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delete placeholder border
The _________________________ function key runs the slide show.
What does heteronomous mean?
The transparency default settings range from 0 to 100%.
(T or F)
A(n) ____________________ button is a built-in 3-D button that can perform tasks such as displaying the next slide or providing help.
BOB"brand" advertising message:
Get attention
Create interest
Create believability
Clicking the Redo button revers
es the last undo action.
(T or F)
Which of the following SmartArt graphics show nonsequential information?
When PowerPoint 2007 is installed, clip art images are placed in the Office Clip Art group.
The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that defaults when accessing a chart in a slide contains sample data that cannot be replaced.
converts the presentation colors to shades of gray
Principle of Utility: seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.
Normal View
displays three oaes the tabs pane
The basic unit of any PowerPoint presentation is a(n) _____.
Bitmap graphics also are known as raster images.
(T or F)
item's source
the presentation or other document from which a clipboard item was cut or copied
say we are not born with anything*everything is learned/nurture*nothing is nature
BOBBrand Architecture:
how and organization structures and names the brands within its portfolio.
design templates
A Design Template is a design specification that controls every element in a presentation, which specifies the color scheme for the slides and the arrangement of the different elements (placeholders) on each slide. Such elements include the fonts used, and size and placement of the bulleted text.  This feature can be accessed by pulling down the Format menu, clicking “apply design template” and following the directions.
Slide Sorter allows you to look at several slides at one time, which is why it is the best view to use to evaluate a presentation for content, organization, and overall appearance.
(T or F)
Text boxes can have a fill, an outline, and/or effects.
(T or F)
Which of the following does a color scheme impact?
If you change a picture border color for one picture, all of the picture border colors will change.
The Contrast button is located in the ________________________ group.
passageway for all axons to get into rostral brain arealocated between brain and spinal cordinvolved in vital reflexesrespiration, BP, and swallowing and vomitting
BOBBrand Advertising:
focuses on the development of a long-term brand identity and image.
19. When you drag the scroll box, the _____ shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display
a. slide indicator
The status bar consists of information about the document and _____.
the View buttons
What are the two boxes on the slide known as?
When you ungroup a clip art picture in PowerPoint, it becomes a drawing object.
There is a table border button in the Table Styles group called No Border.
What are tabs?
Tabs- Outline tab- shows an outline of your presentation, including the titles and text of each slideSlides tab- shows a column of numbered slide thumbnails so you can see a visual representation of several slides at one time
M.O.S.T.Gross impressions:
the sum of all audiences to the particular program or publication.
Details about a file can be found in the _________________________.
Document properties
In the accompanying figure, what does the green circle above the text box do if selected?
rotates the text box
If you have copied a table from Microsoft Word and plan to paste it into a slide, where does it copy to?
the Office clipboard
Frequency Distribution:
% of audience reached at each level of exposure. Reach decreases as frequency increases.
Where is a clip or photograph inserted on to a slide?
Into a content placeholder
critical period for orientation
a certain period of time when the neurons of all different orientations are foundex) if you raise kittens in a horizontal environment then they will not develop vertical cells. even when the cone is removed they will bump into vertical poles
PowerPoint realizes you typed a URL
If you type www.nutrition.org in an Address text box, why does http:// display automatically?
click the title and drag it
How can you move the Format Background dialog box (for example) out of the way if it is covering part of a slide?
In the accompanying figure, why did the Format tab appear?
It appears when you select text to which you could add a WordArt style or other effect.
Click the Apply button when you want something to appear only on the slide currently selected.
Why would you click the Apply button instead of the Apply to All button to display slide numbers?
manual slide advance
The _________________________ button on the View tab shows a presentation in black and white so you know what it will look like if you are printing it on a printer without color.
ventral spinal segment
motormotor neurons
PowerPoint can automatically open Microsoft Office files.
(T or F)
The _________________________ button in the Find and Replace dialog box changes all occurrences of the text you searched for.
Replace All
TWM Magazines:
long shelf life
18-35 demographic
In-depth features with pictures.
The Ribbon contains seven top-level groups.
(T or F)
The ____________________ indicates the amount of opaqueness of a background.
Transparency slider
Which tab includes the Group button?
Slide Show
displays slides sequentially in full-screen size
Categorical Imperative: act on the maxim which you will to become a universal law.
notes master
The settings that determines the characteristics of printer speaker notes.
Graphics and animations, as well as text, can be entered on the Outline tab in the Normal view.
(T or F)
As a default, what information is displayed in the header and footer?
You must select the SmartArt graphic first, and then type the text.
allows you to search through reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and translation services to find the information you need. your results also allow you to find information of the word from the dictionary, synonyms in the thesaurus, and an area where you can translate th e word into another language.
the extraction of meaning from sensory inputs. sensation cannot give you perception
GBUPractitioners face..
ethical issues not encountered in other types of businesses.
slide animation
Animation Effects, found in the Custom Animation command in the Slide Show menu, vary the way in which objects on a slide appear during the presentation. For example, you can make bullets, letters or words appear one at a time, in reverse order, or dim them after they appear. 
