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Terms Definitions
22nd gospel
1st Kings
1 Peter
psalms 67
Missionary psalm
Destruction of Jerusalem
speaking in tongues
King of Persia
Where was Abraham born?
Writing prophets
major-Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekial
tent makers, help paul
true if it works
Wife of the first patriarch
Angelous (Source of Angel)
Messanger (Greek)
What Esau traded for food
personal letter
Philippians was Paul's most...
God Almighty, All-powerful Supply
El Shaddai
Mk. thought parousia was imminent:
Was alexander the greats tutor
the official collection of inspired books of sacred scripture that contain the witness and instruction for our faith
4th book of the Old Testament
god calls him to build ark
The Sixth Commandment
You shall not kill.
which jewish feast celebrated freedom from slavery?
Christianity is this because our faithfulness will at sometime in someway conflict with culture and society and because we are called to remain faithful at these times.
Man on the way to Emmaus
Tells about the Magi (Wise Men)
Hymn of Aten is parallell to
Psalm 104
In which gospel does Paul really emphasize the defense of his apostleship?
something spoken, a deed, an attitude, or a desire contrary to God's law
good king of Judah, strong military might, offered incense died a leper
Which eighth century prophet married a prostitute to demonstrate the infidelity of Israel?
An upright slab or pillar inscribed with a commemorative message
second coming of Christ. The purpose of the Book of Revelation is to reveal events which will take place immediately before, during and following the second coming of Christ.
proclaims the gospel; 4 Gospel authors + Timothy and Philip
whose prophecy is fulfilled when jesus entered jerusalem?
teaching to those who believe
goal of "didache"
Paul is writing to Titus in Crete
27 Books - Book of Apocalyptic Literature
the center of church activity moves from Jerusalem to
Mark; "voice crying out in the desert"
He also encountered the ____(number) sons of jewish exorcist named_____
7, Sceva
What request did Solomon make of God while in Gibeon?
Who is the first to witness Jesus' death in John?
what God would create as a suitable helper for man
The first king of Israel was rejected by God because he did not __________.
a symbolic act maning a person belongs to God
Noah's ark comes to rest on the mountains of ____
one of the cities that god threatens to level unless Abrham finds ten people (not Gomorrah)
109. Sanctification
process of becoming more like Christ, the growth/maturity of a believer
biblical inerrancy
the books of the Scripture faithfully and without error teach the truth that God, for the sake of our salvation,wishes to have communicated through the sacred Scriptures
The birthplace of both King David and Jesus
No errors related to faith and our salvation.
Left over. There was a "remnant of Israel".
Which of Paul's letters was to a master about a slave
Exodus 6
-Moses tells the Israelites that God will free them, but they don't listen-Geneology of Moses and Aaron
This idea is called the ______ of Christ
Mount Gerizim
What was the site of Samaritan worship in that was destroyed by the Jews in 128 BC?
purpose of second peter
written to counteract the growing influences of hershery within the church
king david
wrote many psalms, he was a musician, poet, and a political leader
Primeval History
stories or myths about the origins of the earth, human, other creatures, languages, and cultures
wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau
Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth this secret unto his servants the prophets.
Julius Caesar
conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC)
a life rooted in Jesus, also a life rooted in the Church
Philippians 4:3
Be a true "yokefellow" or companion in the Lord.
the occult
Other than the disciples of John the Baptist, what problem did Paul face in Ephesus?
______ is a NT document which refers to Pauls letters as scripture
2nd peter
Who was Drusilla
She was the daughter of Herod Agrippa I, and the Sister of Herod Agrippa II & Bernice. She was the wife of Governor Felix
Event in Genesis 3-11-Flood:
every intent of his heart was evil
Job 19: 25-26
For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:
And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:
Why were they worshipping angels?
Archons = principalities . They thought if they worshiped them they would give them favor to getting to the presence of God and escaping the bad world.
Diversity of Early Christianity
The term Christian first appears in Acts 11:26, when the disciples were first called by the term in Antioch. Many early Christians called themselves "the disciples", "followers of the Way." In addition they would take communion and re-tell the story of Christ's death and resurrection.
