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Rich Text Format
Terms Definitions
research task pane
A(n) _________________________ window fills the entire screen.
regulatory body functions:food intakefluid balancetemp regulationsexual activity
The WordArt ____________________ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol. `
Displays thumbnails of different options you can use.
PR Vehicles
Press releases
Feature stories
Company newsletter/ in-house publication
Interviews/press conference
Sponsored events
PowerPoint users can insert artwork and multimedia effects, including pictures, photos, sounds, and movies, into a presentation.
(T or F)
A movable, resizable container that you can type in is known as a text box.
(T or F)
Bitmap graphics describe a picture mathematically as a set of instructions.
Uniform Resource Locator
URL stands for ________________________.
slide show view
for viewing the presentation
Primary Media:
electronic, print and direct marketing
animation schemes
Animation schemes in PowerPoint allow you to add preset visual effects to paragraphs, bulleted items and titles from a variety of animation groupings, namely Subtle, Moderate and Exciting. Using an animation scheme keeps your project consistent in the look and is a quick way to enhance your presentation.
Click the Animations tab on the _________________________ to apply transitions.
A slide show that includes hyperlinks must be run in a specialized way.
(T or F)
PowerPoint outlines can contain up to ____ levels.
PowerPoint offers a variety of more than ________________________ styles to alter shapes and pictures.
offers new words with similar meanings to the word you are looking up
IAAAccount planning:
represents the consumer within the agency. Carries out the research function. Writes the creative brief.
Nutrition Evidenced in Bones
Harris lines, Scurvy, Rickets, Chemical Analysis
zoom control
This control, located on the right side of the standard toolbar, allows you to control how big the image is on your screen.  It works in all views (except slide show).
A single media file includes all of the following EXCEPT ____.
Once selected, the arrow keys can move an object incrementally.
(T or F)
Vector graphics also are known as ____________________.
object-oriented pictures
When a transition is created, it can be applied to all slides with the Apply To All button.
A connection from one slide to another is a __________________________.
what scientists asked basic sleep questions
Dement and Kleitman
A.P.African-Americans in Ad
Tom Burrell: started own ad agency.
Alma Hardin and Carol Williams worked for Burrell.
default setting
is a particulatr calue for a cariable that {awer Paint asidns unutiall
While PowerPoint is saving a file, it briefly displays a message on the _________________________ indicating the amount of the file saved.
Status bar
When you ungroup a clip art picture in PowerPoint, it becomes a drawing object.
(T or F)
toggle button
many of the buttons used to format text. switches on and off when you click it
Phineas Gauge
guy who got prefrontal damage when a metal pole got jabbed through his headeverything was fine in his body but he was emotionally different
A.P.First Radio Commercial
1922, 6 minute- NY City apartment house
First Radio program- 1929: Maxwell house Showboat. 1937- first soap opera
After a placeholder is selected, how do you delete it?
Press the DELETE key
Which file type is used to transfer formatted documents between applications?
rich text format
a type of font that is used if your planning to show your presentation on a different computer or printed with a different printer
Creative Brief (5-9)
Comm. objectives: what do you want the consumer to get from the message.
Proposition or selling idea: single thought
Support: allows the consumer to believe and rationalize.
Creative Direction: how to stimulate desired response
Media Imperatives: When/Where should it be said.
What does the green circle above the text box do if selected?
Rotates the text box
BOBBrand loyalty: & how to build it.
Achieving a customer satisfaction level that means repeated buying, using and recommendation of the product.
-consistent quality
-low sale price as consumer advantage
-distribution channels efficient and open
-extensions not consistent with customer's perception should be avoided.
Final Good or Service
is produced for a final user and not as a component of a
final good.

What does clicking the Find Next button in the Replace dialog box do?
it does not replace that occurrence and proceeds to the next occurrence
because the text in the placeholder is selected
In the accompanying figure, why did the Format tab appear automatically on the Ribbon?
What happens when you click a hyperlink during a presentation?
the Web browser will open a new window and display the Web page
movement between slides
PowerPoint 2007 offers ____________________ background styles.
rostral- caudal
nose - tail
What gallery is displayed?
Table Styles
individual pages of PowerOint presentation
Pre-Media plan:
- Target Audience
- Objectives, Strategies and Tactics
- Budget
- Scheduling
- Tone of the campaign
The charting feature of PowerPoint assists users in developing a presentation using an outline format and/or importing outlines from word processing programs.
(T or F)
The Transparency slider indicates the amount of _________________________.
Line weight increases by _________________________ increments.
1/4 pt
type of program that PowerPoint is
A.P.Bruce Barton
Campbell's Soup account from newspapers-magazines increasing sales.
slide background
The Background dialog box provides various options that let you change the background look of a single slide or every slide in the presentation.
A special animation effect used to program from one slide to the next is a(n) ____.
The ______________________ option on the shortcut menu allows you to turn off guides.
Grid and Guides
Each SmartArt graphic has a(n) ____________________ with bullets that function as an outline.
Text pane
The ____________________ button in the Find and Replace dialog box changes all occurrences of a particular item.
Replace All
Small dots, squares, or other symbols to indicate the beginning of each item in a list
A.P.Rosser Reeves
created the USP, Unique Selling Proposition- proposed that one primary benefit should be featured in an ad.
Tab can be presses instead of the decrease indent button
You can add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar but you cannot delete them.
(T or F)
Clip art images have one or more ____________________ associated with the various entities, activities, labels, and emotions displayed in the image, which help a user locate the desired clip.

