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President of the United States
Terms Definitions
Independent Agency
Department of Defense
Government Corporation
president appoints, terms
Government corporation, united states postal service
admin dispositions
implementation failure: some bureaucrats have authority to select among various responses to a given problem
interagency councils
specifically-designed working groups of many department reps that organize and help in policymaking and implementation
red tape
Complex bureaucratic rules and procedures that must be followed to get something done.
potus can request congress to _____________
ind executive agencies
basically almost-Cabinet departments; heads are appointed/removed by POTUS
issue network
temporary informal relationship system between numerous 'actors' in large policy areas; people based interest groups, congressional staffs, universities and think tanks,and in the mass media; regularly discuss and advocate public policies
issue networks
Groups that regularly debate governmental policy on subjects such as health care or auto safety
Max Weber
Invented classic conception of bureaucracy. Stressed it was a "rational" way for a modern society to conduct its business. Felt a bureaucracy depended upon certain elements, including a hierarchial authority structure, task specialization, and extensive rules, which allow similar cases to be handled in similar ways.
limitations or restrictions on the activities of a business or individual
lack of clarity
implementation failure: vauge law; leaves imp. up to bureaucracy; may give contradictory orders
cabinet departments
clientele agencies that cater to specific people/interests/goals - nationally and regionally
sunset legislation
the idea of automatic program termination after a prescribed period unless authorized by congress
legislative veto
A requirement that an executive decision lie before Congress for a specified period before it takes effect
Policy Implementation
This occurs when the bureaucracy carries out decisions of congress, the president, and even the courts. Public parties are barely self-executing: bureaucrats translate legislative policy goals into programs.
whistle blowers
individuals who publicize instances of fraud, corruption, or other wrongdoing in the bureaucracy
competitive service
The ing certain government offices to which people are appointed on the basis of merit, as ascertained by a written exam or by applying certain selection criteria.
new deal
created hundreds of new gov agencies to regulate the economy; billions of bureaucracy jobs -> Americans became more reliant on federal gov role in their lives
postal service
grew with the growth of the country
supreme court
can be appealed to from district courts
excepted service
Appointment of officials not based on the criteria specified by OPM
Government Corporations
Perform Services for a fee. Ex: Amtrak, TVA, Post Office
clientele groups
groups of citizens whose interests are affected by an agency or department and who work to influence its policies
probationary period
it is difficult to fire a bureaucrat after...
citizen advisory council
a citizen group that considers the policy decisions of an agency; a way to make the bureaucratic policymaking to the public
APA effect (3)
generally 30 days must pass before new rules take effect; sometimes agencies are required to conduct a formal hearing before issuing rules
Whistleblower Protection Act (1989)
Created an office of special counsel to investigate complaints from bureaucrats claiming they were punished after reporting to congress about waste, fraud or abuse in their agencies.
name- request job
A job filled by a person whom an agency has already identified.
Whistleblower Protection Act
A law passed in 1989 which created an Office of Special Counsel to investigate complaints from bureaucrats claiming they were punished after reporting to Congress about waste, fraud, or abuse in their agencies.
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
1966 law that allows citizens to obtain copies of most public records
argument is a transaction cost
why is it necessary to clear the lines of authority within a bureaucracy?
Independent Agency
Independent Agency
Government corporation
Department of Treasury
legal action; law suit
may change/reduce an agency's budget
environmental crisis response agency; independent agency focused on responding to natural and other disasters
court order to prevent implementation
independent agencies
government organizations independent of the departments but with a narrower policy focus
Executive Office of the President, president appoints, congress confirms
homeland security
biggest reorganization in 50 years
federal workforce is getting older (is...)
the often unintelligible language used by bureaucrats to avoid controversy and lend weight to their words
committee clearance
the ability of a congressional committee to review and approve certain agency decisions in advance and without passing a law.
putting a law or policy into effect
mid levels
GS 16-18; senior executive service; resumes and interviews
civil war
brought in thousands of additional federal employees; department of Agriculture created (relation?)
competitive serivce
Appointment of officials based on selection criteria devised by the employing agency and OPM
a legislative grant of money to finance a government program
command-and-control policy
Charles L Schultze described current state of fed. regulation as this: The government tells business how to reach certain goals, checks that these commands are followed, and punishes offenders.
bureaucratic discretion
bureaucrats' use of their own judgement in interpreting and carrying out the laws of Congress
department of transportation
war on poverty-based program that institutes and coordinates national transportation programs
progressive era
led to further growth of the bureaucracy
a committee in the executive branch of government that advises the president on foreign and military and national security
the yearly granting of permission to begin or continue a government agency/program.
Civil Services System
the way bureaucracies are covered today. The rationale for all civil service systems rests on the merit principle and the desire to create a nonpartisan government service.
one of the major subdivisions of the federal government, represented in the president's cabinet
The Plum Book
Another route to federal Jobs, is recruiting from this book, which lists top federal jobs available for direct presidential appointment (often with senate confirmation).
senior executive service
roughly 9000 at top of the GS system
spoils system
The practice of giving the fruits of a party's victory, such as jobs and contracts, to the loyal members of that party
Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
recruits and recommends individuals and oversees promotions through the office of personal management (OPM) and the Merit System Protection board, which reviewed complaints about unjustified actions taken by political appointees against well qualified workers.
department of housing and urban development
war on poverty-based program that regulated housing
Defense, Social Security, and Major Health Programs
Most of US budget goes towards....
Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
Group in charge of hiring for most agencies of the federal government.
it links and is checked by them
what does the bureaucracy do in terms of the three branches?
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