PMP Exam 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
3 Sigma
Schedule Variance. SV=EV-PV
Outputs Cost Estimating
Activity cost estimates
Activity cost estimates supporting detail
Requested changes
Cost manaement plan updates
Outputs Cost Estimating
Project Charter Outputs
Project Charter
Intergration Management Process Outputs - Direct & Manage Project Execution
Communications PlanningInformation DistributionPerformance ReportingManage Stakeholders
PRM Processes
Quality Assurance Outputs?
Outputs: Quality Improvement
Contract close-out documentation includes all of the following EXCEPT
A. Technical documentation
B. Financial documents
C. The RFP or RFB and seller's working proposal
D. Results of contract-related inspections
Answer: C
Inputs Cost Estimating
Environmental enterprise factors
Organizational process assets
Project scope statement
Work breakdown structure
WBS dictionary
Project Management Plan
- schedule management plan
- staffing management plan
- risk register
Inputs Cost Estimating
Formula for Cost Variance (CV)
'Development of a revised implementation plan with new milestone schedules. Re-baselining is required in response to changed contract requirements
Reward-Manager authority
can i issue rewards, perks
Inputs Activity duration estimating
Enterprise environmental factorsOrganizational process assetsProject scope statementActivity listActivity attributesActivity resource requirementsResource calendarProject Management planRisk registerActivity cost estmates
Scope Definition Outputs?
Outputs: (1)Work Breakdown Structure(WBS), (2)Scope Statement Updates
Requirements and specifications are always changing in the systems integration business. Therefore, the best form of contract for this environment would be
A. the form of contract required to get the best contractor
B. Fixed price
C. Cost plus
D. Overseas
Answer: C
Formal, written correspondence with the customer is required when:
A. defects are detected.
B. a customer requests additional work not covered under contract.
C. the project has a schedule slippage that includes changes to the critical path.
D. a project
198. _________ Contains detailed descriptions of work packages? a. WBS dictionaries b. Scope of work c. Budget estimates d. Cost estimates
Answer: a
The project manager's leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order:
A. Disciplinary, autocratic, participative
B. Staff planning, team train
Smoothing out resource requirements from period to period is called resource ______________.
a. Allocation
b. Partitioning
c. Leveling
d. a and b
e. None of the above
Answer: c
Potential contract changes should be
A. Postponed as long as possible to protect the budget
B. Viewed as negative, quantified, and tabulated
C. Quantified and fed back through the project planning and procurement processes
D. Reviewed by senior management
Answer: C
Primary responsibility for quality management in the project rests with the
A. project engineer.
B. purchasing agent.
C. quality manager.
D. project manager.
E. company president.
Answer: D
Normally distributed data, by definition, is distributed evenly around the ____________.
a. Normal Value
b. Mean value
c. Six sigma value
d. Standard Deviation
Answer: b
Inputs Create WBS
Organizational Process Assets
Project Scope Statement
Project Scope Management Plan
Approved change requests
Inputs Create WBS
3 Point Estimates - (Pert Estimates)
Scope Management Process Outputs - Create WBS
'Recurring Costs'
'Expenditures against specific tasks that would occur on a repetitive basis. Examples are sustaining engineering
Shewahart deming cycle
Plan-- DO-- Check -- Act
Cost Estimate
Quantitative assessments of the likely costs of the resources required to complete project activities. (may be presented in summary or detail) Must be estimated for all resources that will be charged to the project. This includes, but is not limited to: labor, materials, supplies, and special categories such as inflation allowance or cost reserve
Develop Project Management Plan Outputs
Project Management Plan
Schedule Development Inputs?
Inputs: (1)Project Network Diagrams, (2)Activity Duration Estimates, (3)Resource Requirements, (4)Resource Pool Description, (5)Calendars, (6)Constraints, (7)Assumptions, (8)Leads and Lags, (9)Risk Management Plan, (10)Activity Attributes.
What is a project management information system?
A. Computerized status tracking system
B. Manual status tracking system
C. Method to determine and archive how the project is doing
D. Method to gather, integrate, and disseminate what and how the project i
Quality control methods extend beyond the external characteristics of the product or components of the product. The types of testing of the product or components include ________.
