AP Government Congress Test Flashcards

United States Congress
Terms Definitions
house minority leader
what congress are we in
standing committees
seperate subject-matter committees in each house of congress that handle bills in different policy areas.
balance the views of constituents their own views andtheir party
The principle of a two-house legislature.
strong or vehement expression of disapproval
Pok-barrel legislation
gives tangible benefits (highways, dams , posts offices) to constituents in several districts or states in the hope of winning thier votes in return
Conservation coalition
An alliance of conservative Democrats with Republicans for voting purposes
joint resolution
A formal expression of congressional opinion that must be approved by both houses of congress and by the president; constitutional amendments need not be signed by the president.
Party leader who is the liaison between the leadership and the rank-and-file in the legislature.
formal representation
after the election, the legitimate winner takes the seat
person living in districts of an elected official
Majority leader
The legislative leader elected by party members holding the majority of seats in the House or senate.
Millionaire's club
A traditional, pejorative name for the United States senate
private bill
A legislative bill that deals only with specific, private, personal, or local matters.
congressional budget office
A congressional agency that advises Congress on the likely economic effects of different spending programs and provides information on the costs of the proposed policies.
giving one political party a win while the otehrs win the leftover areas
consensus building
a clear policy focus, there is internal and external (falls to leadership teams)
vote trading, voting yea to support a colleague's bill in return for a promise of future support.
an amendment on a matter unrelated to a bill that is added to the bill so that it will 'ride' to passage through the Congress
a member of the pary leadership in each house who helps the party leader stay infromed about what party members are thinking, rounds up members when important votes are to be taken.
House Rules Committee
The group that decides what business comes up for a vote and what the limitations on debate should be
pocket veto
When a president kills a bill passed during the last 10 days Congress is in session by simply refusing to act on it.
speaker of the house
an office mandated by the constitution, the speaker is chosen in practice by the majority party, has both formal and informal powers, and is second in line to succeed to the presidency should that office become vacant
minority leader
the elected leader of the party with the second highest number of elected representatives in the House of reps or the Senate.
divison vote
A mehtod of voting used in both houses in which members stand and are counted
President pro tempore
Officer of the Senate selected by the majority party to act as chair in the absence of the vice president.
teller vote
a method of voting used only in the House.
what is a floor debate
gives all the memebers of the house a chance to debate the bill.
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