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Terms Definitions
Virginia, New Jersey,
stronger nat'l govt.
limits power
almost always win elections
In recent presidential elections, voter turnout has been __________________.
return of government responsibilities to state and localities
New deal coalition
The group composed of southern Democrats, northern city dwellers, immigrants, the poor, Catholics, labor union members, blue-collar workers, African Americans, and women that elected FDR to the presidency four times
The notion that all individuals are equal in their moral worth and so are entitled to equal treatment under the law.
Bills, Power, Etc, represent the _______ of Politics.
Do your results match the concept?
Political Culture
Basic values, beliefs, attitudes, predispositions, and expectations of citizens toward the political system of their society and toward themselves as participants in it
Policy of withdrawing from active participation with other actors in world affairs and instead concentrating state efforts on managing internal affairs
-Federal Election Campaign Act (1971) required disclosure of donations and expenditures.
New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt's broad social welfare program in which the government would bear the responsibility of providing a "safety net" to protect the weakest members of society. 
October 1972
Kissinger, in secret negotiations with N Vietnamese, announces "peace is at hand"
brookings institute and American Enterprise
think tanks [partisan]
After being reported by a committee but before being sent to the House floor, bills are given to the ______ Committee, which defines the conditions under which the bills are to be considered by the House.
_____________ Succeeded in managing the news better than any other administration
The Regan Administration
The Declaration of Independence was first and foremost a _______________________.
political document
a doctorine that gives states the authority to declare acts of congress unconstitutional
State-Centered Theory
This perspective views public policies as reflecting, to a considerable extent, the preferences and priorities of those in important positions of authority within various state institutions.
Generational Effect
Younger citizens are influenced by events and make them act out in ways that older generations would not
What is the oldest Coustitution?
The US Coustitution
The Supreme Court designated race a suspect class in ____.
Regulatory Policy
Rules and standards that control economic, social, and political activities.They are used to combat natural monopolies, negative externalities, and incomplete information.
State Department
the cabinet department responsible for making foreign policy and negotiating treaties
Proportional representation system
An electoral structure in which political parties win the number of parliamentary seats equal to the percentage of the vote the party.
______________ is the learning process by which most people get their political attitudes, opinions, beliefs and knowledge
Political socialization
Plessy v. Ferguson
upheld separate but equal facilites being constitutional
what are post-materialist values?
self-expression- freedom of speech- involvement in gov't decisions- more say on the job- young people are much more post-materialist
______________ Tried to focus on an issue or highlight a message, but often got bogged down in policy specifics.
Bill Clinton
The separatists from England wanted to _____________.
Practice Religion
Criteria of Scientific Method
EvidenceAre the relevant data consistent with the expectations of your theory?Reason:Do the hypotheses from your theory follow from your assumption?
Treasury Board
A permanent Cabinet committee with its own staff and minister that plays a central role in governing in Canada because of its responsibility for the expenditures and management practices of government.
Electoral College
A groups of persons called electors selected by the voters in each state and the District of Columbia (D.C.); this group efficially elects the president and vice president of the US
Tendency of the public to assess the performance of the president or presidential candidates, in terms of the issues that the media have emphasized as most important
Shay’s Rebellion
farms being forclosed on, shut down banks so could not take land away, proved articles of confed werent working
a demand that contains a time limit for compliance and a threat of punishment for resistance
are much more likely to belong to groups than are citizens of other nations.
After Reagan, the office of the presidency has slowly ________ power (grown, lost)
Grown power
Constitutional Government
A government that consistently acts in accordance with the rules and principles established in its constitution.
Conservatives argue
that Americans won because of Reagan's rearmament program
A meeting of all members of the political party in once chamber in which they elect leaders, approve committee assignments, and elect committee chairpersons.
The _______ media affected Bush in the 2004 presidential Debates.
major weakness in IG's in US
not all participate equally
A question that has to do with the U.S. Constitution, acts of Congress, or treaties is known as a __________ question.
Necessary And Proper Clause
Fed Government can create anything related to enumerated powers
defences-enumerate-army& navy
-airforce (nec and prop b/c no planes when wrote!)
Washington Consensus
A series of policies put together by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank that encourages developing countries to generate more revenue for debt repayment by cutting government expenditures to balance their budgets, selling off government-owned enterprises (privatization), and fully opening their countries to foreign goods and investments.
Bicameral Legislature
a legislature made up of two parts, called chambers
Strategies of interest groups
-selective benefits: which only those who participated get benefits
-social benefits: voters enjoy being part of the group
-Purposive benefits: encourage group participation by connecting individuals
President's roles:
commander in chief
-supreme commander of the U.S. military and intelligence network (CIA and FBI)
NOTE: constitution assigns the power to declare war to congress, not the president.
Bush Doctrine
a policy that singles out states that support terrorist groups and advocates military strikes against them to prevent a future attack on the United States
peremptory challenges
to remove a juror because of race, ethnic origin, or sex
Keynesian Economic Policy
John M. Keynes. Buisness cycles fluctuate due to imbalance between aggregate demand (total income spent by every sector on goods and services) and productive capacity (total vale of goods and services that can be produces when govt. is working at full capacity).

-When AGD>PRC, Inflation
-When AGD
Judges serve for on good behavior
which means for life
Soft news
Events or topics that are not serious or broadly important.
July 1950
UN forces were either in Korea or on their way
Policy implementation is _____________.
concerned with the carrying out of policies by bureaucrats, the courts, police, and individual citizens.
Congressional policy toward Native Americans has historically varied between ______________________________________________.
European style culture and encouraging self governance
Ultimately what plan did the New Jersey, and Virgina plan lead to?
Connecticut Compromise (Great Compromise)
tools of majority House leadership
- committee assignments- give access to the floor- whips
Reasonable Limits Clause
A provision of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that allows for reasonable limits to be placed on rights and freedoms provided that the limits can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
Intra session history confounds
IV prob of X. Something unintended occurring during experiment which differentiates groups or effects/absorbs results of exp. Ex: Studying effect of anxiety on test performance, but a/c breaks and rooms are hot, how do we know it was anxiety or the heat?)
A class-action suit is a _________.
lawsuit seeking damages for "all persons similarly situated".
- Negative news coverage of Iraq rather than focusing on positive developments- “No journalism is worth doing unless it unseats the mighty” as an attitude of some reporters - These are examples of _______________.
adversarial relationships between the media and president
Congressional powers set forth in the Constitution are enumerated powers.
Enumerated powers are powers explicitly given to Congress in the Constitution. Very first is the power "to lay and collect Taxes". Other 17 fall into the five basic categories.
impanel a jury
to select a jury from a list of perspective jurors
An example of the agent of political socialization of _________________ would be the issue of Gay Marriage.
the importance of family
In the twenty-first century, Senate Republicans implemented a policy that ___________.
members of the opposition party, the Democrats, would not be allowed to invoke senatorial courtesy.
What was the conclusion to the Executive Compromise?
President would be elected indirectly by an electoral collage for a four year term
3 main tasks of a bureaucracy as set out by congress
-Administer rules-Make rules-Judiciate rules
Presidential approval ratings tend to be
very high when a new president takes office with a decline in the last two years of the second term
pay as you go system
Funds flow into and out of the SOcial security fund at a continual rate
Our local media displays bias by ________________.
Inserting popular local opinion in the coverage it presents
When and where house members are elected
-they are elected every 2 years from districts in their state
Civil Liberties in the Bill of Rights
the bill of rights were created due to citizens unhappy with the limited amount of civil liberties in their constitution. the Framers passed the Bill of rights making the constitution more democratic.
(Amendments look at other notecard)
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