A. operator, maintainer, and environmental
B. stress, destructive, and oper
Answer: D
Your project team identified six related projects with major dependencies on your deliverables. Some of these projects have a very similar scope and may overlap with your deliverables. In light of this, which of the following should you be MOST concerned
An expressed warranty
A. Is provided by the sales manager
B. Is a statement of the characteristics of the product
C. Covers a longer period than the implied warranty
D. Is the best guarantee to the buyer
E. Can be sold separately
Answer: B
The Program Evaluation and Review Technique method of schedule differs from the CPM because the PERT method uses
A. Weighted averages of activity durations to calculate project duration
B. "Dummy" activities to represent logic ties
C. "Free
Answer: A
Which of the following formulas provides the most accurate result for computing activity duration?
A. AD = Work quantity divided by Production Rate
B. AD = Work quantity divided by Number of Resources
C. AD = Production rate divided by Work quantity
Answer: A
The chances for successful completion of a multidisciplinary project are increased if project
team members are­
a. Focused on individual project activities
b. Politically sensitive to top management's needs
c. Problem oriented
d. Focused on customer
Answer: c
Which type of bilateral contract is used for high dollar, standard items?

A. Purchase order
B. Request for proposal (RFP)
C. Invitation for bid (IFB)
D. Request for quotation (RFQ)
E. all of them are appropriate
Internal Rate of Return

Biggest % of Biggest $ amt
Project Charter
Created during Develop Project Charter process
Created based on business needs. (Should explain why it is being done.)
Signed by senior management
Names project manager
Includes high-level project requirements
Should include high level milestone view of project schedule.
Includes summary project budget.
Includes milestone level schedule
External dependency
Dependency relying on factors outside the project. Eg. zoning approval for building, weather for rocket launch.
Discretionary dependency
Soft logic. Best practices dictate that activities are done in a certain order. Not mandatory, recommended.
Benefit measurement
analysis and comparative approach to make proper decisions
'Recovery Schedule'
'A special schedule showing special efforts to recover time lost compared to the master schedule.'
'Keeping away from. Typically used as a risk reduction strategy by adopting a Workaround.'
'Controllable Risks'
'Those risks to the project which
When is the earliest time administrative closure should be completed?A. At the end of each project phaseB. At the end of the projectC. Whenever a deliverable is completeD. Whenever a new project manager takes over a project
Theory Z
ouchi 's management to promote stable employment, high productivity, and high employee morale and satisfication
Backward Pass
The calculation of late finish and start dates for the uncompleted portions of all network activities. Determined by working backwards through the network logic from the project’s end date. The end date may be calculated by a forward pass or set by the customer or sponsor
Which phase of the project life span is likely to have the greatest amount of its funding spent?a. Initiatingb. Monitoring and Controlc. Executingd. Planninge. Closeout
Initiation Tools and Techniques?
Tools and Techniques: (1)Project Selection Methods, (2)Expert Judgement
Subcontracting may be the best option when
A. The subcontractor possesses special technical or engineering skills
B. The performing organization possesses limited capacity in an area
C. The subcontractor can augment the contractor's labor force at a lower
Answer: E
In order to achieve long-term quality improvements, management must do the following
A. Motivate the employees with seminars, contests, and institution of programs such as "Quality Improvement" day
B. Create a quality control department and give
Answer: C
The language of contracts does not preclude misunderstanding and situations that adversely affect project completion. Therefore, a contract should always have a method of removing the obstacles to progress. One method is to form a ________ committee to ad
Answer: B
The work breakdown structure is an output of what phase
a. Initiation
b. Scope planning
c. Scope definition
d. Scope verification
Answer: c
Statistical Process Control is used in quality programs to determine whether repetitive operations meet predictable standards. The process uses ________ to permit accurate monitoring of the operation.
A. 100 percent inspection and random rejection
B. acce
Answer: E
Indices can provide an indication of the status of a project. In the earned values system, there are two indices
Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI). The formula for CPI is ________.
Answer: C
In the Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM), ________ do not consume time or resources.
a. Events
b. Activities.
c. Slack Elements.
d. All of the above.
e. b and c
Answer: a
The tool or technique used for communication planning is
A. Stakeholder analysis
B. Communication skills
C. Information retrieval systems
D. Information distribution systems
E. None of the above
Answer: A
. Project contracts can be separated into two broad categories
A. how the work is to be performed; who will perform the work
B. what procedures are to be used; how the work will be performed
C. when the work is to be performed; what performance standards
Answer: D
. During the proposal and bidding phase, the owner (buyer) must assess the capability of the contractor (seller) to perform the work. For example, if the owner believes the proposed team consists of some individuals who do not have the requisite qualifica
Answer: C
The buyer has not completely defined all the requirements for the project but has enough definition to start. The type of contract that will most likely be awarded while additional requirements are being finalized is the ________ contract.
