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How many Federalist papers
when usually incumbent politcal leaders use their political power to redraw eletoral districts in favor of themselves or their party. They draw absurd lines through non geographic areas to asure themselves of ree-election.
Why might international legal standards influence the conduct of international politics?
Public Sphere
domain of our social life in which public opinion can be formed.
The Texas Constitution of 1876 expanded the powers of the legislature by particularly illuminating several areas of policymaking under its authority
Author who wrote against government regulation on free speech
spoken form of defamation of character
Which country continues to kill whales under the guise of scientific research despite the International Whaling Commission’s ban on commercial whaling?
The approach to security that involves limiting the number and types of weapons countries possess is referred to as ___________
Man's best time in history
Savage man
the formal group of presidential advisers who head the major departments and agencies of the federal government. Cabinet members are chosen by the president and approved by the Senate
From the beginning of the Republic, Texas overwhelmingly favored joining the Union
National Security Council
"inner cabinet" foreign policy advisor composed of pres, vice pres, sec. state-defense-and other specialists
Neutral comepetence
The concept that bureaucracy should be uninvolved or nuetral in policy making and should be chosen only for their expertise--not their political affiliation.
The International Court of Justice is located in ____________
The origins of a hemispheric bloc dominated by the United States can be found in __________.
Writ of Mandamus

means \"we command\" in latin

issued by a superior court to compel a lower court or a government officer to perform mandatory or purely ministerial duties correctly.

Mandamus may be a command to do an administrative action or not to take a particular action
Blanket Primary
registered voters maximum choice in selecting candidates
Michael Walzer
democratic socialist who views moral reasoning as an appeal to meanings internal to a political community not to abstract principles. rejects marxs view that a comm ruling ideas is nothing more than a master and subordinating classes
agency loss
the discrepancy between what citizens ideally would like their agents to do and how the agents actually behave
self-interest principle
the implication that people choose what benefits them personally
plea bargains
agreement in which the states presses for either a reduced set of charges or a reduced sentence in return for a guilty plea
Message that the governor delivers to the legislature, pronouncing policy goals, budget priorities, and authorizations for the legislature to act.
Governor's message
Merit system
A system if filling bureaucratic jobs on the basis of cempetence instead of patronage.
concurrent powers
powers held jointly by the national and state governments
Joschka Fischer is one of the most visible environmental leaders in the world and has had a vast influence on the foreign policy of _________.
Precinct Caucus
voters registered with the party get together and as a group elect the committee person
Positivism (Plato)
might makes right, the advantage of the stronger
free-rider problem
a situation in which individuals can receive the benefits from a collective activity whether or not they helped pay for it, leaving them with no incentive to contribute
closed primary
a primary election in which voters must declare their party affiliation before they are given the primary ballot containing that party's potential nominees
political participation
actions of private citizens by which they seek to influence or support government and politics
statutory construction
the power of the supreme court to interpret or reinterpret a federal state law
Case showing the "lemon test" with funding for secular subjects in private schools
Lemon v. Kurtzman
poll tax
a tax that must paid as qualification for voting
In Taylorsville's drug court system, who pays most of the costs?
The drug addicts themselves
Mutual assure destruction (MAD)
US and Russian fighting. Capability and that both should place their missiles in impenetrable silos or on undetectable submarines so that no first strike could disable them and prevent retaliation.
television hypothesis
the belief that television is to blame for the low level of citizens' knowledge about public affairs
party platform
is the list or agenda that a political party will decide to campaign on or take into action when in office. EX: reagan admin lowering taxes
Engel v. Vitale (1962)
New York suggested a prayer spoken aloud at the the beginning of each day. At trial, the parents lost, but the US Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.
Electoral College advantages
1)reduces the amount of money spent on elections2) gives smaller sates more of a place on the map3)reduce corruption
Reasons for no 3rd party
1. Electoral system – single member/plurality (winner takes all system) preporational rep
2. Historical adv/intuitional barriers
3. American people – socialized
4. 3rd party – narrow ideology
Substantive Rights - Unenumerated: Griswold V. Connecticut
F: in Connecticut married couple went to Planned Parenthood and recieved info on controceptives.Q:Couples have right to be consulted in matter of contraceptives?A: Constitutional right to privacy extends to marriages.
Gitlow v. New York (1925)
US Supreme Court ruled that the 14th ammendment protects freedom of speech in the states by the first ammendment to the constitution
between the US AND RUSSIA set ceilings on the number of offensive nuclear launch vehicles and multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles each side could possess.
Operational code
Yellow dog Democrat
liberal democrat
Plessy v Ferguson
Separate but equal
Why are multinational treaties increasingly important to international law?
Classic Liberalism
Emphasizes right to property
shared powers(senate)
Treaties. President negotiates but Senate must ratify with 2/3 vote. Also Appointments of judges and cabinets.
Author writing about "american creed" and how history has no feudalism or traditions
the movement that supports political, economic, and social inequality for women
The United Nations and other international forums related to human rights issues have been limited by _________.
external legitimacy
being recognized by other communities
Tocqueville (SA)
1. Tied to money/materialism
2. Dislikes “deep thought/education”
3. Lazy – willing to give up political thought – government
legislative courts
courts designed to provide technical expertise on specific subjects based on art 1 of the constitution
rallying effect
favorable reaciton of publc to presidential actions, international crisis 9/11
Executive Leadership
The presidents control over the burreaucracy in his capacity as cheif executive. Achieved through budgeting; Appointments, administrative reform, lobbying and mobolizing public opinoin.
In the role of negotiator, a diplomat’s main task is to _________.
The persistent level of conflict in Afghanistan during the last quarter century is due largely to ___________.
Writ of certiorari

