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Terms Definitions
professional misconduct or unreasonable lack of skill
Ch. 26 Self Concept
statues are:
either civil or criminal
Comparisons made between things otherwise unalike.
Low ______-_______ contributes to feeling misunderstood and unfulfilled and results in depression and anxiety.
Comprises respect for others, respect for yourself, self-awareness, and effective, clear and consistent communication
Spirit with which the person publishing information knows it is false and publishes it anyway or publishes it with reckless disregard as to the truth or falsity of the statement. Slander: oral and Libel: writing
Means of conveying and receiving messages through visual, auditory, and tactile
Taking positive actions to help others. Incorporates the negative obligation of "prima non nocere" - "first do not harm" and the positive obligation to do what is good.
Refers to fairness. Ex. Liver transplant to rich instead of poor
A utilitarian system of ethics proposes that the value of something is determined by its usefulness. The main emphasis is on the outcome/consequence of an action.
A childs immunization may cause discomfort during administration, but the benefits of protection from disease, both for the individual and for society, outweigh the temporary discomforts. This involves the principle of:
A combination of conscious and unconscious thoughts and perceptions about who you are
Perioperative nurse
Responsible for safe, responsible,and effectivenursing care thru each phase of surgery.
conduct that falls below the standard of care. ex. mal-practice
Information sent or expressed by the sender in the communication process
Internal impulse that causes a person to take action.
Role Strain
Generalized state of frustration or anxiety produced by the stress of role conflict and ambiguity.
Factor that motivates a person to communicate with another individual
Perceptual biases
Human tendencies that interfere with accurately perceiving and interpreting messages from others
"We've talked a lot about your medications, but let's look more closely at the trouble you are having in taking them on time." The nurse is using what therapeutic technique?
Risk Management
System of ensuring appropriate nursing care.
Utterance of a false statement about another that harms that person's reputation.
Consent must be given by (1)decendent, in writing or (2) durable power of atty (3) surviving spouse and ; (4) surviving child, parent, brother or sister in order named. Consent is different in some cultures
Accuracy or conformity to the truth. Always tell the patient the truth
The study of philosophical ideals of right and wrong behavior
Consensus of Bioethics
Equal regard (appreciation) for different points of view
Restoring function from a congenital anomalie.
informed consent documentation includes the following:
a patients' signature, witnesses signature, date and time of signing, verification of voluntarily signature of patient (discussed risk, benies, alter., and right to refuse procedure) verification patient understands procedure and has had all questions answered satisfactorily
Informed Consent
Process of obtaining permission from a client to perform a specific test or procedure after describing all risks, side effects, and benefits
Developing self through modeling, imitation and socialization is a self concept developmental task during the ages of:
1 - 3 years
The belief that one's own culture is superior
Common Law
Created by judicial decisions made in courts when individual legal cases are decided. Ex. Informed consent and the clients right to refuse treatment
Role Conflict
State in which a person experiences incongruent or incompatible expectations within one role or between two or more simultaneously held roles.
Criminal Laws
Prevent harm to society and provide punishment for crimes Ex criminal conduct is miuse of a controlled substance
Public communication
Interaction between one person and a large group of people
The clients right to refuse treatment is an example of:
Common law
An overall sense of self-worth or the emotional evaluation of self-concept.
Obese patient risks
Reduced ventilations due to pressure against diaghragm caused from the enlarged abdomen. Greater risk of dehiscence, and evisceration.
When a person does not maintain a clear, consistent, and continuous consciousness of personal identity, it results in:
Identity confusion
A personal belief about the worth of a given idea, attitude, custom, or object that sets standards that influence behavior. Reflect cultural and social influences, relationships and personal needs. Vary among people and change as you age
Role Ambiguity
State in which a person has unclear role expectations and feels unable to predict the outcomes of behavior.
What is Gender Role?
The feminine or masculine behavior exhibited
Preoperative Tests
CBC, Blood Chemistry (SMA 7 or Chem 7), Coagulation Studies, UA, 12 lead electrocardiogram, chest x-ray.
