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Slide sorter View
Terms Definitions
slide footer
measures penile activity
What view is selected?
Attitudinal Research
Personal Interviews
Focus Groups
____________________ are two straight dotted lines to help position shapes and objects on slides.
the see-through-it-ness of an image
BOBStrong Brand Name...
Compelling benefits
Evokes emotions
Best one word description
What's important relating to the purchase
The shortcut menu initially contains the Save, Undo, and Redo commands.
(T or F)
Scanned pictures are vector pictures and have jagged edges.
(T or F)
The WordArt Graphic dialog box includes a description of each design.
If you accidentally replace an occurrence of a word or phrase when using the Replace dialog box, you can click the Undo button to reverse the change.
Cuts off part of an image
TWMOutdoor Ads (billboards)
not primary medium
tough to measure effectiveness
The Mini toolbar contains buttons for bold, italics, and alignment.
(T or F)
What are the four small slides called?
The ____________________ button in the Find and Replace dialog box changes all occurrences of a particular item.
Replace All
In the accompanying figure, what font does the Live Preview show as the body font?
a great tool for magnifyiing your slide so you can see small details for precise alignment and corrections
TWMMedia Vehicles:
individual programs or publications by name; CSI, Maxim, etc.
a slide with more then one level bullet is called a milti-level bulleted list slide
A command is a set of graphical choices arranged in a grid or in a list.
(T or F)
What type of placeholder is on the slide?
The Slide Number button is located on the _________________________ tab.
drawing object
When an image is ungrouped in PowerPoint, it becomes a(n) _________________________.
If you attach sound to an action button, you must be running the slide show to hear it.
wernicke's apashia
damage to left temporal areaspeech is fluent but it does not make sensecan produce language but they dont understand it
Explanation of Flow Chart.
Plots Media Decisions.
Top: Calendar
Side: Media List
Bars: exact timing of media.

Can show scheduling type, recommended media, budget allocation by medium and month, gross impressions, reach/frequency and gross rating points.
title bar
The title bar contains (left to right) the Office Button, Quick Access Toolbar, the filename of your document (middle), and minimize, restore down, and close buttons (right). ? blue bar that runs across the top of the screen that
tells the name of the document as well as the name of
the program used to create it
You can choose a slide layout from the Layout gallery.
(T or F)
One dot on a computer screen or a printer is a _________________________.
limits the rotation of an object to 15 degree increments
neuron in inferotemporal cortex
endpoint of the ventral streamonly responds to complex objects
Target Rating Points
eliminates waste coverage.
% of TA watching the program.

determine demographic profile of TA using MediaMark Research (MRI). Multiply Users by the rating for the TV vehicle.
The small blue circles on each part of the image are known as ____________________.
Sizing handles
rotates the text box
In the accompanying figure, what does the green circle above the text box do if selected?
speaker notes
notes that go with the slides to help you remember what you plan to say
BOBBrand equity: & "Long-term"
Significant brand value added b/c the product is well recognized and has a positive association in the mind of the consumer.
- Introduction, Elaboration, Fortification

Advertising drives equity & equity drive the brand.
Where are the Microsoft Office 2007 clip art images automatically installed?
in the Office Collections group
Gross Rating Points
Reach x Frequency =GRPS ( sum of the audiences for all media vehicles used)
Uses/Values of competitive spending analysis
-Fix on ad budget size and media mix
-Where $$ is spent- shows competitors view of the target audience
-Shows how competitors view regional and seasonality issues.
-Watch spending patterns
-Shows cost to get into market/which competitive types are growing fastest.
-Decide where you can out-do them.
What does the word autonomous mean?
not controlled by others or by outside forces, independent, self directed
Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the example.of the task you want to accomplishDesign tab, Theme Colors.

Insert tab, Hyperlink.

Review tab, Thesaurus.

Design tab, Table Styles gallery.