____ and ______ are our two primary sources of information about Paul's life.
Acts and Letters
how is Isaac saved?
God tells abraham to stop right before he is about to kill him
Temptation 3
if you fall down and worship me then i will give you all of these kingdoms
Aquila and Priscilla
What are the names of the two friends of paul that he had met in Corinth?
How many major and minor judges were there?
twelve - six of each
To shield higher meanings from those who were not ready, to teach the gospel on different levels, to encourage the listener to think deeply, to hide the mysteries of the kingdom, to not have his words used against him
Why did Jesus teach in parables?
How is the prophesy of Nathan fulfilled?
Trouble and grief in his family
What books are in the Priestly history?
1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah
Why did Jesus' brothers want him (Jesus) to attend the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem?
so the disciples could see His work
What is the theme of Joseph narrative and how is it played out?
Son of Jacob through Rachel. Narrative changes style to short story. The theme is that God overcomes evil for good.
Healing of mans eyes in 2 stages
helped build his faith in the Savior to be fully healed
What were the advantages of the Kingdom of Israel?
* Three or four times as large
* Superior economically
* Better agriculture
This place is known as the city of David. Why?
- Jerusalem- It is Israel's capital and he builds a palace there.- He also brought the Ark of the Covenant there.
A product of his time: primary message dealt with current issue of the day
What is one of the main roles of the Prophets (#2)
42nd gospel
Jonah's gourd
Textual Criticism
1 Samuel
Saul's Reign
the Southern Kingdom
AD 70
Jerusalem destroyed
Moses' ancestry
House of Levi
Mt. Sinai
The holy mountain
Luke writes for ____
told the "Messianic Secret"
10 AD
When was Saul born?
False teaching in 1 Timothy?
Tresspass Offereing
Sin committed against others
The New testament
writen in greek
(Pastoral) The superiority of Jesus
a Two-Document Hypothesis--a possible third source
Wisdom Books
Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom, and Sirach
Deuteronomy 8
Wilderness wandering characterized as instruction and training
In what land did Job live?
Rosetta Stone
features two Egyptian languages including hieroglyphic and also Greek, allowing Greek readers wot work out the Egyptian languages
Which tribe did priests originate from?
prophet who served the northern kingdom during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel
(defeated the prophets of Baal)
welcomming acceptance of other people and also God's welcoming acceptance of us. GOD is the host
ark of the covenant, romans, aristocrats, torah, sanhedrin, lost authority
Colossians 2:11-12
Circumcision's symbolism is putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ.
Baptism's symbolism is the death and resurrection of Christ.
How the Roman Empire saw Christians
Political scapegoat
Who was the governor appoint by Babylon
Death is _____________ by Paul in Romans.
the entry of Jesus' humanity into divine glory in God's heavenly domain, forty days after his Ressurection.
Babylonian creation story
What is the Enuma Elish?
Harlot in Jericho; was spared when walls fell because she hid the Israelite spies
Who is the traditional author of Lamentations?
Yehud (what)
sub-province of Persia, where Israel used to be
What word did Joseph Smith repeatedly use as a synonym for "faith?"
an agreement between two or more persons that is binding on both parties
Hebrew for "Anointed One", same as greek term "Christ"
Great hero who received the Ten Commandments
the governor released him instead of of Jesus at the crowd's request.
An effective sign that conveys grace and which was established by Jesus and given to the Church.
The effort to strive towards unity among all Christians
Gonsticism did not become a separate religion from Christianity untill the _____ century AD
Shepherd who was killed by his brother (in the first murder)
five Torah
The Samaritans believed in only the first ___ books of the ___________.
What is a central truth of revelation that Catholics are obliged to believe?
sources of Old testament
J, E, D, and P
Built a tunnel to water to avoid attack from Sennacherib
a group of non-Egyptian who came to power in Eqypt between 1650 and 1500 B.C.
the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit
What is the Grammatical-Historical Method of interpreting the Bible?
The grammatical-historical method seeks to find the basic "plain sense" meaningof a Bible passage by applying standard rules of grammar and syntax. It seeks to determine what the text says grammatically and what it meant historically. It tries to discover the author's original intention.
