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Terms Definitions
Which cool, acrid exterior-releasing herb is strongest at reducing a fever?
Chai Hu
What is He Ye's strength?
Relieves diarrhea
Which heat-clearing herb relieves accumulated heat in the LV channel and moistens the LI?
Jue Ming Zi
Name the Eight Methods
Sweating, Vomiting, Purging, Harmonizing, Warming, Clearing, Tonifying, Reducing/Regulating
Huo Ma Ren does what?
Mildly tonifies yin
What does Tian Zhu Huang treat?
Childhood convulsions
What is the property of Zi Wan?
To which zone does Gui Zhi go?
Tai Yang
Which channels does Shi Gao enter?
LU and ST
Which condition does Huang Lian treat in the Lower Warmer?
Dysenteric Disorder
What is Lao Lin?
Taxation Stranguary: dribbling or painful urine triggered by fatigue
What is the property of Qin Jiao?
Slightly Cold
What is the property of Bai Dou Kou?
Which member of the Trichosanthes family is best for Phlegm-Heat with LU/ST fluid dryness?
Tian Hua Fen
Which 2 channels does Bai Zhi enter?
LU and ST
Xi Xin warms the lungs and transforms what kind of phlegm?
Copious, watery
Which herb is strongest for clearing heat at the Qi level?
Shi Gao
What kind of heat does Long Dan Cao treat?
What is Xi Gua's strength?
Relieves thirst and scanty urine
Which herb, used to clear Wind-Damp heat from the channels, is the stem from the same plant as Jin Yin Hua?
Ren Dong Teng
What is the English name for Guang Fang Ji?
Aristolochia Root
With what medicinal is Du Huo combined to open up the GV?
Qiang Huo
With what is Wei Ling Xian combined for the lower body?
Niu Xi
Which channels does Ting Li Zi enter?
LU and BL
What does Bai Qian do?
Treats LU-Qi blockage/stagnation with copious sputum
What is Cang Zhu combined with to treat Damp-Heat in the LW?
Huang Bai
Which 4 channels does Sheng Ma enter?
Is Ma Huang or Gui Zhi best for opening the lungs?
Ma Huang
Mu Dan Pi is combined with which herb for night/afternoon fevers?
Sheng Di
In what area of the body does Ma Bo especially relieve fire toxins
With what is Jin Yin Hua combined to treat fire toxins?
Lian Qiao
Name 2 local treatments that are used in conjunction with medicinals that treat Wind-Damp Cold Bi.
Acupuncture and massage
List 2 functions of Du Huo.
Dispels Wind-Dampness, especially in the lower back and leg, releases exterior Wind-Cold damp
What is Steaming Bone Disorder?
Severe Yin Deficiency with Empty Heat
What is the difference between Phlegm-Heat and dry Phlegm?
Dry Phlegm involves yin deficiency
What is the english name of Zi Su ZI?
Perilla seed
With what is Qian Hu combined to treat cough due to a disturbance in the normal descending function of the LU?
Bai Qian
What do Sang Bai Pi and Ting Li Zi treat?
Which herb is Di Gu Pi combined with for afternoon fever?
Yin Chai Hu
What is Mutual Accentuation?
Both herbs are in the same category and perform the same function
Ju Hua and Mu Zei are both used to clear the vision. Which is used for superficial obstruction?
Mu Zei
Name the three main symptoms that Bai Jiang Cao treats.
Intestinal abscess, internal heat-induced blood stasis in the chest or abdomen, fire toxins on the skin
Jin Sha Teng and the spores of Hai Jin Sha are used to treat what?
Kidney stones
List 2 functions of Han Fang Ji.
Treats Wind-Damp Bi, promotes urination for edema in the lower parts of the body
What is the main actionof Hai Feng Teng?
Dispels Wind-Cold Damp Bi
Of Kun Bu and Hai Zao, which one is bitter and clears heat?
Hai Zao
With what is Xing Ren combined for dry cough?
Mai Men Dong
What do Bai Bu (warm, but treats yin deficiency) and Zi Wan (warm) treat?