The nurse builds helping, caring relationships by:
Establishing trust and demonstrating empathy
Reasonably Prudent
In a malpractice case, if you are ever sued, an expert witness will come and testify what a reasonably prudent nurse with your same background and expertise would have done, knowing your state Nurse Practice Act, your state laws, the hospitals policies and procedures. So, it is crucial that you practice under and within these standards of care
Self-Esteem stressors common among adults are failures __ ____ and failures in ___________.
Failures at work and in relationships
Not knowing who you are now after the loss of a partner of 40 years is an example of what kind of stressor?
identity stressor
During which developmental stage is IDENTITY most at risk?
Identity vs Role confusion, Adolescence (12-20 years)
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) 1986
Enacted by congress to prevent "patient dumping" when a patient comes to the ER he/she must be screened/evaluated within the hospitals capacity before any transfer or discharge.
In what stage does a person’s sexual identity strengthen?
Industry vs Inferiority (6-12)
When working with an older adult, the nurse should remember to avoid:
Shifting from subject to subject
The statement that best explains the role of collaboration with others for the client's plan of care is the professional nurse:
Collaborates with colleagues and the clients family to provide combined expertise in planning care
Define Role Performance.
The way in which a person views his or her ability to carry out significant roles.
A serious surgery involving extensive reconstruction or ateration in body parts and poses great risk to well-being.
MAJOR SURGERY EX. coronary artery bypass, colon resection, removal of larynx, resection of lung lobe
In most ethical dilemmas, the solution to the dilemma requires negotiation among members of the health care team. The nurses point of view is valuable because:
Nurses develop a relationship to the client that is unique among all professional health care providers
In what stage does a person become interested in providing a legacy for the next generation?
Ego Intregrity vs. Despair (Late 60’s to Death)
The nurse is obligated to follow a physician's order unless:
The order is in error, violates hospital policy, or would be detrimental to the client
In what stage does a person develop trust due to experience with consistency in caregiving and nurturing interactions?
Trust vs Mistrust (birth to 1 year)
Nurses agree to be advocates for their patients. Practice of advocacy calls for the nurse to:
Assess the client's point of view and prepare to articulate this point of view
Surgery that must be done to save life or preserve function of body part.
EMERGENCY SURGERY EX. appendix repair, amputation, internal hemorrhaging.
Ch. 23 Communication
criminal law
felony or misdemeanor
Self concept affects ______-_______.
Nonverbal communication
Communication using expressions, gestures, body posture, and positioning rather than words
Injurious or unprofessional actions that harm another. Professional negligence
The agreement to keep promises
What you think about yourself
Cognitive learning
Acquisition of intellectual skills that encompass behaviors such as thinking, understanding, and evaluating.
Conversation set at the correct speed
A person's independence. Each person is in control of his/her own person inc. body and mind. Ex. The right to die
The philosophy sometimes called the ethics of care suggests that ethical dilemmas can best be solved by attention to:
The characteristics of reliability and dependability
Feeling of self-worth characterized by feelings of achievement, adequacy, self-confidence, and usefulness.
Exploratory surgery that confirms diagnosis.
any intentional threat to be about harmful or offensive contact with another individal (no actual contact is necessary)
Intrapersonal Communication
Communication that occurs within an individual (e.g., a person who talks with the self silently or who forms an idea in the mind).
"I'm not sure what you mean, sicker than usual. What is diff now?" What therapeutic technique is the nurse using?
Provision of a contingent response to a learner's behavior that increases the probability of the behavior recurring.
Return Demonstrations
Demonstrations performed by the client after he or she has first observed the teacher and then practiced the skill in mock or real situations.
