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1st-Gen Antipsychotic
"up to"

opiod agonist
inhibits pancreatic/intestinal lipases; not absorbed, use long term; causes flatulence, steatorrhea, fecal leakage
MTX, azothioprine, cyclophosphamide
Loop diuretics
ethacrynic acid

block recovery of everything

used to treat edema, pulm edema, CHF, hypercalcemia, HTN

ethacrynic acid- ototoxic

furosemide and bumetanide- sulfa sensitivity

hypokalemia, alkalosis, hypovolemia, hyperuricemia, hyperglycemia
-selective MAO-A inhibitor
Inhibits intestinal brush-border alpha-glucosidases, delayed sugar hydrolysis and glucose absorption leads to dcreased postprandial hyperglycemia
Opiod Analgesic; Opiate-like
Notes: Strong agonist @ u receptor, binds d & k as well
HL = 2 hours
*inhibitor of DNA synthesis
*c-dif, anaerobic
thrombin converts...
fibrinogen to fibrin
Vinca Alkaloid (Natural Antineoplastic)

Treatment: Hodgkin’s and non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Testis.
Mechanism: Both drugs bind to tubulin, and induce METAPHASE arrest.
Vincristine is highly NEUROTOXIC
Do not administer intra-thecally!
Remarkable lack of cross resistance between the two.
Adrenergic Beta Blocking (4)
Proton Pump Inhibitor, irreversibly inhibits H/K ATPase in stomach parietal cells
Broad spectrum (gram+, gram-, pseudomonas, Bacteroides); Resistance (E. faecium, MRSA, C. dificile); IV, can penetrate CNS; coadminister w/ Cilastatin to increase availability
more pronounced in patients w/pre-existing renal diseaseintersitial nephritis, hyperkalemia, hyponatremia & papillary necorsis have also been reported w/various NSAIDs
direct muscarinic ACh antagonist. oral, parenteral, opthalmmic, and transdermal. Use: motion sickness.
irreversible blocks COX1 and COX2
stops synthesis of thromboxane (platelet aggregation, release response, arterial constriction)
associated with the prevention of an MI
Mast cell stabilizer/ Histamine release inhibitors
indirect histamine antagonist
Poorly absorbed: only used topically as inhaler/nasal spray/eye drops or oral solution for GI allergies
Inhibit delayed chloride channel in cell membranes of some cell type: mast cells, nerves (airway), eosinophils
Clinical use: in past used for prevention of bronchoconstriction caused by allergen exposure, exercise, or aspirin but generally not as potent as inhaled steroids in the treatment for asthma; recent studies show questionable benefit
Prevents symptoms of allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
Very safe
cause arterial and venous dilation
reduce pv resistance and BP
decrease resistance to urinary outflow & releiveing effects of BPH
HMG-Co-A REDUCTASE INHIBITOR for hypercholesterolemia
Blocks release of NE from vesicles.
homozygous delta 32 deletion delays HIV progression*, though promotor region mutation increases susceptibility
= Allegra. Antihistamine, H1 antag, 2nd generation. Allergy. Crosses into CNS the least of the second gen meds. Renal metabolism.
 diffuse through porin channels and bind to the 30 S ribosomal subunit, interrupting protein synthesis, same as tetracyclines
62. The effects of warfarin sodium (Coumadin) are monitored by the following lab test:
a. PT
buproprion AE
seizures (rare), agitation, insomnia, dry mouth
digitalis induced arrhythmias
extrasystole or ventricular tachycardia with danger of AV node depression

Class 1B: lidocaine, tocainide, phenytoin, increase AV conduction
Drug of choice for Blastomyces, Coccidioides, Histoplasma, Candida albicans, hypercortisolism
B1 location
postsynaptic effector cells; primarily the heart
atypical anti pysch, causes QTC changes but only weight neutral
Tx for cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS and candidal infections of all types
blocks mycolic acid synthesis; GI and neuro toxicity --> dont give to preggers
NTG – Transdermal FYIDo not apply patch to skin areas with cuts or irritation or immediately after showering or bathing.If the patch becomes dislodged, discard it and put a new one on at a different skin site. Do not discharge cardioverter/defribrillato
Rheumatiod arthritis (RA)
Chronic autoimmune disordermost common systemic inflammatory disease characterized by symmetrical joint involvement
What's the trade name for xylazine?
Rompum (R)
Ciprofloxacin (0.2%), hydrocortisone (1%) suspension
management of otitis externa
TQ - what drug has cardiostimulatory effects?
The movement of drugs throughout the body. Is determined by 3 factors.
NSAID. Well absorbed from GI tract, T1/2 2hrs. WELL-TOLERATED. Common side effects: epigastric discomfort, nausea, indigestion, blurred vision. Toxicities: GI, Renal and Hepatic, rash