Slide Show tab, Set Up Slide Show button.
I want to change the background color

I want to create a connection to a Web page of Beverly Beach

I want to find a synonym for “good”

I want to improve the visual appearance of a table

I want to show only slides 3-10 in a particular slide show

I want to add another slide to my presentation

I want to include a rotated, wide solid border around an image of a sunrise

I want to create a line chart

I want to change my pie chart to a bar chart

want to locate an image of a sunrise
If you have closed the Tabs pane, how do you redisplay it?
Click the View tab and then click Normal in the Presentation Views group
slide header
too much sleep
____________________ graphics are created by digital cameras.
Secondary Media:
(auxiliary) out-of-home media.
A(n) ____________________ is defined by the number of rows and columns.

Value-added is the increase in the market value of a good that takes place 

at each stage of the production-distribution process

A.P.Cyrus Curtis
15% ad agency commission
Background styles have designs that may include ____. `
The Textures gallery contains 24 pictures that give the appearance of a physical object.
(T or F)
Which of the following SmartArt graphics show nonsequential information?
arrangement of titles, text, and graphics on page
BOBBrand identity:
Must be distinctive. Distinct recognition by the consumer of brand's markers.
Identity + Image = Reputation
A shortcut menu appears when you right-click an object.
(T or F)
The Format Painter button is located on the Quick Access Toolbar.
(T or F)
A table ____________________ is a combination of formatting options that sue the theme colors applied to the presentation.
Quick Style
How many action buttons are provided in PowerPoint?
In the accompanying figure, what gallery is displayed?
Table Styles
clicking within a placeholder to let it know that you are making it ready to accept text
Develop own strategy:
Determine media types/vehicles to reach TA
Which markets to choose/avoid.
How much to spend and where to spend it.
The font size box indicates the font in inches
A saved presentation is referred to as a file.
(T or F)
In PowerPoint 2007, © ½ £ are called ____.
The Print feature is located on the ____________________ Button.
The interior of a line, shape, or character is known as ____________________.
What button expands the choices in the SmartArt Styles group?
A hyperlink can be text; a hyperlink cannot be an object.
retinal disparity
differences on due to different angles on the retina*corresponding points- when both points on the retina are at the same angle (seen as one image)*non-corresponding points-objects that are closer or further and fall at different angles on the retina (2 images because the brain cannot fuse these images)differences of 3 degrees or less are seen as 1 image and perceived as depth
Parts of the Media Plan:
Executive Summary
Situation Analysis: SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
Objectives and Strategies
Media strategy and rationale
Creative Strategy and rationale
slide show (view)
Slide Show View shows how a presentation will look when you run it. This allows you to do a test run and even create timed presentations.
In a Two Content layout that you have entered a bulleted list, the list is to the right of the content placeholder.
(T or F)
Once a text box is inserted to a slide, it can be moved to various locations on that slide.
(T or F)
3 x 7
In the accompanying figure, how will the table dimensions be defined?
a copy of the object or selected item is placed at the location of the insertion point and the item remains on the clipboard
angular acuity
how much of an angle between lines before we can say that they are not parallel.larger angle for oblique lines
A.P.The Big Three
Leo Burnett "reach for the stars"- Pilsbury Doughboy & Jolly Green Giant
Bill Bernbach: Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB)- "persuasion"
Ogilvy: "ad is an investment"
What is the small button by the lower-right corner of the arrow known as?
Paste Options button
ReplaceReplace AllFind Next
Which of the following are options in the Replace dialog box?
slide sorter view
allows you to see all slides at once
AOSJudeo-Christian Ethic
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
rich text format
  Which file type is used to transfer formatted documents between applications?
AOS"right" thing in advertising (three)
Ethicality- principal of right or good conduct.
Virtue- quality of moral excellence, righteousness and responsibility.
Morality- the evaluation of or a means of evaluating human conduct with a set of ideas of right or wrong.
Internet and other on-line media are most effective when...
used in combination with traditional media or in combination with each other.
how long are dreams and how often do they occur
5-20 minutes4-5 times a night
Which of the following are true about chart layouts?
The Chart Layouts gallery offers chart changes.