Title Only is a type of slide layout.
(T or F)
You can change the color of SmartArt and of WordArt.
(T or F)
What font does the Live Preview show as the body font?
When you point to a hyperlink, the mouse point changes to a(n) ________________________.
segmental manner of spinal cord
30- 32 segementscervial-8thoracic- 12lumbar-5 sacral-5coccygeal-0-2
BOBBrand image:
it is the mental impression consumers construct for the product.
4. PowerPoint gives a user the flexibility to make presentations _____.
d. all of the above
Dialog boxes can be displayed by clicking the _____ located in the lower-right corner of some groups.
Dialog box launcher
In which group is the New Slide button found?
Files with a .gif and .jpg are raster images.
When you copy a table from Excel or Word to PowerPoint, it is copied to the PowerPoint Clipboard.
National Income Accounting
is the measurement of aggregate or total economic activity.
the total amount of advertising in any one day must not exceed an average of seven minutes per hour of broadcasting.

Illegal to advertise fast food to children.
To include a command on the Quick Access Toolbar, _____.
Right-click the command
What keyboard key(s) can be used to position a graphic on a slide?
the ARROW keys
Where does a complete thesaurus display?
in the Research task pane
Reach Objective:
how many members of the TA can be exposed to a message in a certain time frame.
Where can you search for clip art using a keyword?
Clip Art task pane
Strategies that neutralize the competition...
More $ in geographic markets w/ potential
More/better ad messages & promotions
Marketing Communication Mix
Modify product to fit consumer's needs.
Reach more TA
Reach diff. demographic target market
Use higher avg. frequency
Reach TA in diff. media formats
Run a sales promotion
Use media creatively.
that options are provided for inserting text
In the accompanying figure, what does the small button by the lower-right corner of the arrow represent?
click the Hide Slide button on the Slide Sorter tabfrom the Slide Sorter view, right-click the slide and click Hide Slide
How can you hide a slide?
A hyperlink can link to another slide.A hyperlink can be a connection to a Web page.A hyperlink can be an object or text.The first step is to type the text or insert the object, then create the hyperlink.
Which of the following are true about hyperlinks?
it is ready to create the text box where you click
Why does the mouse pointer change shape after clicking the Text Box button?
clipboard task pane
Click the _________________________ button to overwrite a new version over a previously saved file.
nuclear structures-basal ganglia (dopamine dies and causes parkinsons)Old CortexNeocoretex
Text panes automatically include bullets.
(T or F)
Brightness changes the overall lightness and darkness of an image and contrast changes the difference between the darkest and lightest areas of an image.
Frequency Objective:
repetition of exposure. Average.
The _________________________ is located directly above the Ribbon.
Quick Access Toolbar
1/4 pt
Line weight increases by _________________________ increments.
will print the slides in sequence
Consumer Spectrum
Broad: multiple media
Narrow: single medium- for best results and cost efficiency.
formattting toolbar
Located directly below the Standard Toolbar it provides easy access to formatting options.  (Example: Type face can be easily changed from standard to bold, italic or underlined using this bar).
What indicates that a transition animation effect is applied to a slide when viewing it in the Slides tab?
A star
PowerPoint outlines can contain up to ____ levels.
PowerPoint can produce slides based on an outline created in all of the following EXCEPT:
How many action buttons are provided in PowerPoint?
the presentation or other document in which a clipboard item is pasted
TWMAvoid Clutter..
TA research
Informed media buys: where competitor isn't.
Non-traditional media forms.
Direct Marketing
Create own network or publication.
IAATypes of Ad Agencies
Full Service agencies
Creative boutiques
Interactive agencies
Media specialists
Promotion agencies
Direct marketing agencies
In-house agency
action settings
Action settings enable you to define an action that will happen when you click a certain item on a slide, or maybe even when the mouse pointer moves over an item.
When a background is changed, you have the option of applying the background to just one slide.
(T or F)
Art images composed of a series of pixels are ____________________ graphics.
When you point to a hyperlink, the mouse point changes to a(n) ________________________.
The default chart type in PowerPoint is a _________________________ chart.
Clustered Column
brain get changed by thoughts that we alone could not think ofmemory consolidation- put things in long term memoryinformation processingsharks and fish very hard wiredmammals are more plasticmore plastic = more dream = younger
BOBBrand strategy:
a plan for the systematic development of a brand to enable it to meet its stated objectives.
Contains one or many object, sucj as a title, text for spextal
What is the circular button in the top-left corner of the PowerPoint window called?
