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Terms Definitions
agitate fluids
Wave Pulse
One disturbance.
doubling equation
%/changer per year
Symbol: a SI Unit: m/s/s
a tiny, negatively charged, high-energy particle that moves in the space outside the nucleus of an atom
Generations of large airways (conducting zones):
Frequency of a pendulum
ω = sqrt(g/L)
an educated guess; a reasonable explanation of an observation or experimental result that is fully sccepted as a factual unit tested over again by experiment.
the metric unit for measuring heat
What is another name for amplification?
this will remain constant everywhere in the universe
jovian planets
jupiter-like planet with a large diameter and a low density
Oil: Scale of Consumption
US & World-446 quads
What does ultraviolet cause?
skin cancer, cataracts, etc.
Centripetal Acceleration
the acceleration directed toward the center of a circular path
measures an object tendency to remain at rest or keep movin with constant velovity
The only test that requires the physicist to open the generator to get an accurate measurement, is for the ____.
there is a direct relationship between he quantity of x rays and the ____
elements are linked together utilizing the valence electrons
chemical bonds
the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element; the number of protons determines the identity of the element
Astronomical Unit
the measurement equal to the mean distance from the sun to the earth
Conservation force
force for which works depends on starting and ending points of motion
What is the source of all wave motion?
Charging by induction
Redistribution of electric charges in and on objects caused by the electrical influence of a charged object close by but not in contact.
Unblanced Forces
Forces that act in opsete dirctions that are equal strength
Noise-canceling earphones are an example of
destructive interference
Noise-canceling earphones are an example of
Chapter 26 Sound Waves
A method of reducing grating lobes by exciting elements closer to the center of the beam with higher voltages is called what?
1 atm = ? Pascals
1.013 x 10^5 Pascals
when an electron drops from outer shell to an inner shell in an atom with three or more energy levels
cascade effect
the force that acts between bodies of like electric charge or magnetic polarity, tending to separate them
pascals principle
pressure applied to a fluid in a closed container is transmitted equally to every part of the fluid and the walls of the container.
buoyant force
upward force on an object immersed in a liquid
Compared to its weight on earth, the MASS of a 10 kg object on the moon will be
the same
key point of Charles' Law
increase temperature - increase volume
decrease temperature - decrease volume
A small economy car (low mass) and a limousine (high mass) are pushed from rest across a parking lot, equal distances with equal forces. he car that receives the greater impulse is the
A small economy car (low mass) and a limousine (high mass) are pushed from rest across a parking lot, equal distances with equal forces. he car that receives the greater impulse is the
Chapter 7 Momentum
Does axial resolution improve with more or less ringing? High or low frequency?
Less ringing, high frequency
what is connected to the plates of parallel plate capacitor to deliver and recieve current
wiring (conductor)
influence on a body or system that can produce effects such as change in movement or shape
equilbrium(section 5)
a state in which opposing forces in a system are equally balanced or stable
What are carrier waves?
The waves we use to carry signals.
The greater the mass..
the greater the body's resistence to change
What is distance? Units?
Measure of particle motion. mm, cm, km, etc.
What is mechanics?
A branch of physics that is concerned with state of rest or motion of bodies subjected to action of forces.
Pressure of the sound beam
The output of the hydrophone indicates the:
A mass of protons has what two types of fields around them?
gravity and electric
The Doppler Effect
Change of frequency of a wave as a result of the movement of the source or the movement of the observer.
electric charge equation
q = n(±e)
n = a whole number (# of e⁻)
q = electric charge
e = elementary charge constant

You would be richest if your hunk of gold had a mass of one 

Actually it wouldn't make any difference.
What is a BOW WAVE?
When the crests overlap at the edges and the pattern made by the overlapping crests forms a V-Shape.
Which is an example of refraction?
D. A fish appears closer to the surface of the water than it really is when observed from a riverbank.
How is electricity generated (The dynamo effect)?
When a magnet inside a coil of wire moves into a magnetic field.