The legend is in different locations in different chart layouts.
What happens if you exceed the number of allocated Text panes included with a SmartArt graphic?
A red X will show instead of a bullet
re-size cursor
TWMNon-traditional Media
Product placement
Consumer Relationship Marketing
Advertiser-published consumer mags
Alternative publications.
PowerPoint needs a(n) ____________________ to convert a graphic file into a format it can read and use.
Title slide
introducde the presentaion aduinece
The transparency default settings range from 0 to 100%.
evolutionary trendsleep is very evolutionary olddreaming is evolutionarily new
The _________________________ is a special toolbar that includes the PowerPoint menu names.
menu bar
Which of the following layouts includes placeholders for text and content?
Guides cannot be moved.
(T or F)
The Transparency slider indicates the amount of _________________________.
Click the _________________________ to access the Print menu.
Office Button
right hemisphere specializes in:
spatial relationemotional tomeprosody-not talking monotonebasic language comprehensiontonal memory\"artsy\" hemisphere
Powerpoint keeps the same layout as the preivious when a new slide is added to a presentation
Groups are located on a particular _____.
What initially was one cohesive object has now been ____________________.
A content placeholder is required to add a picture or clip to a slide.
(T or F)
Imported outlines can contain up to ____ levels.
A slide show that includes hyperlinks must be run in a specialized way.
speeds up heart rateputs blood in muscles
TWM:Defensive/Offensive Strategies
Defensive: Minimize risks and maximize potential. In geographical market where sales have not been good.
Offensive: high risks.
All of the following are PowerPoint features except _____.
database management
A selected placeholder is indicated by a ____.
Dashed line
A small globe image in the lower-left corner of a clip art image in the Clip Art task pane indicates the image was obtained from the Microsoft Office Online Web site.
(T or F)
The intersection of a row and column is a(n) ____________________.
Where can you find a Text pane?
with SmartArt
What is the center location of a slide?
Normal view
the default view when you open powerpoint
A.PAlbert Lasker
Stock boy > owner of America's largest ad agency. Draft/FCB: Foote, Cone and Belding- Sunkist, Cigarettes to women
When a slide layout is set to _________________________, the slide height is greater than its width.
portrait orientation
slide master
The slide master in PowerPoint is a template that contains preset layouts, colors and fonts for PowerPoint presentations.
Colors of a theme can be changed but the font cannot.
(T or F)
A hyperlink can be any element of a slide.
(T or F)
In the accompanying figure, how will the table dimensions be defined?
3 x 7
Transition Effects
the effects seen in the process of changing between slides
Media Plan: 5-Step Process.Step #4
Implementing the Media Buy.
-buying and negotiating on behalf for the client.
As text is typed on the Outline tab, the text can be viewed in the _________________________, which shows a large view of the current slide on the right side of the window.
slide pane
If a slide is shown in Normal or Slide Sorter view, what happens when you click a hyperlink?
A clip can be composed of only up to 100 separate objects.
Price Ceiling
The highest price at which it is legal to trade a
particular good, service, or factor of production.

outline view
Located as a tab to the left of the Slide Sorter View.  It provides the fastest way to edit text, there is an ease in copying text from one slide to another and rearranging slide order.
Pure Black and White
converts all colors to either black or white, eliminating shades of gray.
What is a paragraph?
A peice of text with the same format the ends when the enter key is pressed
How are themes arranged in the Themes gallery?
In alphabetical order running from left to right
How can you make a line width of more than 6 points?
Click the More Lines option
Why does the mouse pointer change shape after clicking the Text Box button?
It is ready to create the text box where you click

a red X will show instead of a bullet
What happens if you exceed the number of allocated Text panes included with a SmartArt graphic?
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