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Regional Geography?????
Geography of regions..hehe..
Physical and human characteristics: space after humans
regional outbreak of a disease
cultural ecology
the geographic study of human-environment relationships
Syncretic religion
Elements from different religions coming together
physical/political boundaries
political boundary defined and delimited by a prominent physical feature in the natural landscape - such as a river or the crest ridges of a mountain range.
Colonial City
Cities established by colonial empires as administrative centers. Often they were established on already existing native cities, completly taking their infractures
nautical mile
by international agreement the nautical mile- the standara measure at sea is 6076.12 feet in length equivalent to 1.15 statue miles
Physical separation of different races into different geographic areas.
the second theme of geography; reciprocal relationship between humans and environment
step migration
migration to a distant destination that occurs in stages, for example, from farm to nearby village and later to a town and city
language family
collection of languages related to each other through a common ancestor long before recorded history
Prime Meridian
The meridian, designated as 0 longitude, which passes through the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England.
a politically organized body of people under a single government
a nation-state that has a centralized government and administration that exercises power equally over all parts of the state
Central Place
market for service exchange that attracts people from the surrounding area
What province in Canada has serious ethnic issues focused on language?
A process occirring in many inner cities inwhich they become disabilitated centers of poverty.
Pop culture
Synamic culture based on heterogenous societies permitting considerable individualism, innovation, and change
domesticated plants
Plants accustomed to human provision and control.
cultural landscape
changing natural landscape by a cultural group
the deliberate effort to modify a portion of the Earth's surface through cultivation of crops and raising of livestock for gain or sustenance
folk culture
refers to a constellation of culutral practices that form the sighs, smells, sounds, and rituals of everyday existence in teh traditional societies in which they developed
global language
a common language of trade and commerce used aound the world
Thales & Anaximander
-Thales: Ancient "Thomas Edison" who contributed to Geometry & Geography; influential conclusion was that the Earth was a disk floating in water
-Used geometry to measure land area
-Anaximander theory was based on fossils... believed life began in the sea
-Believed to have drawn 1st scaled world map
-Saw Earth as cylinder shape but his Earth unlike Thales floated freely in space/heavens
homes referred to as such because of their "super size" and similarity in appearance to other such homes; homes often built in place of tear-downs in american suburbs
a region that is related ethnically or historically to one country but is controlled politically by another
geothermal energy
energy from steam of hot water produced from hot molten underground rocks
When people extract something from the Earth;hunting and gathering, diamond mining, livestock herding
Primary Activities
Modern archetecture
Point of view, cities and buildings are thought and act like well oiled machines, with little energy spent on designs, made of concrete and glass.
Baby bust
1960's to 1970's when fertility rates in the US droped significantly compared to the baby boom
Output is the term denoting either an exit or changes which exits a system and which activate/modify a process.
The belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce and inherent superiority of a particular race.
A fabric made by weaving, sued in making clothing.
A journey to a place considered sacred for religious purposes
interregional migration
movement from one region of a country to another
relocation diffusion
The spread of a feature or trend through bodily movement of people from one place to another.
Vulgar Latin
A form of Latin used in daily conversation by ancient Romans, as opposed to the standard dialect, which was used for official documents.
Gross National Product
The total value of goods and services, including income recieved from abroad, produced by the residents of a country within a specific time period.
Map scale ratio in which the ratio of units on the map to units on the earth is quite small
Name the Popular Housing styles since the 1940's
-Modern House (1956-1960)
-Neo-eclectic (Since 1960)
Pull Factor
induces people to move into a new location.
Geographic Information System (GIS)
A collection of computer hardware and software that permits spatial data to be collected, recorded, stored, retrieved, manipulated, analyzed, and displayed to the user.
Peace of Westphalia
Peace negotiated in 1648 to end the Thirty Years' War, Europe's most destructive internal struggle over religion. The treaties contained new language recognizing statehood and nationhood, clearly defined borders, and guarantees of security
International Date Line
The line of longitude that marks where each new day begins, centered on the 180th meridian
Zone Ordinance
a law that limits the permitted use of land and maximum density of development in a community.
What is density of population?
The number of people per unit area.
Huang He and Wei River Valley
rivers in present day China; it was at the confluence of the Huang He and Wei Rivers where chronologically the fourth urban hearth was established around 1500 BCE
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