Certain behaviors become common or are avoided, depending on whether they are approved and reinforced or discouraged and punished. This process is called:
Verbal communication
Sending of messages from one individual to another or to a group of individuals through the spoken word
A patients record is kept confidential inc. lab tests, diagnosis and prognosis, even HIV
Gender biased
Gilligan blvd Kohlbergs theory was this. Leaning towards one sex over the other
If a person feels capable, worthwhile, and competent they have Positive ________.
power of attorney
a document designating an individual who is able to give consent for medical treatment (ex. unconsconsious patient)
The nurse is teaching a parenting class to a group of pregnant adolescents and has given the adolescents baby dolls to bathe and talk to. This is an example of:
Role playing
A client who is hospitalized has just been diagnosed with diabetes. He is going to need to learn how to give himself injections. The best teaching method would be:
Immanuel Kant - Actions are right or wrong based on their right-making characteristics such as fidelity to promises, truthfulness and justice. Problem w/babies in NICU must resucitate even if parents say no
Role Performance
Way in which an individual perceives his or her competency in carrying out significant roles.
Patient Self-Determination Act (1991)
Requires that hospitals provide information to patients about their rights to formulate advance directives and refuse treatment
Regulatory Law
Same as an administrative law. Law created by administrative bodies such as State Boards of Nursing when they pass rules and regulations.
Small-group communication
Interaction that occurs when a small number of persons meet together
Any real or perceived change that threatens identity, body image, or role performance
Self-Concept stressor
Amputation or removal of diseased body part.
Code of Ethics
Set of Ethical Principles accepted by all members of the profession(ANA American Nurses Assoc. and ICN International Council of Nurses)
The scope of nursing practice, the established educational requirements for nurses, and the distinction between nursing and medical practice is defined by:
Nurse Practice Acts
When a child is harshly criticized by his parent this is an example of what kind of stressor?
Self-Esteem stressor
nursing practice is subject to several sources or types of law
specifically statutory law, adminstrative law, and common law
Mental Health Parity Act
Mental health benefits must equal that of medical and surgical benefits, clients can be invol or vol admitted and suicidal patients must remain under supervision
Increasing a clients self-awareness is achieved:
Through establishing a trusting relationship that allows the client to openly explore thoughts and feelings
Statutory Law
Of or related to laws enacted by a legislative branch of the government. Law created by elected State legislature and US Congress EX Nurse Practice Act (state) and Americans with Disabilities Act 1995 (federal-congress)
What is the most important consideration in the case of abuse?
the safety of the victim
What is the way in which a person views his or her ability to carry out significant roles?
Role performance
Common Negligent Acts in Nursing
Med errors, IV therapy resulting in infiltration or phlebitis, burns, falls, failure to use aseptic technique, errors in surgical counts, failure to give accurate reports, failure to accurately monitor a clients condition, failure to notify MD of a clients change in condition
How does self-esteem affect a person’s ability to cope with demands and stressors?
Those with high self-esteem are usually better able to cope with them than someone with low self-esteem.
A client newly diagnosed with cervical cancer is going home. The client is avoiding discussion of her illness and postoperative orders. In teaching the client about discharge instructions, the nurse should:
Provide only the information the client needs to go home
Communication is not the message that was intended but rather the message that was received. The statement that best helps explain this is:
Contextual factors, such as attitudes, values, beliefs, and self-concept, influence communication
In what stage does a person take initiative?
Initiative vs Guilt (3-6 years)
How to process a nursing dilemma?
#1 Is this an ethical dilemma? #2 Gather info relevant to the case #3 Examine and determine your own values on the issue #4 Verbalize the problem #5 Consider the possible causes of action #6 Negotiate the outcome #7 Evaluate the action
In what stage does a person distinguish themselves from the environment?
Trust vs. Mistrust (birth to 1 year)
A nurse should consider zones of personal space and touch when caring for clients. If the nurse is taking the clients nursing history, she should:
Be 18" to 4 feet from the client
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
A person who is designated to make health care decisions in behalf of the clients wishes should they be incompetent
In what stage does a person become aware of their strengths and limitations?
Industry vs. Inferiority (6 to 12 years old)
When the nurse stops to help in an emergency at the scene of an accident, if the injured party files suit and the nurse's employing institution's insurance does not cover the nurse, the nurse would probably be covered by:
The Good Samaritan laws, which grant immunity from suit if there is no gross negligence.
A nurse is going to teach a client how to perform a BSE. The behavioral objective that would best measure the client's ability to perform the BSE is:
The client will perform the BSE on herself before the end of the teaching session
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