Roman Empire
(LXX) Greek OT translation, 70 days/72 elders, commonly used during beginning Christian era
Love Feasts
Paul states that the Corinthians are making a mockery of their communion services (supposed times of Christian fellowship). They were celebrating the Lord's Supper in conjunction with these feasts, a kind of church potluck corresponding in a way to the Passover meal. Some were participating before everyone showed up and some were getting drunk (more wine = more grace, so they thought). Paul commands discontinuance.
NT books named after cities/geographical regions
Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians
the Greek word for synagogue means
to gather together
Divine means of help or strength. We can receive grace in this life to do good beyond our own means. We will ultimately be saved by the Lord's grace through the Atonement.
the epistle that was written to Rome so that they could prepare for Paul's arrival
Psalms 22
-Quoted by Jesus at the cross-Lament of David that closely parallels Jesus' crucifixion
According to Philippians 3, paul was a member of jewish tribe of._______
persecution under Domitian
Revelation was written to a community facing what?
Mary Magdalene
Jesus appeared unto this person at the tomb after John & Peter had left
Ptolemy's rule stretched from Egypt up to Tyre
from 301-198 BC
In Genesis 1 days 4 5 6 God ...
Ezra and Nehemiah each lead a return when?
440 BC
who announced the coming of the messiah?
john the baptist
Statement of Ephesians
The church is the fullness of Christ
All of the following were themes in the Epistle of James except:
Grace alone
Pauline Theme 7
The faithful are the body of Christ/The church should function as a unified body
Joseph of Arimathaea
member of the Sanhendrin, a disciple of Christ, rich and faithful Israelite who took no part in the condemnation of our Lord, had the Savior's body wrapped in a clean linen cloth
God became flesh
Give a three word definition of the doctrine of the Incarnation.
Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for what?
Bowl of soup
People groups the author addresses other than women in 1st Timothy
Bishops, deacons, elders and widows
What should we know about 1 John 2:18-28?
Warnings against antichrist
Herod Antipas
Ruler at the time of the trial and death of Jesus
Word of God is composed of both....
The Bible and Sacred Tradition
What event ends 2 Chronicles and begins Ezra?
Release of exiles by Cyrus
Theme: makes Jesus seem the least human
Jonh- Jesus comes from Heaven
Social Realities of Roman Empire
-Life expectancy is <30yrs
-High infant mortality rate (60% kids die before 5)
-Frequency of violent death (war/murder/capital punishment)
-Starvation/malnutrition (poor quality of medicine, people used potions/religion)
-No public education. Literacy rate 3-5%
The Israelites believed in equality and justice while the Canaanite religion favored the rich and powerful.
What is the main difference between the Israelite and Canaanite religions?
Acts of the Apostles
an account of the growth of the Church under the guidance of the holy spirit
Describe the major subunits of Numbers 1:1-10:10.What is the literary climax of this unit?What part is not in chronological order? (CHAPTER 8)
Breaking up camp and moving through the desert under God's direction. Chapter 9 is the literary climax-passover & cloud over temple. The instructions from chapters 7-10 are out of chronological sequence.
A moment of faith
What is a time when we notice that God has just passed nearby?
factors that brought about the development of the Jewish messianic hope:
1. The promise of an eternal Davidic Line 2. Foreign dominance
What was the final request Elisha made of Elijah?
a double portion of Elijah's spirit/a greater prophetic spirit than most of the prophets at that time.
on the road to emmaus, Jesus had a bible study with two disciples. How did they respond? and in which Gospel is this post-resurrection event found?
Luke. Realized their hearts were burning when talking with Him and immediately returned to Jerusalem and told the eleven of what had occured.
During which "phase" of divine warrior theme as described in class was the ark of the covenant lost to Philistines? Besure to give an overall description of the phase as well as a number. For an extra point tell me who was leading the army of Israel at th
It aws the second phase that the ark was lost in the Philestines. During this pahse God was punishing or fighting against Israel using other enemies because the people were not following the covenant. When the ark was lost, they had been using it as a "magic box" instead of treating it with the respect and fear it deserved. The two cons of Samuel were leading the army when the ark was taken from the Israelites.