Safer in older adults b/c shorter acting.
If taking adults, take Asp first b/c Ibu blocks Asp access to Cox1 in platelets (if need to be on Asp for long time, take Naproxen)
1. onset of action-time between admin of drug and onset of its therapuetic effect. 2. peak concentration occurs when drug reaches its highest blood or plasma concentration 3. duration-length of time drug produces its therapeutic effect
What percent of children with mental retardation also have epilepsy?
Protease inhibitors (-navir)
Inhibit HIV aspartic protease blocking processing of gag,pol*; Toxicity: GI problems, diabetes, lypodystrophy; p450 inhibitor
Main action of Theophylline is ________. Other effects: (4)
bronchodilationCNS stimulationmodest peripheral vasodilationimproved skeletal muscle contractilityand a thiazide-like diuresis
 Do not give under 18 years old
fluorouinolones (FQ)
What type of AB is difloxacin - Dicural (R)?
what areas get increased blood flow with gases
skeletal muscle
Persistent or recurring pain that is often difficult to tx
Chronic Pain
study of the actions of drugs and their effects on living organisms
What type of agents block the excitatory actions of Ach in the striatum?
Anticholinergic agents
Metoclopramide, Chlorpromazine
D2 receptor antagonists in CTZ and VC; inhibit vagal nerve stimulation; prokinetic drug; Tx mild cancer regimens, irradiation, post-op nausea; Toxicity: sedation, diarrhea, EPS, orthostatic hypotension, seizures, if chronic admin
Common major effects of Opioids
Drowsiness, N&V, constipation (does NOT wane, remains constant), pruritis
Type I hypersensitivity:triggersBoth immunological and non-immunologicalPTK to Phospholipase
-PTK to Phospholipase gamma (PLC gamma) to IP3 to Calmodulin to PKC to myosin phosporylation for microfilaments and granule attachment to membrane.
beclomethasone (QVAR), fluticasone (Flovent)MOA
MOA: reduces symptoms by inhibiting release of inflammatory mediators, inflammatory cells, and edema of airway mucosa so bronchial hyperactivity and airway mucus production are reduced; beta 2 receptors more sensitvie to beta 2 agonists
What is lithium induced DI treated with?
desmopressin (not ADH)
NSAID - Therapeutic Effects
Decrease in swelling, pain, stiffness, and tenderness of a joint or muscle area
What are the two etiologies of Parkinson's Disease?
idiopathic & secondary
Ipratropium bromide is only given as inhaled aerosol and has few side effects, even when swallowed because is ___ absorbed from ___ and does not cross _____ b/c it is a _____ amine = poor diffusion across membranes
poorly GIblood brain barrierquaternary
When would you use a cathartic?
1.certain oral poisonings. 2.emptying the colon prior to x-ray or surgery. 3.remove fecal impactions. 4.certain cases of equine colic. 5.used with certain anthelmintics
MAOi has serotonin syndrome with what drugs?
1. meperidine
2. SSRIs
Regular Insulin
The only type of Insulin that can be given intravenously!
How do you treat salicylate ingestions?
what do you anticipate?
activated charcoal 1 gm/kg if within one hour and no change MS
consider whole bowel irrigation: for enteric coated preps
ICU: for severe toxicity
first liter NSS, thereafter give D5 solution
alkalinize the urine
Hemodialysis for cases not responsive to fluid, AC and urinary alkalinization
What do you use locally acting antiemetic used for?
Vomiting caused by gastric irritation. It goes to the stomach to quiet it down.
What are the 3 classes of drugs used to treat high cholesterol
bile acid resins


When treating Parkinson's Disease, the drug Levodopa is nearly always combined with carbidopa because the combination "boosts" the effectiveness of Levodopa. Why?
carbidopa has no therapeutic effects of its own because it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, however when combined it inhibits the breakdown of levodopa in the intestine and peripheral tissue, which allows the levadopa to reach the CNS. Without combin
The usual adult dose of benadryl is 50mg. What would be a safe dose for a child weighing 27lbs?
27lbs/150lbs x 50mg = 9.0mg
what does a muscarnic antagonist do?
inhibit the ciliary body and the pupilae constrictor - raises IOP
What are 3 compounds activated by the rumen?
Cyanide is released from cyanogenic glucosidesNitrate to nitrite (methemogobinemia, vasodilation)Tryptophan to 3-methylindole (acute pulm edema, emphysema)
what drug is used a vasodilator and anti-platelet?
Dipryridamole - also given in stress test.
42. A client in your unit has a gunshot wound. His family is very concerned about him and questions why the dobutamine (Dobutrex) is being used. Your best reply is:
a. “We want to slow down Mr. G.’s heart rate and increase his blood pressure, and this drug will do that.”
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