A. letter
B. co
Answer: B
. A fundamental tenet of modern quality management holds that quality is most likely to be
achieved by:
a. planning it into the project.
b. developing final inspections for quality.
c. striving to do the best job possible.
d. conducting quality circle act
Answer: a
The first step in preparing a presentation is to
A. Define the audience
B. Determine the objective
C. Decide on the general form of the presentation
D. Plan a presentation strategy
E. Assess the environment in which the presentation will be delivered
Answer: B
All of the following are communication tools EXCEPT
A. Memos
B. Videos
C. Body Language
D. Inputting data into a spreadsheet
E. Verbal circulation of a rumor
Answer: D
In the quality area, process control is becoming an important element of the manufacturing to rigorous specifications to provide a consistently uniform output. The control of a process is divided into controlling temperatures, pressures, flows, ________ ,
Answer: D
No one formula exists. BAC is derived by looking at the total budgeted cost for the project.

How much did we BUDGET for the TOTAL project effort?
project risk management
Knowledge area focused on risk planning, analysis, mentoring, and control.
Reserve Time
Contingency. A schedule buffer used to reduce schedule risk.
Project Management Plan Components
Project Scope Management Plan
Schedule Management Plan
Cost Management Plan
Quality Management Plan
Process Improvement Plan
Staffing Management Plan
Communications Management Plan
Risk Management Plan
Procurement Management Plan
Milestone List
Resource Calendar
Schedule Baseline
Cost Baseline
Quality Baseline
Risk Register
Business Case
to understand the business need for the project and determine its worth
'Hold Point'
'A defined step during processing when work must stop so that authorized inspection can be conducted and the work approved and released for further progress.'
'Earned Value Analysis'
'Analysis of project progress where the actual money budgeted and spent is compared to the value of the work achieved.'
'Both sides agree such that each wins or loses a few points.'
Which process is not included in Project Cost Management? A. Closeout B. Estimating C. Budgeting D. Control
Answer: A
Define Project Management
Supervision and control of the work required to complete the project vision.Planning organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of project goals and objectives
Quality Assurance (QA)
1) The process of evaluating overall project performance on a regular basis to provide confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards. 2) The organizational unit that is assigned responsibility for quality assurance
Schedule Control Tools and Techniques?
Tools and Techniques: (1)Schedule Change Control System, (2)Performance Measurement, (3)Additional Planning, (4)Project Management Software, (5)Variance Analysis.
The depiction in a diagram format of the inputs, process actions and outputs of one or more processes within a system

(Perform Quality Control)
. Under any type of contract, the owner (buyer) is always concerned with the cost of a project and the contractor's (seller's) expenditure rates. Although the fixed price contract transfers much of the risk to the contractor, the owner has a lot at risk i
Answer: D
The concept of warranty is based upon one party's assurance that the product or service will meet certain standards of quality, including ________.
A. function, performance, durability, and desirability
B. appearance, desirability, reliability, and mainta
Answer: D
All technical work is completed on the project. Which of the following remains to be done?
A. Project budget
B. Risk management plan
C. Staff management plan
D. Lessons learned
A contract may include a clause that imposes a penalty on the project for late delivery of the completed system. Although the contract specifies a specific monetary penalty for delays, the key(s) to the issue is/are ________.
A. whether the delays were ne
Answer: C
A project manager who wants to create a receptive atmosphere for communicating should
A. Ensure that all communication is clear and understood
B. Speak or write as he/she would like to be spoken or written to
C. Have the project team prepare a project com
Answer: B
Poor quality in a design project is likely to directly affect ________________ costs.
A. manufacturing/building
B. advertising
C. overhead
D. post-completion support
E. a and d
Answer: E
In estimating the cost of work, the best source of cost information can be obtained from the ________.
A. customer
B. historical records
C. senior engineers
D. top management
E. independent consultants
Answer: B
When data is plotted on the control charts, the data is of two types R and X-bar. The R data represent points of a ________ while the X-bar data represent points of a(n) ________.