Elements which can be made into strong magnets are
iron, nickel, cobalt farromagnetic
Why can a bird perch harmlessly on bare high voltage wire?
all parts of there body is the same potential as the wire
Angular Kinematics
destructiv pathology
atrophy,bowel obstruction,cancer,osteoporosis,pneumothorax
the flow of energy
Symbol: t SI Unit: sec
manipulated variable
independent variable; purposely changed
Magnetic Force
F=qvBsen(z) orF=ILBsen(z) ;I=current; B=magnetic field; L=length
Energy of a photon
E = hf
material that electrical charges flow through easily
particles in the nucleus
protons and neutrons
Narrow image sector= ___ temporal resolution?
X-ray photon that disrupts the electron shell, falling upon, or striking.
sun directly over equator, day and night of equal length
What is the speed of light?
299,792.458 m/s
When something falls it accelerates. The acceleration is called the acceleration due to gravity and is symbolized by "g" and it is...
9.8 m/s
Which substances are written to the left of the arrow in a chemical equation?
list two geometric factors that affect radiograpic quality
what are the three states of matter
Light is an example of a ______ wave
Isolated system
group of objects which the net external force (external action) is equal to zero
4 characteristics of converging lens:
all of the above
Electric Potential
The electric potential energy per unit of charge, measured in volts, and often called voltage.
If heat is added to a chemical reaction, the reaction must be______.
The amplitude of a wave is the vertical distance from the midpoint to either the crest or the trough of the wave.
The amplitude of a wave is the vertical distance from the midpoint to either the crest or the trough of the wave.
Chapter 25 Vibrations and Waves
What is a doppler artifact that appears as a "mirror image"?
Cross talk
What percentage of heat loss from a patient in an operating room is due to latent heat of vaporization?
elements with similar chemical and electrical properties form the vertical columns and are called what
groups or families
a particle having the same mass and spin as an electron but having a positive charge equal in magnitude to that of the electron's negative charge
Electric Dipole
The result of having two charges of opposite sign and equal magnitude separated by a short distance d
vector resolution
process of breaking a vector into its components
kepler's first law
all planets move in elliptical orbits, with the sun at one focus of the ellipse
molasses in January
high viscosity because cold makes the molasses thicker, so it flows more slowly
The existence of crystals in many solids was not discovered until ______ became a tool of research in the twentieth century.
The existence of crystals in many solids was not discovered until ______ became a tool of research in the twentieth century.
Chapter 18 Solids
What happens to venous flow in the legs during expiration?
It increases
what is a solenoid with an iron core called
tangential motion
the component of the linear motion of a star with respect to the sun, measured along a line perpendicular to its line of sight and expressed in miles or kilometers per second.
free fall(section 3)
the motion of a falling object when the only force acting on it is gravity
What are satellites used for?
To carry detectors of electromagnetic waves that can't penetrate the earth's atmosphere. They can see massive stars that explode emitting gamma rays and black holes.
Physical Definition of Sound
Disturbance in a medium that is caused by a vibrating body that sets the medium into a vibration Need: Sound source capable of vibrating and medium capable of vibrating
What are the 3 acoustic variables?
Pressure, density, distance (particle motion)
Approximately what is the speed of sound?
330 - 350 m/sec
Routine evaluation of the transducer and ultrasound system
What most accurately describes quality assurance?
The main difference between a radio wave and a sound wave is its_______________.
basic nature of the waves
Electric Potential Difference (Voltage)
The work done in bringing a unit positive test charge from one point to another in an electric field. Measured in Joules per Coulomb ( ).
Ohm's law (Ω)
V = IR
note: where R is constant as V varies
Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization
of a substance is heat needed to change 1 kg of a substance from a liquid to a gas
heat of fusion
the heat absorbed by a unit mass of a solid at its melting point that completely converts the solid to a liquid at the same temperature
Snell's law is a ratio between the sine of the angle of incidence and the sine of the angle of refraction which...
A. Remains constant for the medium
What is the immediate outcome of two opposite waves of equal magnitude when they collide?
Upon collision, the waves will cancel each other out and then propogate past each other.
what is the only type of unit the spinning top test can be used on
fully rectified single phase units only
Which of the following can be used to distinguish between light and an radio wave?
a radio wave has a smaller frequency than light
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