What are Jesus' I AM statements in the book of John? And how does Jesus "illustrate" some of them?
Referring to the Word of the Father, Jesus illustrates some of the I AM statements by doing things such as turning water to wine, healing official's son, Healing of the paralytic man, Feeding of the 5000, Walking on the water, Healing of the man born blind, Raising Lazarus from the dead.
135. How does Jesus teach the people that He is God in the Gospel of Mark?
He told them he was God then he showed them he was God
Original Audience
a prostitute
59% unique
Zealots, Sicarii (assassins)
Fortelling the future
Key word: believe
she is a moabitess
brother of Moses.
descendants become priests
is jealous of Moses and thinks he should be equal to him
Ex Nihilo
Out of nothing
Hebrews 6
Warning against apostasy
cultural & theological issues
shame culture
W F Albright
Escavator of Debir
symbolizes the presence of God
bitter herbs
standard part of Passover celebration representing the bitter lives of foced labor under the Egyptions. 
Yahweh, before vowels added.
Translated as LORD. 
Who was delivered from prison?
Signs are meant to facilitate belief
followers of Herod that created opposition for Jesus.
chiastic structure
concentric pattern that accentuates the center element
Explain the major characteristic of Hebrew Poetry.
The Israeli archeologist responsible for escavating Masada
Y Yadin
this major and dramatic writing prophet was often considered out of his mind because of his elaborate schemes to get the Israelites to believe
Lit. What is it?
Supernaturally provided food for the Israelites that they ate for 40 yrs in the desert.
Who was touched by Paul’s testimony?
first emperor to persecute Christians for religious reasons
In the third chapter of Philippians, Paul denounces circumcision as
All believers are spiritual children of...
Abraham (346)
How many people are (symbolically) marked for salvation on the Day of God's vengeance?
144,000 (428)
Synoptic Problem
The problem of explaining the similarities and differences between the three Synoptic Gospels
Book of Praises
Names for Book of Psalms
The genre of Law exemplified in Hammurabi's law code is also found in the OT
Theme of Micah
judah's judgment and coming deliverence by Messiah
this was David's first-born son who raped David's daughter Tamar and left her
a person consecrated to God from birth
this minor writing prophet asks why God doesn't respond all of the time
Davidic Sign
Not specifically mentioned. the grant would be the royal office itself. perhaps the throne, crown, or royal garments served as a covenant sign
Arabic word for "50"
Name for really severe sand storm blowing in from the East
Small square leather boxes with pieces of parchment with the teachings of Moses inside them. Tied to hands/foreheads in following of the command to "take these words and impress them on your children".
Chief gods of the Babylonians?
Marduk and Shemesh
Paul took parted with whom to Philippi?
thickly populated by a hardy, warlike race. caravans constantly passed through
excellent climate, mild near sea coast and hot in Jordan valley
fertile land
fisheries great source of wealth
Harod was ruler
T/F: According to Eph., the secret revealed in Christ was the divinity of all people, i.t. we are all God
False (378)
T/F: Paul asserts The Torah is "spiritual," but human beings are "unspiritual" and enslaved by sin.
False 354
T/F: In Paul's view of human history, Adam is considered the earthly prototype of humanity, while Jesus is considered Adam's moral opposite.
Someone who is sent on an official mission, an ambassador; in the New Testament, someone who saw Jesus after He rose from the dead. The NT usually refers to Jesus' disciples by this term.
his ministry wa about five years after amos
How many years did Solomon's Palace take to build?
13 years
Whose harsh words led to the division of Israel?
Copper was not a major item of cultural importance until the Chalcolithic Period
970 BC
Beginnign of Solomon's reign as king over Israel
this man was married to the Moabite Orpah
Priestly recipients
Yahweh declared that Aaron, his sons, and his descendants would serve Iseael as preists, and that members of the tribe of Levi would assist them in cultic matters
Yom Kippur
Day of Atonement
holiest day of the year
What is stratigraphy?
Layers of strata in the tels
The terms that the angel used in 1:32-33 reflect what OT covenant?
visable reign of Christ on earth after His second coming
What uniquely Pauline gospel revolutionized Christianity?
