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clip organizer
measures eye movements
PowerPoint needs a(n) ____________________ to convert a graphic file into a format it can read and use.
Research Criteria must be...
Brightness changes the overall lightness and darkness of an image and contrast changes the difference between the darkest and lightest ares of an image.
(T or F)
Which interface metaphors help user?Which interaction type support user activities?Do different interface types provide alternative insight?
Theatre of the mind
Anywhere, anytime
Costs less than TV
Local, network and pay
What is ‘shredder’ known as?
A keyword
The WordArt Graphic dialog box includes a description of each design.
(T or F)
The Transparency slider indicates the amount of _________________________.
The Transparency slider indicates the amount of _________________________.
old cortex
smell brain- smell memorieslimbic structures- emotionshippocampus- regular memories, H.M.
Tool Manufacture
Chaine operatoire, idea of outcome, standardization of product, communication of learning
Slides cannot be duplicated.
(T or F)
In the Background Styles gallery, the backgrounds are arranged from black to white.
(T or F)
Theme colors can be changed or customized, but theme fonts cannot.
(T or F)
Around Border
All of the following EXCEPT _________________________ are border names.
A table ____________________ is a combination of formatting options that use the theme colors applied to the presentation.
Quick Style
Slide show
displays slides sequentially in full screen size
Effective Frequency:
Three exposures= best.
Determined by: level of brand awareness, content of the message, and sophistication of the TA.
A saved presentation is referred to as a file
PowerPoint 2007 files can be viewed in previous versions of PowerPoint only after downloading a compatibility pack from Microsoft.
(T or F)
One way to review a presentation and assess whether slides have an attractive design and adequate content is to switch back and forth between Slide Sorter view and Normal view.
(T or F)
When an image is ungrouped in PowerPoint, it becomes a(n) _________________________.
Drawing object
The Print feature is located on the ____________________ Button.
with SmartArt
Where can you find a Text pane?
If you change a picture border color for one picture, all of the picture border colors will change.
static monocular depth cues
artists use theses*height in field*relative size*shading*converging lines*saturation of colors*superimpositions*texture gradients
Cost per point: The cost for buying one rating point on TV. Cost/Rating Points.
menu bar
Located at the top of the screen underneath the title bar.  It contains categories, which when clicked on provide pull down menus with more specific related options.  (Example pressing the category help opens a pull-down menu containing).
Where is the Shapes button located?
In the Drawing group
How will the table dimensions be defined?
3 x 7
When you want to include a picture on a slide and have located the picture file in the Insert Picture dialog box, click the _________________________ button to include it on the slide.
noncontiguous slides
slides that do not follow one after another
visual agnosia
the brain cannot make sense of its surroundingsoliver sacs- the man who mistook his wife for a hat
TWMSales Analysis:
Select market based on sales or market share produced in the past.- heavy user data.
80-20 Rule. Buying power indices.
What procedure accesses the Insert Picture dialog box?
Double-clicking the circle picture icon
double-clicking the circle picture icon
In the accompanying figure, what procedure accesses the Insert Picture dialog box?
the amount of time a slide is on the screen in a presentation
What are the types of confirmations?
• Positive Confirmations
- small number of accounts are involved
- large number of errors are anticipated
• Negative Confirmations
- the combined assessed level of inherent and control risk is low
- a large number of small balances is involved
- the auditor has no reason to believe that the recipients of the
requests are unlikely to give them consideration.
• Blank Confirmations should be used if the recipient is likely to return a positive confirmation without verifying the accuracy of the information.
a slide title
What does a Heading 1 in a source document (an outline) become?
Purpose of Media Plan:
shows the client how $ is being spent
provides guide for media buyers
provides strategic guide for creative.
M.O.S.TSetting the Media Budget: Four Methods.
Objective Task Method: $$ to complete each task to accomplish the objective
Affordability Method: $$ afford to spend
Percent of sales Method: Fixed % for x time
Competitive Spending Method: comparison of what competitors spend
PR can react in a crisis situation...
faster than advertising, using many of the same media outlets.
