phlebotomy essentials edition 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
easily melted
special handling?
light protection
hand held PC
Laboratory information system
intracelluar fluid
fluid within cells
scientific study of toxins(poisons)
needle sheath
cap or cover
arterial blood gases
venous blood varies relative to metabolic needs
arterial blood consistent through out body
disorder characterized by insufficent levels of thyroid hormaines
can be inherited or noninherited
coumadin is monitored by?
PT testing
decreased and increased blood potassium
memory aiding code or abbreviation
Allen Test
test before radial puncture
positive- okay to puncture
neg-no puncture
CBG (capillary blood gas)
small metal filings
drug screening
random screening (without prior notice)
concentric circles
circles with a common center
test that need to be chilled
free fatty acids
lactic acid
pH/blood gas (if indicated)
heel bone
(small or premature infants 2.0 mm below skin surface)
terestital fluid
fluid in tissue spaces between cells
accuracy of the results depend on technique in what test
anchor the vein
secure firmly (helps prevent rolling)
examples of rejection criteria
labeling wrong/missing
QNS (additive tubes)
wrong tube
outdated tube
improper mixing
contaminated specimen
wrong collection time
exposure to light
delay in testing
delay/error in processing
ABGs measured
pH, PO2, PCO2, HCO, O2 saturation, Base excess/deficit
(see chart pp454for description and ranges)
selection of a lancet?
age of PT
collection site
volume required
puncture depth needed to collect adequate specimen without injury to bone
collection sites for blood droplets?
fingers(adults) and heels (infants)
detection of occult blood in stool is done by what test?
Drug screening
NIDA(national institute on drug abuse) collection requirements?
explain test purpose and procedure
advise of rights
obtain witnessed signed consent form
special area
labeled propely (establish chain of custody
sealed and placed in a clocked container
documentation carefully maintained
Identify yourself?
state your nam, title, why there
tell pt your a student
PT has the right to refuse to have blood draw by student or anyone else
collateral circulation
the site is supplied from more than one artery(circulation maintained if damaged or obstructed)
what is falsly elevated if there is tissue fluid contamination or hemolysis
potassium values
microhematocrit fill procedures
hold vertical above drop or horizonal beside drop(will auto fill, may have to have to lower opposite endand bring back into position,while maintain contact with drop)
DO NOT remove from drop or cintinually hold or tip below the site(rusult in air spaces)
plug opposite or dry end with clay or sealant when full
blood cultures help determine?
presence and extent of infection..type of organism..antibiotic most susceptible..effectiveness of treatment
therapeutic phlebotomy involves?
used to treat?
withdrawl of large quanities of blood(unit, 500mL)
polycythemia(overproduction of RBCs)
hemochromatosis(excess iron deposits in tissues)
most prominent veins in H pattern?
median cubital, cephalic, basilic
tests that need to be transported at body temp
cold agglutinin
drops of blood obtained by?
puncturing/ incision with lancet or other sharp devise
bilirubin can cross the blood-brian barrier in infants causing
accumulation to toxic levels
brain damage
ACT test analyzes activity of
coagulation factors (used to monitor heparin therapy
skin antisepsis for blood culture
destruction of microorganisms on the skin
10% povidone or
1-2% tincture of iodine or
benzalkonium Chloride (special cleaning pads)infants 2 mos and older and PTs idione sensitive
chloroprep(dry for 5 min)
chlorhexidine gluconate/isopropyl alcohol preparations (one step application effective with a 30 second scrub)
objects in PTs mouth
do not allow anything in PTs mouth
(eat, drink, chew, thermometer, toothpick, other foreign objects)
serum for most test should be removed from cells within (time frame?)
120 min
CLSI guidelines
blood film or smear
drop of blood spread thin on a microscope slide (stained)
usually made from EDTA tube in the lab
what test cannot be performed by skin puncture?
erythrocyte ded rates
coagulation studies
blood cultures
any test that requre large vol of blood
compatibility during crossmatch
Done on what blood parts?
if incompatible what happens?
sutability to be mixed
plasma or serum (patient)
can be fatal(because of aggulation and lysis of RBCs
do not select veins that feel?
hard or cordlike
roll easily
hard to penetrate
no adequate blood flow
PCO2 partial pressure of carbon dioxide is a measure of
pressure exerted by dissolved co2 in blood plasma, proportional to PCO2 in aveoli
(indicator of how well air is exchanged between blood and lungs)
increase is hypoventilation
decrease is hyperventilation
microhematocrit can be placed in?? for labeling
non additive tube or appropate size aliquot tube
for a drug to be benefical the TDM, peak (max) levels must not? and the trough (min) levels must?
exceed toxic levels
remain within therapeutic range
where do you find signs containing info concerning PT
wall beside or behind PT's head
on door
emergency room PT, no ID
what to do?
special 3 part ID
all 3 contain same number
1. attach to PT
2. attach to specimen
3. attach to blood unit (if needed for transfusion)
/ 50

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