Latin - certiorare (\"to show, prove, or ascertain\")

A writ of certiorari currently means an order by a higher court directing a lower court, tribunal, or public authority to send the record in a given case for review.
Ballot Measure
anything on ballot other than candidates for office
Michael Walzer Spheres
different awards accompany different spheres in a society, a just society is one where power advantage seen in one sphere does not justify the domination of others in another sphere. justice does not require the equal distribution of each socuak good within its relative sphere. complex equality requires the separation of these powers
Disturbance Theory
Issue network - competition among interest groups
a government without a monarch; a government rooted in the consent of the governed, whose power is exercised by elected representatives responsible to the governed.
What is bureaucracy?
the executive branch of government other that president and vice president.
war powers resolution
resolution that president can send troops only if authorized by congress
Member of the house who work to maintain party unity by keeping in contact with party members and attempting to win their support. Both the majority and minority party have a whip and several assistant whips.
Which concept is behind the use of most international security forces?
According to the laws of war, the 2000 attack on the USS Cole when refueling was not strictly an act of terrorism because the Cole _______________
Interest Groups
citizens have direct focus on and support on an issue they care about
Michael Sandel
critical of how liberal theory views the individual as being unencumbered, the encumbered self is one who is attatched and obligated to those who shape their identities. argues in favor of more discourse to frame legislation and base individual decisions on the types of encumbrances that we want to embrace
separation of powers
the distribution of government powers among several political institutions. in the United States , at the national level power is divided between three branches: Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court
articles of confederation
the compact among the thirteen original states that established the first government of the united states
project grant
a categorical grant awarded on the basis of competitive applications submitted by prospective recipients
safe seat
when an incumbent of a governing body is virtually safe from being voted out. Usually is due to political party or personal popularity. Mccain? NY 11th congressional east Brooklyn D.
Every 10 years the 435 seats in the house are distributed among the states based on population changes.
One way to have both a lower defense budget and continued weapons production capability is to ___________.
Veil of ignorance
parties don't really know to which generation or part of society they belong.
what must we muslims strive to export throughout the world according to khomeini
our revolution
national convention
a gathering of delegates of a single political party from across the country to choose candidates from president and vice president and to adopt a party platform
party dicipline
how much memebers of a party vote for their partys favorable legislation. It is strong in the UK but weak in the US
Which of the following best describes the concept of situational power?
m (will not answer)
difference principle
if there is to be any inequality in the system, the benifits must be given to the poor or the disadvantaged
The Constitution of the Republic in 1836
Which Texas constitution provided extraordinarily liberal immigration and citizenship policies?
Contribution Limits
max amount of $ that can be given to candidates
Substantive Rights - Unenumerated: Planned Parenthood V. Casey
F: Penn. passed a law requiring women to inform husbands of abortion, wait 24 hrs, and if minor get parental permission.Q: Can court ask for woman to wait, inform husb., and wait 24 based off of Roe V. Wade?A: No, but most of penn. law upheld. New scheme for abortion
Traditional method to amending the U.S. Constitution
proposed by 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of state legislation
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