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Terms Definitions
to contaminate
to draw
to love
Earth's twin
Density of Mercury
die Freundin
female friend
many meteor craters
saturn moons
62 (titan)
du heißt
your name is
expose one's buttocks to
neotune surface temp
72 K
Which planets have rings?
Gas giants.
known as the "gas giant"
proof that something has happened
literally means "fire-broken". A pyroclastic rock is a volcanic rock made up of fragments of cooled magma, crystals etc that has been generated in a volcanic explosion
--volcanic explosive eruption
Eruptions are mixtures of hot steam, volcanic glass (cooled magma), crystal and rock fragments and plastic blobs of magma
Which planet (including dwarfs) has the fastest rotation?
A: Eris (8 hours)
dwarf planet, highly elliptical orbit; Moons- Charon, Nix, Hydra; thin atmosphere of N and carbon monoxide
four inner planets
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Our sun is a huge ______________
oort cloud
(astronomy) a hypothetical huge collection of comets orbiting the sun far beyond the orbit of Pluto
Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,and Neptune
what are the 4 GAS GIANTS
Cool Air
Rising currents leads to what temperature air?
63 moons; biggest and 5th from sun
Third planet from the sun. Has life.
dark blemishes on the solar surface
- Changing appearance suggested that the Sun rotates on its axis and was also (like the Moon) not perfect
What planet is missing from the following information: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, __________, Pluto
Axis is tipped on the side but magnetic field is not - Cannot easily been seen with the unaided eye - largest moons are Miranda, Ariel, & Oberon
What is the only planet with living organisms on it?
High in iron content, which makes it red. Has two moon, a thin atmosphere of C02 and nitrogen.
resulted from what schaprolie and lowell though they saw
life on mars
event during which one body passes in front of an other so that the light form the occulated body is blocked
On Mars, this force would make you weigh only 38% of your current weight.
Reverse Fault
block above fault moves up relative to block below fault
an object in space made mostly of ice and dust that revolve around the sun in a highly elliptical orbit
Jupiter is named after the god/goddess _______
Zeus, sky god
Solar nebula
spinning disk of dust and gas from which Sun and planets formed. Composed mostly of H and He
outer planets
any of the five planets with orbits outside the orbit of Mars: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
Kepler's First Law
The orbital paths of the planets are elliptical (not circular), with the sun at one focus
Asteroid Belt
This part of the solar system can be found between Mars and Jupiter. What is it?
Planetary Law 3:
The further a planet is from the sun, the longer its period of evolution.
what are three conditions needed for life to exist
they are suitable atmosphere,not to hot not to cold temperature and liquid water
How large is earth's magnetic core? (compared to it's overall radius)
the earth's core makes up about half the planet's radius
Why years vary from planet to planet
A year is the time it takes a planet to make one trip around the sun. Earth takes about 365 days. Other planets take more or less time to make one revolution around the sun.
Mercury's density
visited Mars
Sinous rills
lava channels
Is Pluto the smallest planet?
Terrestrial Plants
Planets with rocky surfaces
small, irregularly shaped bodies that form early in solar system development
Earth's Water
covers 70% of the Earth
internal heat left from formation of the planet
Convection with rotation drives weather
small rocky bodies found between Mars and Jupiter
The largest ball shaped asteroid in the asteroid belt., the largest asteroid and the first discovered, The first asteroid to be discovered (1801), named after the Roman goddess of agriculture. Ceres is thought to indicate productive areas in a natal horoscope. Dwarf Planet
Jovian planet
one of the giant, gaseous planets
Inner planets are composed mostly of ___ and are relatively ___ and they do not have ___ and orbit close to the ___
Hubble space Telescope
observed the giant outer planets
what is the Greek name for mercury?
small, rocky objects that move between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
• Young (in north), ancient and more eroded in southern highlands
• Erode like pyroclastic ("explosive") deposits on Earth (ie they may be products of explosive volcanism)
• Very low angled sides (less than 1-2 degrees)
• Apollonaris Patera in north is largest
The four outer planets are called thr
Gas giants
Uranus's axis
90 degrees from other planets, poles sometimes face sun
Impact breccias
Surface was shattered and melted by an impact. Made of many different types and sizes of pieces welded together. Many different ages within the rock.
Moons of Jupiter
•Jupiter has at least 62 known satellites, the four large Galilean moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto) and 58+ much smaller ones. It has the most satellites of any planet
•We know a lot about Jupiter's Moons from Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft in 1980's and will spend next 2 lectures looking at these moons (Voyager 1 and 2 are both still working). Voyager 1 is currently at edge of Solar System (about 9 billion miles away from Earth, 91AU) and Voyager 2 is about 7 billion miles away
a measure of the amount of material an object contains. A quantity measuring a body's inertia.
mercury, mars
small and cooled, no more tectonics or volcanism
Earth's Mantle
Layer of molten rock (magma), top 1600 F and bottom 4000 F.
Planets and Asteroids
What are two things besides the palnets that orbit the sun?
Dark Terrain: Complex Fracturing
-Fracturing has been interpreted as a precursor to break-up of the dark terrain and emplacement of the bright terrain
•Dark terrain locally displays complex multiple systems of tectonic (extensional) fracturing
How old is the sun?
scientist Believe 5 billion years old
What is a planet?
A large body of matter that moves around a star such as the sun.
What is the shape of our galaxy?
Our galaxy is in the shape of a spiral.
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