Internal, chronic cough
Where is Jing Jie used to stop bleeding?
In the stool and uterus
What is the action associated with the Spicy/Acrid/Pungent taste?
Disperse the Exterior and Move
Lian Xin enters the HT and PC to treat what?
Confusion and delerium
What disorders is Ya Dan Zi important in treating?
Chronic cold stagnation dysenteric disorders that wax and wane with alternating hard and soft stools, especially with protozoan involvement
In what 2 areas of the body does Tu Niu Xi clear heat and relieve fire toxins?
Throat and skin
Fan Xie Ye drains downward and guides out stagnation for what condition?
Heat accumulation in the intestines
How is Qian Nian Jian used?
Internally, and externally as a wash or soak
What is the function of Zhu Ling?
Promotes urination (drains Damp) for problems caused by damp stagnation
Of Chuan Bei Mu and Zhe Bei Mu, which is best for LU-Heat and Wind-Heat conditions?
Zhe Bei Mu
Name the 4 Imperial Pharmacy Guidelines for treating phlegm.
1) Eliminate phlegm depending on its nature 2) Regulate qi 3) Transform dampness 4) Harmonize
What does Pi Pa Ye do?
Descends LU-Qi and harmonizes ST to direct ST-Qi downward when there is heat
What do Sang Bai Pi(cold) and Pi Pa Ye (cool) treat?
Heat induced cough
Zhi Mu treats KD symptoms such as what?
Night sweats, spermatorhea and high sex drive
Name 2 herbs that cool the blood and nourish yin.
Sheng Di and Xuan Shen
What will cooking Da Huang more than 10 minutes do?
Reduce its effect as a purgative
List 3 functions of Tu Fu Ling. What is the temperature associated with Tu Fu Ling?
1)Relieves toxicity 2)Eliminates dampness and turbidity:painful urination, jaundice, Bi
3)Eliminates Damp-Heat skin lesions.
It is neutral
Name 3 functions of Yu Mi Xu.
Drains Damp-Heat for stony Lin or edema, treats Yin or Yang jaundice, treats Wasting and Thirsting Disorder
In what 2 ways is Sang Zhi used?
Dispels Wind Dampness, especially in the upper extremeties, used for edema with swollen painful fingers
For what condition is Yin Chen Hao the principal medicinal?
Jaundice (either Damp-Heat or Damp-Cold)
Name 2 other functions of Hua Shi.
1) topically- it absorbs dampness for damp heat rashes and sores
2)Clears summerheat with fever, thirst, irritability
Xing Ren is moist in nature and is therefore used to do what?
Treat dry cough, moisten LI
What is the unique application of Cao Guo?
Treats Shaoyang disorders such as malaria when presenting with Damp-Cold or turbid dampness
Qing Xiang Zi can dialate the pupils and should not be used in cases of what?
LV or KD yin deficiency and glaucoma
Sheng Jiang and Gui Zhi are used to "Adjust the Ying and Wei" for patients with exterior deficiency who exhibit which symptom?
Sweat without improvement in the condition
Name "San Huang", a.k.a. "The Three Yellows"
Huang Bai, Huang Qin, Da Huang, Huang Lian
What is Ba Dou said to do?
"Chop through the gate and force open the door"
Name the 5 functions of Yi Yi Ren.
Strengthens the SP; leaches out damp for edema and urinary difficulty; discharges pus from LU and LI; clears Damp-Heat; expels Wind-Damp Bi
List the 3 medicinals that primarily drain Dampness and secondarily expel Wind Dampness
Yi Yi Ren, Mu Tong, and Bei Xie
When combined with Xi Xin, what does Zao Jiao do?
Acts as nasal insufflation for sudden loss of conciousness
What are 3 main actions of Hou Po?
1) Moves Qi, 2) Transforms dampness, espeically for abdominal fullness and distention 3) Treats vomiting and diarrhea
Bai Xian Pi clears heat and relieves toxicity, and dries dampness in skin sores characterized by what?
A lot of pus or leaking yellow fluid
What are the 5 main actions of Cang Zhu?