Salvation by Faith alone (343)
Herod (the Great)
Ruler of all Galilee, Samaria, and Judea (and so, "King of the Jews") from 40-4 BCE; this Herod was allegedly ruling when Jesus was born, and is known in Christian history for killing all the baby boys of Bethlehem in an attempt to destroy the infant Jesus (based on the account in Matthew)
what is the plight of teh servant in the servant songs
With whom did David commit the sin of adultery?
Moses Family Tree (Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Wife, Sons)
Father: AmramMother: JochebedSister: MiriamBrother: AaronWife: ZipparahSons: Gershom and Eliezer
458 BC
the second return of the Jews from Babylon under Ezra. Ezra 7-10
Caleb and Joshua
the two scouts who encourage the people to come to the promised land
this boy was the son of Hosea whose name means not pitied
this man was next in line for the throne. His stepmother reminds David that he promised the throne to Solomon. This man is angered
Describe Noahic Covenant
God committed himself not to destroy the world again with a flood
14. What is the purpose of Proverbs?
Book of Instruction
Describe the Assyrian Empire.
First Empire was from 1850
Middle Assyrian Empire was from 1440-1040
Third Assyrian Empire was from 876-612
According to our discussion when Peter taught that there is none other name whereby we may be saved, which subject was he specifically speaking to the Jews about in Acts 4?
Power or Authority
the author of Hebrews wrote what many today consider to be our best example of what genre?
ancient sermon
According to James, which organ in the human body is both an instrument for divine praise and of destructive gossip?
the tongue (399)
Third of Matthew's Teachings
8 parables about the Kingdom of Heaven
Name at least three dangers Samuel gave Israel about having a monarchy.
1. Draft.2. Servitude.3. Taxes.
All of the following books belong to the Writings except
(Psalm, Daniel, Job)
Balaam's Donkey
when the angel of the Lord appears to this animal's owner. she hides. her owner beats her. The angel of the Lord appears again and asks the owner why he beat her. The owner of this animal realizes he has sinned.
Describe the Abrahamic Covenant
God commited himself to Abraham to bless him and give him descendants
What is Source Criticism?
Who was the author
What is the date
what are the circumstances
 Looks at written document
Describe the Persian Empire
539-333 Cyrus the Great put Neo-Baby to end 6th century. known for famous EDICT: Let the Jews return home.
Dead Sea Scrolls
Scfrolls found in 1947 by goat herders and many documents have been translated as a result. All OT books found except the book of Esther.
Provide evidence of highly literary people in Jerusalem preceding the time of Christ
destination for 1 peter
western and northern part of Asia Minor
What was the "Ephesian Theory"?
the theory that Paul actually wrote Philippians from Ephesus rather than Rome
Some early converts who, in an apocalyptic fervor, thought the Parousia was extremely close, refused to...
work and support themselves (375)
What does Hebrews say about entertaining strangers?
Some have entertained angels without knowing
Describe the differences in situation between Haggai/Zechariah and Malachi.
Haggai and Zechariah focused on rebuilding the temple (520), Malachi addressed the sins explained in Nehemiah (433).
Indications that the plagues was supernatural? (4 points)
1. Their timing2. Their intensity3. Moses' foreknowledge4. The immunity of Israelites to the plagues
Siege of Jericho
6 days- then on the 7th day, walls tumble
city is sacked
the Ban is placed on it
To what extent is the Abrahamic covenant conditional or unconditional
The Abrahamic covenant is unconditional in that it is based upon God's choice, is not rescinded, and serves as the basis for God's further actions toward Abraham's descendantsAbrahamic covenant is conditional in that Abraham's faith brings about the fulfillment of God's promises
What is the Chalcolithic period?
After the New Stone Age: 4000-3000BCE; main material was copper and city was Ghassul. Copper was too soft so it was mixed with tin.
Why did Jesus call the Pharisees “hypocrites”?
they did it for applause
Time of writing in Revelation
written during a time of persecution. end of the reign of emperor Domitian 95 AD
Difference between John and the Synoptics
John records 3 passovers with Jesus. Synoptics only record 1.
List two reasons for accepting Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch.
1. OT references outside the Pentateuch for Mosaic authorship.2. In Jesus' day, Mosaic authorship was accepted.
What even caused Saul to change his attitude towards David?
