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Terms Definitions
Measurement issues

Fascism T/F: Pro-communist
F: Anti-communist
United States Life Expectancy
Majority of most Islamic states

Get Healthy Japan Government Spending % GDP
political equality
one PERSON, one VOTE
strong central govtmore towards cities/industrialism
Qatar Human Development Rank (Life Expectancy Included)
Executive Branch
Executive Office of the President
Departments and Agencies
Vice President
Agenda setting
Influencing what people consider important.
difficulty of passing laws fulfilling a party's political agenda in a legislature that is nearly evenly divided, or in which two legislative houses, or the executive branch and the legislature are controlled by different political parties.
Liberalism T/F: Democracy is best form of government
Bureaucracies can't be killed
National Helium Program 1928
Civic Platform
Political party in POland. Leans center right. LIke the Christian Democratic, leader is Donald Tusk.
The transmission of authority to some other official or body for the latter's use. Appointing of certain people/groups to a task.
(IN HEAD) An enduring tendency to respond in a positive or negative way towards somethingEx: •Non-political Attitude: scared of big dogs•Political Attitude: don’t like raising taxes; if you have a strong view toward abortion
Political values and norms are passed from one generation to the next in a process called:A. Political Socialization B. Political Transformation. C. Political Materialism D. Political Culture E. Political Socialism
New Jersey Plan
Proposal at the constitutional convention that called for equal representation of each state in congress regaurdless of the state's population
Which type of political party is always ideological, unified, and structured: democratic or nondemocratic?
a method of closing debate and bringing the matter under consideration to a vote in the senate16 senators mush sign a petition, after 2 days 3/5 of the senate must vote
Problem of Capitalist Labor
Labor alienated from their laborer
Because I am different from and better than you; fragile and rare
Legislative Norms:

it's expected that you will become an expert in some area of policy
more important in the house than senate- more members representing smaller areas.
Veto Power
The ability to defeat something even if it has made it onto the agenda of an institution
Concurrent Powers
The authority possessed by both the state and national governments. i.e power to levy taxes
what are solutions to ethnic conflict?
power sharingfederalismand consociationalismsecessionoutside interventionsettlement through exhaustion
Tenth Amendment
States retain powers not deligated to nationl power.
Define the new social regulation
regulate at cost industries
Congressional Campaign Committees
Raise money and resources for candidates
divided party
ehen one party controls white house and the other controls one or both branches of congress
The constitution stipulates that the president is chosen by
A. popular vote
B. congress.
C. direct election
D. the the electoral college
D. the electoral college
Structural Neorealism

assumes that only states that arm can survive in world politics

You will sometimes hear that the security dilemma assumes that states are “unitary rational actors” with a preference for survival
Such a statement need not be true
States that have not armed may have all disappeared because they were conquered by states that did arm
A skilled politician who is the chief strategist and legislative leader of the opposition in the Senate
minority leader
State vs. Lopez
Case dealing with a near school schooting. State used Commerce Clause (gives congress the power to regulate interstate commerce) which was broadly used (like in this case) and was used by the federal govt. as a huge empowering device along with Judicial Review.
A tactic used by members of the Senate to prevent action on opposed legislation by continually holding the floor and speaking until the majority backs down. Once given the floor, Senators have unlimited time to speak and need to get a 3/5 cloture vote to end this
When did the Reconstruction begin?
1865, After the Civil War
Bill of Rights
• there were states that would not ratify the constitution without the Bill of Rights that spelledout and insured individual liberties in the spirit of the social contract and the Declaration ofIndependence • the answer to the question “but what are our rights as citizens?”
Group membership according to the state, from most basic to least basic
Family/Gang, Church, Peers, Interest Groups, Political Parties
Constitutional Court (russia)
Made up of 19 people nominated by president and confirmed by federation council. REviews constitutionality and actions of president, parliament and lower levels of government. Has defended rights of individual defendants in the criminal justice system. It also upheld soereignty of federal law over regions rights. Butttttt it avoids disagreeing with executive.
US Parties vs. European Parties
US parties are federal and decentralized
US has weak disipline. Not everyone votes on their party lines
US has weak responsiility. Us parties less accountable for their member's actions in office
US has weak unifying ideologies. Conservative Democrats close to Liberal Republicans
Only 2 major partie
what is social construction?
how a group sees themselves as different from others
What is the Exchange Theory?
Interest groups are a rational relationship between suppliers and consumers
line item veto *
• While the governor has the basic power to veto legislation handed to him/her by thelegislature, in the case of bills that spend money (appropriations bills), the CA Governor has aline item veto which permits the Governor to eliminate some items in the bill without having to veto the entire measure
4. As discussed in text and in lecture, civil service reforms, including the Pendleton Act, passed in the 1880s were designed to
A. bring orginary citizens back into politics
B. strengthen political parties
C. weaken political parties
D. enhance party pat
C. Weaken political parties
2008 presidential campaignput health care on the agenda.
Obama made a central feature of campaignall business provideall kids are coveredMcCain also encouraged, introduced competition among insurers
Formula Grant
Ch. 3 Federal Grant A grant based on a presribed legislative formula to determine how money will be distributed.
“top-of-the-head approach” to attitudes
Suggests most people do not hold fixed attitudes (Persuadable)
Implications of Modernization Theory and the "Survival Story"
1. Democracy is more common in rich countries2. Transitions to dictatorship become less likely as wealth increases
Explain whether the courts have made it harder or easier to limit freedom of speech.
HARDER because of Brandenberg Case (IMMINENT LAWLESS ACTION) took over Schenk case (CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER)
Framers wanted to creat a lasting Constitution How
- Difficult formal amending process- Praposal - ratification- praposal 2/3 of house and senate OR 2/3 of states- Ratification 3/4 of states OR s/4 of state ratifying convention
what is an example of why identities DONT motivate people to kill others
education may the cause of controversyboundaries of countries may be redrawnBIGGER power can dictate who is who (Rwanda)
what is the defining characteristic of a social insurance program
pay into it, collect money; social security
In what way is process by which a bill becomes a law similar in the House and Senate?
THE COMMITTEE SUBCOMMITTE COMMITTEE process is the same1) The bill is assigned to a committee by the Leader of the chamber2) The Committee Chairperson assigns the bill to a Subcommittee3) The Subcommittee votes on it4) The Committee votes on it5) The Floor votes on it6) Simple majority
Conservatism T/F: Every man for himself
F: We as members of the group have a community of mutual responsibilities
define the role of the U.S. court of appeals
they review the decision of a trial court
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