1) Strengthens the SP when dampness obstructs MW 2) Treats Wind-Damp Bi 3) Clears damp-Heat in the LW 4) Releases exterior Wind-Damp cold 5) Improves vision, especially cataracts
Which parts of which channel does Long Dan Cao treat?
It treats the entire length of the GB channel: Upper, Middle, and Lower
List the 6 medicinals that treat Leg Qi.
Mu Tong, Mu Gua, Chi Xiao Dou, Guang Fang Ji, Han Fang Ji, Wu Jia Pi
What is the property of Xing Ren and what kinds of presentations does it treat?
Slightly warm -- treats either hot or cold depending on what it's combined with
Which 4 herbs are known for clearing heat from the LV to clear the vision?
Jue Ming Zi, Gu Jing Cao, Mi Meng Hua, and Qing Xiang Zi
With which 5 medicinals is Pu Gong Ying combined to treat eye disorders?
Ju Ming Zi, Xia Ku Cao, Qing Xiang Zi, Mi Meng Hua, Mu Zei
What is Ge Jie made from?
She Xiang is also known as?
Shi Chang Pu is also known as?
What is the common English name for Yin Yang Huo?
Ling Yang Jiao is also known as?
Antelope Horn
What is the English name for Liu Huang?
Ma Huang Gen is also known as?
Ephedra Root
What is the temperature of Rou Dou Kou?
What is the dosage of Rou Cong Rong?
9-21 g
What is the English name for Bei Sha Shen?
What is the English name of Yu Zhu?
Polygonatum Officinallis
What is the English name for He Huan Pi?
What is the english name for Nu Zhen Zi?
What is the English name for Han Lian Cao?
What is the common english name for Ba Ji Tian?
Su He Xiang is also known as?
Purified Balsam/ Styrax
What is teh English name for Shan Ci Gu treats what?
What organs does Shi Hu have an affinity for?
K and ST
Which organs do Yin tonics benefit?
Lu, ST, LV, KD, HT
What organs does Zhen Za have an affinity for?
Ht and LV
Which of the calm the shen herbs moves blood?
Hu Po
What are the temperature and tastes of Shi Jue Ming?
Salty and cold
What is the english name for Wu Wei Zi?
Schisandra fruit
What are the tastes of most Aromatic medicinals?
Acrid and Aromatic
What is the English name for Di Long?
Lumbricus, the Earthworm
What are the English names for Jiang Can?
Bombyx or Silkworm
What organs does Jiang Can have an affinity for?
LU and LV
What are the temperature and tastes of Guan Zhong?
Bitter and Cold
What are the temperture and tastes of Liu Huang?
Sour, Hot, Toxic
What organs does Bing Lang have an affinity for?
LI and ST
What is the English name for Quan Xie?
Buthus or Scorpion
What organs does Ye Jiao Teng have an affinity for?
HT and LV
Ge Jie has an affinity for what 2 organs?
LU and KD
What is the translation of Gu Sui Bu?
mender of shattered bones
What are the tastes and temperature of Zhu Sha?
Sweet, Cool and Toxic
What organs does Tu Si Zi have an affinity for?
LV and KD
What are the tastes and temperature of Nu Zhen Zi?
Bitter, Sweet and Neutral
To stop bleeding which of the Lu Rong products would you use?
Lu Jiao Jiao
What is the taste and temperature of Ba Ji Tian?
Acrid, sweet and Warm
Tian Men Dong + Huo Ma Ren and Dang Gui treats what?
Dry intestines
What are the actions of Chang Shan?
1)Check malarial conditions: special for this parasite 2) Induces vomiting to Expel Phlegm collecting in chest
What are the tastes and temperatures of Fu Pen Zi?
Sweet, Astringent, and Slightly Warm
What are the temperature and tastes of Jiang Can?
Acrid, Salty and Neutral
What are the Tastes and Temperature of Shi Chang Pu?
Acrid, Warm and Aromatic
What are the symptoms associated with Heat Entering the PC treated by She Xiang?
Convulsions, delusions, stupor and fainting
What are the temperature and tastes of Xi Yang Shen?