David is honored above Saul
what are case laws? give an example
specific situational laws that are built out of apodictic laws and rely on the sociological and redemptive statuses of the people. ex. the goring ox law, the fence around your roof law. usually given in an "if. . . then. . . "format .
Who prepared the Rosetta stone and why?
Egyptians b/c they thought ppl would not remember who they were. They prepared Trilingual inscription: Greek, Demotic, hieroglyphics. Found in 1798 lead to discovery on how to read hieroglyphics
Who were the Sadducees and what were their characteristics and beliefs?
-Upper class *status QUO*-Accepted Hellenism*Only accepted Pentateuch *No resurrection/judgment/messiah*PRESENT ORIENTATED
Why did the author write Hebrews
The people needed to persevere, since they were in danger of leaving their faith in Christ in the midst of their difficulties
Paul thought that God's plan for cosmic renewal, i.e. the Lord's Day, would be completed
at the apocalyptic End of history. (375)
Believers are supposed to behave well because...
they are being re-created in Christ's nature and "image." (378)
What is the theme of 1 Peter?
the proper attitude and conduct of persecuted Christians
Explain what happened on the Sabbatical year and the Year of Jubilee and explain why it was important to Israel.
Sabbatical year was the year where the fields were let fallow. The Year of Jubilee was the same except it was when the original owners got back their land. It was both a spiritual, economic, and an agricultural sabbath - it was a way to trust God for His provision, the poor (and without land) got their land back, and the fields benefited from the rest.
What was the Israelites' reward who defeated Goliath?
1. Marry Kings' daughter
2. Lots of wealth
3. Tax exemption
13. Esther is the only woman to found a Jewish religious tradition. What is the tradition and what does it celebrate?
Holiday of PurimCelebrates the Deliverance of the Jewish people from an evil ruler.
How did the Jews come back to the land?
First wave in 538 by Sheshbazaar
Second wave in 525 by Zerubabel
Who were the People of the Land and .....?
-Lower class-common Jews-loyal to Judaism but not as extreme as Pharisees-Followers of Jesus
19. Who wrote the book of Revelation and when?
John of Patmos written 95 C.E.
Name the nations that defeated Israel and Judah and give the date Israel and Judah fell to them.
Israel was defeated by Assyria in 722 BC, while Judah was defeated by Babylon in 586 BC.
Identify and give the significance of the Merneptah Stele
stone monument dated to 1208 BC. made by an egyptian pharaoh, (Mernepthah, who was boasting over his conquest of Palestine. in this it was written that the seed of Israel is no more. these are important because they are the first mention of Israel as a nation from a secular text. they disprove the minimalists, who dont believe in Lsrael's exile tradition.
What is Darius the King known for?
5th century. Wanted a memorial and it was built on a Behiston Rock.
What three points were made to argue for the accurate historicity of the Gospels?
1) writers wanted to be accurate2) able to be accurate: oral memorization and verification3) writers wrote ancient history -thematically, summaries, certain ideology
Onesimus was a runaway slave who was converted to Christianity by Paul. Paul later sent him back to his master, telling the master...
to treat Onesimus "no longer as a slave, but ...as a dear brother."
Describe each major prophet in a way that identifies him and distinguishes him from any other person.
Isaiah - His name means "Yahweh is salvation" and his children he named "Signs and Wonders."Jeremiah - God told him not to marry or have children.Daniel - He became one of the premiere leaders in Babylon during both the Babylonian and Persian exile.Ezekiel - He was both a priest and prophet.
What is the best example of form Criticism?
Method by H Gunkel, patriarchs in Gen 12-36. He said the material was saga not history.
In 1 Peter, Peter uses 3 metaphors to help believers understand their circumstances:
You are pure gold. You are sojourners/temporary residents. You are copies of Jesus
why is a women unclean for twice as long after birthing a girl than a boy?
because a women is close to holiness at childbirth, and because the girl child is capable of creating new life this is a much more holy event and takes longer to become ritually clean again.
1. List the type of books in the New Testament.
Gospels, letters, History of the early church and Apocolyptic stories.
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