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Balance of both
Secondary goal
choosing a representative.
resources to make partisan appointments to offices - confer grants
National policy based on racial/ethnic domination was officially abandoned in which country?
direct action
unconventional participation that involves assembling crowds to confront businesses and local governments to demand a hearing
Whip system
primary communications network- take polls, and assist majority or minority in various tasks
The resumption of regulatory activity after a period of deregulation.
The recent problems encountered by U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq revealed some of the limitations of _____________
The essential element of diplomacy's level of __________.
Sole Organ Doctrine

The Exec Branch relies on the \"sole organ\" doctrn. to define presidential power broadly in foreign relations and national security, including assertions of an inherent exec. power that is not subj. to leg. or jud. constraints.

statement drawn from John Marshall.
argues in favor of rehabilitation, justice demands we do what we are fit by nature to do.
suffrage / franchise
the right to vote.
How many people in LA county
10 million
Courts established by Congress for specilized purposes, such as the Court of Military Appeals.
legislative courts
Which of the following best describes parliamentary diplomacy?
The UNEP predicts that if current water consumption patterns continue ___________.
Legislative Referendum
final approval or disapproval by voters
degree to which there are obstructions to majorities getting their way.
Non weaponized deterrence
developing the reputation for possessing nuclear arms without actually
a political system in which, in theory, ownership of all land and productive facilities is in the hands of the people and all goods are shared equally. the production and distribution of goods are controlled by an authoritarian government.
of Congress to remove the President or federal officials of the US from
office for crimes and misdemeanors.
political machine
a group that has strong leadership which has powerful commanding power over business, elected officers and other political oganization. target individuals and give special attetion to them and expect a vote in return
Codes of behavior related to the protection of property and individual saftey.
criminal law
To say that Germany is more powerful then Botswana but less powerful than the United States reflects the fact that power is _______________.
Articles of confederation (1776-1789)

Indv. states retain soverignty

States had power to levy or raise taxes.

each state had 1 vote


was needed for anything to pass

naional law was left to be enforced by states.
Using your textbook's language, how might you characterize the 1973 Roe v Wade decision?
A policy shock
Realigning elections
a basic shift in party identification of the electorate
funds given by Congress to state or local governments for a specific purpose
laissez faire
an economic doctrine that opposes any form of government intervention in business
four categories of unprotected speech
Libel/slander, obscentity, clear and present danger, commercial
line item veto
power allows governor to strike out specific line items- not president anymore
cost benefit analysis
an evaluation method in which the costs of the program are compared to the benefits of the policy
Principle of stare decisis

Lat. \"to stand by that which is decided.\" The principal that the precedent decisions are to be followed by the courts.
Permanent registration
voter registers only once in his or her district
Conservative Ideology (SA)
1. limited government
2. equality of opportunity
3. government - order/security
Describe the political events and relevant documents, which provide the
foundation upon which the U.S. Constitution was built:
Mayflower Compact
A political agreement reflecting 17th century ideas of a social contract
(voluntary agreement to establish government and submit to its rules) or
consent of the people (1620).
b. Continental Congress
First Continental Congress (1774) represented the nation's first formal act
of cooperation among the 13 colonies. All 13 colonies came together to
express grievances to King George III (resolutions - raise troops, boycott
British trade).
c. Declaration of Independence
declared the people have natural rights and governments derived their
power from the consent of the governed (1776).
d. Articles of Confederation
a system where regional governments retain ultimate power. A voluntary
association of independent states (there was fear of a powerful central
government - 1777).
PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE GOODS=owner can't deny access, goods never run outFREE RIDING= no one else will do it, cheatUNDERPROVISION= we don't see the benefits
Runoff Primary
2nd primary of top 2 candidates if no one has majority
block grant
a broad grant of money given by the federal government to a state government, the grant specifies the general area (such as education of health services) in which the funds may be spent but leaves it to the state to determine to specific allocations
The governor in his or her role as head of the state militia
Commander in chief
National security council (NSC)
principle forum used by the pres to consider national security and foreign policy
Texas Government and Interest Groups - strong or weak?
Texas - weak
Interest Group - strong
President term limit amendment
On Liberty
John Stuart Mill
Run for life
3rd World
Own the means of production