Sweet, slightly bitter and cold
What are the tastes and temperature of Yuan Zhi?
Bitter, Acrid and Slightly Warm
What the affects of Ci Shi?
1) anchors and calms spirit 2) nourishes KD, augments Liver & improves hearing and vision 3) aids KD in grasping Qi
What organs does Nuo Dao Gen Xu have an affinity for?
KD, LV and LU
What effects does He Zi have?
1) Stop diarrhea 2) Contains leakage or Lung and stops cough
What is the English name for Suan Zao Ren?
Zizyphus or Sour Jujube Seed
What are the affects of Rou Cong Rong?
1) Tonifies Yang for incontinence, spermatorhea + cold LBP 2)Warms the womb for infertility 3)moistens the LI for dry intestines.
What is the taste and temp of Du Zhong?
Sweet, Slightly acrid and warm
What are the affects of Hu Po?
1) Arrest tremors + Palpitations with ecessive dreams 2) Moves Blood for masses in abdo 3)Promotes Urination and moves blood for Lin 4) Promotes healing of sores and ulcers
Mai Men Dong + Huo Ma Ren + Dang Gui treats what?
moistens the intestines
What action does Shan Ci Gu have?
Clear Heat, Relieve Toxic Sores and Dissipates Nodules
What are the effects of Qian Shi?
1) Stop Diarrhea 2) Retain Essence: nocturnal emmissions, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, urinary frequency 3) Expels Dampness: vaginal discharge from Def or Damp Heat
Jiang Can + Chan Tui + Fang Feng treats what?
Expels Wind + Stops itching
What are the effects of She Xiang?
1)Intensely open the orifices to treat disorders that impair consciousness esp Heat entering the PC and Closed disorders 3) Moves the Blood to dissipate clumps, reduce swelling in toxic sores 3) facilitates downward passage of placenta or dead fetus
What are the effects of Fu Pen Zi?
1)Stabilize the KD for urinary frequency 2) Bind the Essence for spermatorrhea or impotence 3) Assists Yang for LBP and Impotence 4) Improve Vision
What substances do stabilizing and binding herbs treat?
1) sweating 2) diarrhea 3) bleeding 4) uro-genital: urine, vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding
Mu Li + Ci 'Shi Zhi treats what?
prevents leakage of fluids esp for uterine bleeding
Mai Men Dong + Suan Zao Ren + Sheng Di Huang treats what?
Clears heat and irritability
What are the affects of Lu Rong?
1) Fortifies the KD Yang (for Yang def) 2) Tonifies Du and augments Jing + Blood for dev. problems 3) Warms the Yang and Regulates Chong + Ren and Stabilizes Dai for gyn prob. 4) tonifies + nourishes Qi + Blood for chronic ulcers
What are the roles of Shan Zhu Yu?
1) Stabilizes KD and Secures Essence 2) STops Excessive Sweating and Supports the Collapsed 3) Tonifies and Augments LV and KD (herb both tonifies essence and assists yang) 4) Stabilizes Menses and Stops Bleeding
Shan Zhu Yu + Huang Qi + Dang Shen treats what?
Excess sweating from Qi Deficiency
What organs does Lian Zi have an affinity for?
HT, KD and SP (Neph heart spleeny)
What organs does Rou Dou Kou have an affinity for?
LI, SP, and ST (Large Earth)
What are the effects of Chun Pi?
1) Clear Heat and Dry Dampness for chronic diarrhea 2) Kills parasites: roundworms ext for ringworm
Which 2 Yang tonics go to KD and SP?
Bu Gu Zhi and Yi Zhi Ren
Xi Yang Shen + Shi Gao and Zhi Mu treats what?
Benefits Qi, generates fluids and nourishes yin associated with febrile disease
What are the roles of Ge Jie?
1) Help KD grasp the Lu Qi 2)assists KD Yang and augments Jing to tx diarrhea, impotence and freq. urination
What are the actions of She Chuang Zi?
