Physics - P2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Alpha particle
symbol for period
volume of a sphere
having unpaired valence electrons
Surface force caused by irregularities, atoms scraping or impeding movement.Friction force goes in opposing direction of motion.NOT affected by speed or area of contact.
Electromagnetic waves are
transverse waves
Electromagnetic waves are
Chapter 27 Light
The unit of electrical current
(using Resistivity)
R = row * (L/A)
Chemical Property
Describes how a substance reacts
Sound waves cannot travel in
a vacuum
Sound waves cannot travel in
Chapter 26 Sound Waves
A positive charge _____ electrical potential energy when it is moved in a direction opposite the electric field.
rapidity of motion or operation; swiftness; speed:
Centripetal Acceleration
The acceleration of an object traveling in a circle with a constant speed, equal in magnitude to the velocity squared divided by the radius of the circle traversed. The direction of the acceleration always point toward the center of the circle
a standard quantity with which other similar quantities can be compared
Kinetic Energy 
energy stored in a moving object
KE=1/2 mv^2 
= total amount of work put into accelerating it
= total amount of work it can do coming to a stop
What is the mnemonic for lateral resolution?

You push your 2 kg physics book along a tabletop, pushing it with 10 
newtons of force. If the book is greased so that friction is negligible,
 the book's acceleration is 

Compression ___ the number of shades of gray in an image?
electromagnetic field
the coupled electric and magnetic fields that are generated by time-varying currents and accelerated charges.
A solids inability to return back to its original shape hen subject to an deforming force example wood
the combination of image points in a plane mirror from which the reflected object seems to originate
– used rotating saw toothed wheel to get a more precise measurement.11-2 Light can be a wave.
oval shape, which may be elongated or nearly circular
Period and frequency are _________ related to each other.
*as frequency increases, period decreases
*as frequency decreases, period increases
-also they are reciprocals of each other
period x frequency = 1
real image
An image produced where light rays converge, as with a concave mirror or convex lends; a real image is real, enlarged, upside-down, and can be projected onto a screenp559
A known technique with an extremity cassette of 100 RS is 70 kVp at 5 mAs. If you replaced this cassette with a 500-speed cassette, your new mAs would be:
1 mAs
power of a steady direct current, or the electric energy expanded per second, product of the current and voltage
a natural body that revolves around a planet; a moon.
Alpha Virgo equals
Spica " spigha" "wheat" ; Virgo; Maiden in Wheat field - M.S. type B
(section 4)
the product of an object's mass and velocity
focal length
the distance between the center of the lens and either focal point.
Conventional Current
A flow of positive charges that move from higher potential to lower potential
penumbra –
A partial shadow, as in an eclipse, between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination
A heavy object and a light object are released from rest at the same height adn time in a vacuum. As they fall, they have equal:
What is entonox?
A 50:50 mixture of O2 and N2O
Current Reasearch Laser Television
Cheap, Power efficient, no degredation in picture. Drawbacks include laser risks.
Mizar A, B
is the first true binary discovered by Riccioli
What causes resonance?
-frequency of a forced vibration on an object matches objects natural frequency
simple harmonic motion
sinusoidal motion such as that of a mass bouncing on the end of an ideal linear spring, or that of a natural mode
Kelvins = 273 + temp in Celcius
conversion formula to kelvins
Instantaneous Velocity
How fast a particle is moving at a given instant
planetary nebula
a nebula that was once thought to be a star with its planets but is now thought to be a very hot star surrounded by an expanding envelope of ionized gases that emit a fluorescent glow because of intense radiation from the star
If the beaters on a Mixmaster make 890 revolutions in 3 minutes, what is the average rotational speed of the beaters? Express your answer in both revolutions per minute and revolutions per second.
296.6 rev/min4.94 rev/s
Which has the greater angular speed, a horse near the outside rail of a merry-go-round or a horse near the inside rail
Neither-they both have the same angular speed
Which has the greater angular speed, a horse near the outside rail of a merry-go-round or a horse near the inside rail
Chapter 9 Circular Motion
every magnet has two poles one at each end labeled north and magnetic poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other.what is this called
laws of magnetism
How many types of friction are there and what are they?
2 - Static and Kinetic.
grid surface x ray absorption
% x-ray absorbed = width of grid strip/ width of grid strip + width of interspace x 100
When we say an appliance uses up electricity, we really are saying that
Electron kinetic energy is changed into heat and other forms of energy.
What does latent heat refer to?
Latent heat is "hidden" heat that does not cause a temperature change during a state conversion
If an object in neutral equilibrium, any displacement will
neither raise nor lower its center of gravity
If an object in neutral equilibrium, any displacement will
Chapter 10 Center of Gravity
Suppose an object is in free fall. Each second the object falls
a larger distance than in the second before
Suppose an object is in free fall. Each second the object falls
Chapter 2 Linear Motion
a graph can be used as a _____-- to make _________ based on the relationship between x and y variables.
a graph can be used as a model to make predictions based on the relationship between x and y variables.
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