Get Healthy Sweden Private Spending
-authority AND legitimacy-type of political system-government is limited-government does NOT determine who the winners and losers are
Confederal system`
state has all power
used to collect intelligence and negotiate agreements without war, gain other point of view
Fire Alarms
Congress establishes rules and procedures for citizens to complain about bureacracies
citizens, corporations, labor unions, and interest groups become the monitors of bureacracies
Political attitudes
Individual's views and preferences about public policies, political parties, candidates, government institutions, and public officials.
Economic voting
prospective=> forward looking voting (Peasants)retrospective=> looks at the past voting (Bankers)
17th Century Liberalism
Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
Control with Marijuana, Hot Tub Sex: Radical or Moderate?
Laissez-faire economy
private actor controls their own factors of production, no role for state. Private actors make decision about production, and what goods are produced. Value of different resources and goods are based on the equilibrium of supply and demand. Distribution is based on the actions of all consumers and producers in the market without state intervention. State plays a minimal role to enforce a basic social contract that protects all from violence or law breakers.
redrawing of district lines in order to help incumbent party maintain or increase power
Civil Liberties
individual rights that are protected from infringement by government*keeps gov from preventing expression of political preference
Transnational actors:

actors operation below state level and across state borders 
virginia plan
called for representation of each state in congress in proportion to that state's share of the US population
Which political party system makes it difficult to distinguish between the party and government?
press shield law
statute enacte by legislature establishing privlidges
Types of Liberalism
Classical, English, 17th Century, 18th Century, 19th Century
Exclusionary rule
Any substance or material seized due to a search that is unconstitutional (meaning there is no probably cause) will not be admissible in court.
Reduction item veto
According to the president or governor, spending amount is too much. They have the ability to reduce the amount of $ being used to whatever they feel acceptable.
Importance of Government
To maintain order, to protect property, and to provide public goods
Thematic Frame
*news coverage is presented in a general view*present political issues and events in a general context-Interview experts to find out the trendsEX: news coverage of poverty: Focus on general trends, charts, graphs, experts
An effort by members of congress to gain support and trust of constituents by providing personal servie or allowing them to abtain favorable treatment from federal bureaucracy
Ninth Amendment
Rights not specified remain "right of the people."
Australian ballot
A secret ballot that is prepared, distributed, and counted by government officials at public expense; used by all states in the United States since 1888
Origins of GOP elephant and Democratic donkey
Thomas Nast
paid media
create commercial to help emphasize ur beliefs
The right to vote is called
A. elector
B. fairness clause
C. turnout
D. franchise
D. franchise
Modern Democracy - Substantive
Classifies states as democratic based on outcomesFreedom House is a substantive democracy
A coalition of 51 members from the 26 smallest population states, representing a mere 18 percent of the American population, can pass a bill in the Senate. TRUE OR FALSE.
McCulloch vs. Maryland
Case dealing with whether or not Congress had the power to charter a bank (Bank of the United States), also whether or not the state could tax the bank. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the national govt.
Amendments 1- 10
Ch.2 Ratified on December 15, 1791. Known as the Bill of Rights.
Pluralist Theory
A theory that views politics as a contest among various interest groups at all levels of government, to gain benefits for their members. 
National Party Conventions
delegates represent the wishes of the voters/politcal parties of the home state
Incentive Power
X shows Y that Y will be better off
Electoral System mexico
Used to be mad fuckin corrupt you bitch
Agency Problems
how a principal gets an agent to do something
how the government gets ppl to do things
Gatekeeping Authority
The right and power to decide if a change in policy will be considered
What are 4 things that influence attitudes?
1. Ideology
2. Information
3. Framing
4. Personal Characteristics
Public Opinion
the views of all teh citizenry on a particular issue. the total of a complex collection of opinion held by many people on the issues
As discused in text and in lecture, congress does its business
a. through its committees
b. by acclimation.
c. on the floor of the house and senate
d. by unamimous consent
a. through its committees
at the Constitutional Convention there was a general census and agreement concerning...
national sovereignty is superior to state sovereignty
How long is the term in the House of Representatives?
2 Years
Special or select committees
may be temporary or permanent and are are formed to study specific problems or issues

How the role of governor has changed:

Strongest Governors

found in Northeast
Who is considered to be in the first world?
Europe, Germany, Austrailia, US
Conservatism T/F: There is no God
F: God(s) has/have a plan and we should obey it
what does the modernization theory say about women in the west?
status of women is improved through industrialization, urbanization, and spread of western ideals
what is the measure of success in an unconventional war
usually support of public opinion
The candidates run against candidates of the same party, but the voters are only registered in that party, so the MEDIAN VOTER is EXTREME.
how did 10th amend tilt balance of power to the states?
all powers not given to the national gov. and not prohibited to the states WILL BE reserved for the states (reserved powers)
How old do you need to be to be a Senator, House Rep., President?
House Rep. 25, Senator 30, President 35
/ 99

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