1)Dry dampness + stop itching esp in genitals 2)Warm KD to forifity Yang 3)disperses Wind Damp Cold for LBP 4)Disperses Cold + dries dampness for vaginal discharge
What are the effects of Wu Bei Zi?
1)Contain Leakage of LU Qi and Stop Cough 2)Bind the LI to stop diarrhea and restrain prolapse 3)Preserve and restrain: nocturnal emmissions, spermatorrhea, excessive sweating, bleeding 3)absorbs moisture and reduces swellings for Fire toxins, topically
Tian Ma + Quan Xie + Ru Xiang treats what?
Treats pain due to blood stasis
Shi Chang Pu + Yuan Zhi + Fu Ling treats what?
Open the orifices, vaporizes Phlegm adn Quiet the spirit for Phlegm Veiling/blocking the sensory orifices esp for deafness
What are the effects of Fu Xiao Mai?
1) Stops sweating due to def 2)Nourish the HT and calm the spirit for palpitations, insomnia, irritability, emotional instability and disorientation
What are the roles of Lu Jiao Shuang?
It is useful for Blood and Jing but especially for Uterine Bleeding.
Xu Duan + Du Zhong + Bei Xie treats what?
Strengthen sinews and bones for stiff joints, weak legs, low back or knee pain
How do many of the herbs that calm the heart do so?
By means of their weight and density
Gui Ban + Sheng Di Huang, Huang Bai and Zhi Mu treats what?
Nourishes Yin and Anchors Yang esp for nightsweats and Steaming Bone Disorder
Mu Li + Gui Ban + Bie Jia treats what?
anchors Yang and benefits Yin for internal wind, insomnia, HA, dizziness, irritability
Wu Wei Zi + Sang Piao Xiao + Long Gu treats what?
Binds essence to stop nocturnal emmisions
Shan Zhu Yu + Hai Piao Xiao + Qian Cao Gen + Zong Lu Tan treats what?
Stabilize the menses and stop bleeding
Shi Chang Pu + Yu Jin + Ban Xia treats what?
Open the orifices, vaporizes Phlegm adn Quiet the spirit for Phlegm Veiling/blocking the sensory orifices esp for dizziness, dulled sensorium
Yin Yang Huo + Xian Mao + Huang Bai + Zhi Mu treats what?
Harnesses Ascending LV yang with KD yin def.
What are the affects of Dai Zhe Shi?
1) Calm the LV and Asc LV Yang 2) Strongly directs rebellious Qi downward for LU and ST 3) Cools the Blood and Stop bleeding due to Heat in the Blood
Mu Li + Huang Qi + Fu Xiao Mai treats what?
prevents leakage of fluids like sweat, nocturnal emmisions, vaginal discharge,
What are the affects of Tian Men Dong?
1) To nourish KD Yin and clear Lu Heat for def heat 2)Generates fluids for LU, low grade fever and dry intestines
Shan Zhu Yu + Shu Di Huang + Shan Yao treats what?
Augments LV and KD, tonifies the Essence adn assists the Yang specifically dizziness, tinnitus and LBP
She Chuang Zi + Ku Shen + Bai Bu treats what?
Dry dampness + stops itching esp in genitals
Yin Yang Huo + Gou Qi Zi + Sha Yuan Ji Li + Wu Wei Zi treats what?
Fortifies KD Yang for forgetfulness + withdrawal, impotence+ frequent urination
Tu Si Zi + Shan Yao + Fu Ling + Dang Shen treats what?
Benefits SP and KD and stops diarrhea
Tian Ma + Tian Nan Xing + Bai Fu Zi treats what?
Calm the LV, extinguish Wind + stop pain due to Cold/Phlegm
Sang Ji Sheng + Xu Duan + Tu Si Zi + Huang Qi + Bai Zhu treats what?
Nourishes the blood and calms the womb for restless fetus
Bai Ji Li + Gou Teng + Niu Xi treats what?
Calm the LV and anchor the Yang for H/A and vertigo
Gou Teng + Ju Hua + Sang Ye + Shi Jue Ming treats what?
Drains LV Heat to Pacify LV Yang for HA, irritability, red eyes, dizziness and hypertension
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