Stores data as picture descriptions or calculations

Conversion of input represented by 0 and 1

Created by digital cameras

Converts a graphic file into a readable format

Bitmap pictures with jagged edges

Vector or bitmap


Vector graphic

Digitized signal

Bitmap graphic


Scanned picture

Graphic formats

.wmf files



PICT files
Art images composed of a series of pixels are ____________________ graphics.
When a transition is created, it can be applied to all slides with the Apply To All button.
Gray matter (innercore)
cell bodies, dendrites, synapsesare of communicationganglia- PNSNuclei- CNScortex- CNS layers that cover something
Cost per thousand: Cost of one page/by # of readers in thousand form. =CPM
Microsoft PowerPoint ChartingDrawing
is a compllete graphic program that allows you to produce proffessinal looking presentation Drawing Inserts
While running a slide show, the _________________________ command allows you to jump to any slide in the presentation.
Go to Slide
Use the SHIFT key to select more than one area of text to apply formatting to.
(T or F)
Paste Options button
In the accompanying figure, what is the small button by the lower-right corner of the arrow known as?
first-line indent
whre only the first line of the paragraph is indented
restoration vs adaptations
some people think sleep is necessary to function--no good evidenceadaptation- sleep keeps us out of trouble (evolutionary theory)
High BDI: High Market share
HIgh CDI: Good market potential
What option allows you to view on your screen how a printout will look prior to printing it?
Print Preview
If a slide is shown in Normal or Slide Sorter view, what happens when you click a hyperlink?
Slides and Outline Pane-SLIDES TAB
provides thumbnails similar to the slide sorter view
Online video advertising:
Over 50% watch video online at least once a week: 5% watch daily.
Embedded ads= more flexible
More easily tracked.
What is the default action for a selected button in the bottom-right corner of the slide?
Hyperlink to last slide
WTBIExpandable Rich Media
grow when a visitor moves over the ad or clicks to interact with it.
how can you remember you dreams
wake up during or immediately after REM sleep
What is the myth pygmalion about?
greek myth where an artist falls in love with the figure he created, also known as an erotic attraction to statues
current date and time and page number will appear
What do the black boxes (solid placeholders) in the left footer placeholder and right footer placeholder in the Preview slide portion of the Header and Footer dialog box indicate?
What do you have to do to display a custom screen tip?
hover the mouse over a hyperlink
design template
measures brain waves
____________________ includes special visual and sound effects applied to text and content.
say perception is innate
normal view
has your work space
delivery system for news, entertainment and advertising. Three groups: print, broadcast and out-of-home.
Commands on the Ribbon include (3).
The reflection effect reverses letters below the text.
(T or F)
In the accompanying figure, what initially was one cohesive object has now been ____________________.
The Hide Presentation command hides supporting slides.
movement of objects on a slide
Fastest growing medium
60% of ad budgets
Mass medium
80% of comp. users get news on internet.
CTRL+F1 allows you to minimize or maximize the Ribbon.
(T or F)
Clips are organized in ____ clip collections.
In the accompanying figure, what gallery is displayed?
Theme Fonts
Insertion Point
a vertical blinking bar indicating where the text you key will be placed.
TWMWhere to advertise:
Where brands distributed
Where brand isnt distributed
In geographical markets where sales are good
By default, a black blank slide ends all slide shows
A dialog box can remain open and visible while working on a presentation, but a task pane must be closed before continuing to work.
(T or F)
You can add your own clips to slides.
(T or F)
You can set the speed of slide transitions.
(T or F)
In the accompanying figure, the small blue circles on each part of the image are known as ____________________.
sizing handles
The Slide Number button is located on the _________________________ tab.
Items snapping to guides can be turned off.
sex differences
left:men- loose all of the left language functionwomen- severely damaged, not as bad as menright:men- untouchedwomen- get problems here also
Media Plan: 5-Step Process.Step #2
Planning Media Objectives
Four components: TA, Seasonality, Geography, Reach and Frequency.
color schemes
The Slide Color Scheme option on the Format menu lets you change colors in a color scheme, or select new colors for a single slide or an entire presentation.
The Design tab can be found on the ____________________.
What is the set of three blue boxes with circles inside and the arrow across them known as?
One dot on a computer screen or a printer is a _________________________.
indent markers
appear and can be manipulated when you activate a text object for editing. the two small triangles and the small rectangle that appear on the left side of the ruler.
Non somniacs
people that sleep for 1-2 hours a night
Match TA with Media Audience to...
reach the right people.
What are the 30 letter A's known as?
WordArt Styles gallery
the ARROW keys
What keyboard key(s) can be used to position a graphic on a slide?
Live Preview
a feature that allows you to see what your changes will look like before selecting an effect
BOBTypes of Brands: (Three)
-Parent brand: the identity of the company that makes the product. Monolithic brand architecture.
-Superbrand: brand that thrives outside its own category. Freestanding architecture.
-Co-brands: company doesn't make all brands but includes other similar brands in its marketing. Endorsed architecture.
What does a Heading 1 in a source document (an outline) become?
a slide title
TWMBrand Development Index (BDI)
# of units sold per 1,000 population.
Calculated from data for each individual market in which the brand is sold.
Represents sales potential
measures relative strength for brands
gestalt psychologists- theory of perception
*\"the whole is greater than the sum of its parts\"*basic units of perception are not sensation*perception does not depend on learning*gestalt means big picture, dont look at little things*perceptual organization depends on relationship of elements to a stimulus
What is the feminist approach to sex?
Women have the right to sexual pleasure and desire but they must also make their own choices in order to balance the pursuit of sexual pleasure with a concern for their safety and health
It appears when you select text to which you could add a WordArt style or other effect.
In the accompanying figure, why did the Format tab appear?
Two toolbars display on the same row in the accompanying figure but, to allow for more efficient use of the buttons, the toolbars should appear _____.
on two separate rows instead of on a single row
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