (無私)
selflessness, unselfishness, impartiality [not +personal]
brilliant; masterly; magnificent; worthy; admiralable; great
운영 [運營]
operation; management; administration; conduct
강행 (强行)
enforcement; forcing; enforcing.
선고 (宣告)
announcement; pronouncement; [판결을 알림] a sentence; a verdict;
대 - against; to face
래/내 - the next; upcoming
상 - to be injured
포 - to wrap; encircle
신 - to trust; communicate
소 - a little; young
여/녀 - woman; female; girl
언급 (言及)
reference, mention, comment, allusion
무사 (無事)
safety, security [not+ business]
통상 [通常]
normally; usually; generally; commonly; under normal conditions; as a general rule
이별 (離別)
parting; separation; farewell; [이혼] divorce
mutually; reciprocally; with each other(주로 두 사람); with one another
억 [億]
one hundred million 100;000;000
각지 [各地]
every place; various places
정숙 [靜肅]
silence; stillness; quiet; hush
각종 (各種)
each[every] kind; all sorts
출 - to emerge; come out
자신 (自身)
one's self [self + body]
to be joyful, delightful, happy, pleasant, gratifying, glad.
고통 (苦痛)
pain, anguish, suffering, agony [suffering+ pain]
공화제(도) (共和制(度))
a republican form of government
촬영 (撮影)
photographing; a shot; a take
활 - to live; to be lively
to make something larger or bigger, enlarge, magnify, to bring up, to raise, to nourish
상자 [箱子]
a box; a case; a casket
논의 (論議)
(a) discussion; (an) argument; (a) debate
장 - to be long; to grow; chief
기도 (企圖)
plan, a project, a design, a scheme
박수 [拍手]
hand clapping; (a) clapping of hands; a handclap.
임무 (任務)
a duty, an office, a task, a part(역할), (a) function(기능), a mission
개성 (改姓)
change of one's family name [amend + name]
행위 [行爲]
an act; an action; a deed; [행실] behavior; conduct; [소행] a work; ((one's)) doings
타격 (打擊)
a blow, a hit, a knock, (hit + attack)
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