Office Button
As a default, the file name of a document is displayed in the footer.
hanging indent
where the first line of the paragraph extends farther to the left than the rest of the paragraph
Things to Avoid in Concept Design
Lay outLook and FeelColors
AOSAdvertising is guaranteed...
commercial free speech under the First Amendment.
What is the name of the view button that is selected?
Slide Sorter
In the accompanying figure, what procedure accesses the Insert Picture dialog box?
double-clicking the circle picture icon
line spacing
adds more space between the lines in a paragraph or adds more space in between the paragraph
Advertainment/Advergaming %:
82% of today's 18 to 34 year old demographic use on-line video games or online entertainment
What does a Heading 1 in a source document (an outline) become?
A slide title
AOSAdvertising is supposed to...
-persuade the consumer to buy, try or consider a product
-provide sufficient info for consumer to make a conscious decision to purchase or not.
-make a conscious effort to ethically enhance the image of the product.
What is a column boundary?
the border to the right of a column
not all formatting changes are evident in the Text pane
Why might formatting changes that you created not appear in a Text pane?
click the More Lines option
How can you make a line width of more than 6 points?
it will overflow outside of the Text pane
What happens if you exceed the number of allocated Text panes included with a SmartArt graphic?
Slide show view
tables and borders toolbar
A(n) ____________________ identifies each column.
The _________________________ bar can be adjusted to change the height of the Notes pane.
Replace All
The _________________________ button in the Find and Replace dialog box changes all occurrences of the text you searched for.
controls unconcious actions smooth muscle movement2 branches
22. To check a presentation for spelling errors, click the _____ button on the Standard toolbar
d. Spelling
PowerPoint automatically sizes text to fit a placeholder.
(T or F)
The ______________________ button in the Find and Replace dialog box changes all occurrences of the text you searched for.
Replace All
If you accidentally replace an occurrence of a word or phrase when using the Replace dialog box, you can click the Undo button to reverse the change.
IAAIndependent Agencies
The Richards Group
Wieden + Kennedy
Bernstein Rein
24. The first printing of a presentation, called a _____, allows you to check the presentation for errors and readability
d. rough draft
The _____ is considered the control center in PowerPoint 2007.
In the accompanying figure, what is the set of three blue boxes with circles inside and the arrow across them known as?
As a default, what information is displayed in the header and footer?
decease body text's indent level by moving it to the left
freud's theory of sleep
fulfill desires and wishes
AOS U.S. Regulation/Problems (four)
-money vs. ethics
-strategy vs. ethics
-ad agency's own moral judgment
-intuitive sense of right and wrong
2. All of the following are PowerPoint features except _____.
b. database management
All of the following are PowerPoint features except _____.
Database management
Line or border thickness is known as line ____________________.
Columns and rows can be resized by dragging the table resize handles.
(T or F)
Animation Effects
the special visual or sound effects used as objects are displayed on the screen or removed from view
AOSConsumer Bill of Rights
-consumer shall exercise personal responsibility over all buying.
-consumer shall not be coerced into buying any legitimate ad message
-consumer can tune out at any time any ad message he/she doesn't want to hear.
PowerPoint gives a user the flexibility to make presentations _____.
all of the above
The feature that allows you to point to a gallery choice and see how it will look on your slide is known as_________________________.
Live preview
____ allows you to copy all formatting changes from one object to another.
Format painter
Once a text box in inserted to a slide, it can be moved to various locations on that slide..
The intersection of a row and a column is a(n) ____________________.
Print Preview
lets you see what your printed pages will look like before you actually print them. can preview pages in black and white, grayscale, or color.
Media Plan: 5-Step Process.Step #5
Evaluation- The Post-buy analysis
Did it work?
drawing toolbar
Located at the bottom of the screen it appears directly above the status bar.  It contains tools to easily locating features to create and edit slides.  (Example:   By clicking the insert picture button one does not have to find its location on the menu bar and the pull down menu).
A table can be created on to a slide by clicking Table on the ____________________ tab.
How do you open the original Excel spreadsheet associated with a chart once it has been closed?
click the chart
connection networks for object recognition
*simple bottom up recognition (hubel and Wiesel)*augmented bottom up network (with inhibition)*adding top down activationSee ppt for pictures
When choosing words for PowerPoint slides, _____.
Use the less is more principle
How many text layouts are there?
Four Text Layouts1) Title slide- placeholders for the title and subtitle2) Title only – placeholder for title but NOT main text3) Text – title and main text placeholders4) 2 column text- same as text, but with two columns
What is the section on the right of the window called?
Clip Art task pane
What does the small button by the lower-right corner of the arrow represent?
That options are provided for inserting text
Which of the following are true about hyperlinks?`
-A hyperlink can be an object or text.
-The first step is to type the text or insert the object, then create the hyperlink.
-A hyperlink can be a connection to a Web page.
-A hyperlink can be a link to another slide.
If a Text pane is not displayed, what does the control look like to access and display it again?
a tab with two arrows pointing to the right and left
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