A. random sample; cross-matrix sample
B. real sample; simulated sample
C. 1
Answer: D
Customers are the driving force in any project and determine the requirements to be met. In dealing with customers' complaints, it is important to ________.
A. avoid commitment to correction on an "out of warranty" item
B. talk to them until the
Answer: D
Which of the following is not usually included in the evaluation criteria of proposals from vendors or contractors:
a. Contract price
b. Life cycle cost & technical merit
c. Project management approach
d. Evaluation criteria may include any or all of
Answer: d
A scope change is defined as
a. Change in technical specifications
b. Modification to the agreed upon project scope as defined in the work breakdown structure
c. Change in product description
d. Change in the personnel authorization system
Answer: b
All of the following are examples of tools often used in cost estimating except:
a. parametric modeling.
b. duration estimating.
c. bottom­up estimating.
d. analogous estimating.
Answer: b
The project schedule is useful in the generation of many important documents during the life span of the project. All of the following documents may be generated by a project schedule except
A. Resource Utilization Histograms
B. Cash Flow Forecasts
Answer: C
What is Networking?
technique of HR Planning that involved developing relationships with people who may be able to assist in the achievement of objectives.
Includes: proactive correspondance, lunches, informal conversations
Direct & Manage Project Execution - Inputs
Project Management Plan
Approved Corrective Actions
Approved Preventive Actions
Approved Change Requests
Approved Defect Repairs
Validated Defect Repairs
Administrative Closure Procedure
Project Management Knowledge Areas
Bring Together processes that have characteristics in common
'Crash Costs'
'The cost of reducing an Activity to its Crash Duration.'
'Risk Management Plan'
'A document defining how Project Risk Analysis and Management is to be implemented in the context of a particular project.'
'Hard Project'
'A project that has a well defined physical product as its outcome as distinct from a soft project
Define Project Risk Management
One of the 9 Project Management knowledge areas. Risk planning , analysis, monitoring and control
Project Plan Development Tools and Techniques?
Tools and Techniques: (1)Project Planning Methodology, (2)Stakeholder Skills and Knowledge, (3)Project Management Information System(PMIS), (4)Earned Value Management(EVM)
An activity has an early start date of the 10th and a late start date of the 19th. The activity also has a duration of 4 days. There are no nonworkdays. From the information given, what can be concluded about the activity?
A. Total float for the activity
Answer: E
You are a project manager who was just assigned to take over a project from another project manager who is leaving the company. The old project manager tells you that the project is on schedule only because he has had to constantly push the team to perfor
During a walk through of a task, you discover that a team member is completing the work differently than stated in the WBS dictionary. How should you deal with this?
A. Replace the team member
B. Determine if the alternative way is acceptable to the funct
Overview of a Project Coordinator
Weaker than PM
No $$ authority
limited resources
limited decision authority
What is a project?
have a distinct beginning and end, completed by a team of people, have time and cost restraints.
'Critical Path Method'
'(CPM) - A technique used to predict project duration by analyzing which sequence of activities has the least amount of scheduling flexibility. Early dates are figured by a forward pass using a specific start date and late dates are figured by using a bac
Rule of 7 in stability anaylis
seven consecutive data points on either side of the mean , may indicate an out of control situation
Which of the following choices indicates that a project has a burn rate of 1.2?
Hint: Burn rate is the same as the Cost Performance Index
A. The BCWS is 100 and the BCWP is 120.
B. The ACWP is 100 and the BCWP is 120.
C. The ACWP is 120 and the BCWP is 10
B CPI=BCWP/ACWP=1.2 This means that for every dollar spent, the project is acheiving
$1.20 of value.
Time Processes - These lie in which two process groups?
-Planning (5)
-Monitoring & Controlling (1)
How is a project office staffed?
People with special skills, project coordinator, accountant, and documentation personnel
What are the Outputs to Activity Definition in Planning
Activity List, Activity Attributes, Milestone List, Requested Changes
Types of Costs - Sunk
Costs that have been invested into or expeded on the project. (Like spilt milk. If unrecoverable, they are irrelevant.)
'Management Styles - Secretive'
'A project manager that is not open or outgoing in speech activity
What are the pitfalls in managing a project.
Choosing the wrong project manager, selecting inappropriate team members, defining tasks inadequately, having unclear expectations, lacking resources, lacking support
How can a need for team building be identified?
Changes in performance, energy level, verbal and non verbal cues, negative behavior
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