In the accompanying figure, how was the Insert Table dialog box accessed?
by clicking the Insert Table button in the content placeholder
Why would you click the Apply button instead of the Apply to All button to display slide numbers?
Click the Apply button when you want something to appear only on the slide currently selected
paste special
dorsal- ventral
back -front
A(n) ____________________ slide provides detailed information to supplement another slide in the presentation.
powerpoint passwords are case sensitive
Text panes automatically include bullets.
forebrain forms:
Thalamustelencephalonvery evolved area for mammalsits what separates us genetically from most other organisms
The _________________________ is the application displaying on the foreground of the desktop.
active application
____________________ add pattern and texture to a background.
Fill effects
How many complementary colors are included in a color scheme?
Three fills are available: solid, light, and dark.
The _________________________ option on the shortcut menu allows you to turn off guides.
Grid and Guides
hind brian forms:
medulla pons and cerebellum
Hydraulic Hypothesis
Karl Wittfogel, Control of water supply
Each time you open PowerPoint, the Ribbon appears the same way it did the previous time you used it. (T or F)
PowerPoint allows you to animate clip art, but there is no way to animate text.
(T or F)
How many action buttons are provided in PowerPoint?
Pictures can be directly imported from a scanner or a camera into PowerPoint 2007.
Contrast and brightness can be changed by predefined percentage increments.
why promote?
Promote- increase the outline level of that item
M.O.S.T. The most immersive type of advertising...
The _____ feature in PowerPoint allows you to create bulleted lists, find and replace text, combine words and images, and use multiple fonts and type sizes.
using Wizards
It is considered good practice to save a presentation and then print it.
(T or F)
The globe image in the lower-left corner of a clip art image in the Clip Art task pane indicates that it was obtained from the Microsoft Office ____________________ site.
Online Web
The Thesaurus button is located on the ____________________ tab.
A Microsoft Word 2007 file that you want to open in PowerPoint will have a(n) ____________________ extension.
The Contrast button is located in the ________________________ group.
the object or selected text is placed on the clipboard
to call attention to or emphasize any human body part or trait in a demeaning manner.
Age at Death
Tooth eruption, fusion of bones, age of bone cells
slide layout
The slide layout is a predefined slide format that determines the position of the objects on a slide.  You can access 24 different slide layouts by pulling down the Format menu, clicking “slide layout” and then choosing one that best suits your needs.
When a shape has been selected, the mouse pointer changes to a ____ to indicate it has been added to the Clipboard.
Plus sign
If you change a picture border for one picture, all of the picture border colors will change.
(T or F)
WordArt Styles gallery
In the accompanying figure, what are the 30 letter As known as?
Fit to Window
will change from the current zoom settings to fit in the window that is open
stereoscopic vision and retinal disparity
*2 eyes gives different perspective*uses slightly different cues*stereoscope-2 images shot by 2 cameras at slightly different angles (3D image)
What are some alternative procedures?
• Vouch subsequent cash collections
- usually sufficient evidence of existence,
• Examine shipping documents
• Examine client-generated supporting
documentation, such as invoices.
- Depends on internal controls
• Inspect correspondence files
A clip can be composed of only up to 100 separate objects.
(T or F)
one vertical and one horizontal
What do guide lines look like?
What are panes?
Normal View- PP contains up to 3 panes1) Slide pane2) Notes pane3) Task paneSlide pane- shows the current slide as it will look during your slide showYou can use either the slide pane or Outline tab to add or edit text, but you must use the slide pane to add or edit graphics and to change a slides design and animationNotes pane- contains any notes (speaker notes) that you might prepare on each slide
What is a text attribute?
Characteristic added to the text such as color size or style.
In the accompanying figure, what is the default action for a selected button in the bottom-right corner of the slide?
hyperlink to the last slide
IAAMedia planning and buying services:
Determines how a client's message can most effectively and efficiently reach the target audience. Build the media plan, implement the plan by making the media buys. Create strategies and tactics designed to effectively meet the competitive challenge.
What are some steps to audit accounts receivable?
• Test Accounts Receivable Aged Trial Balance
(Exhibit 7.7)
• Confirm balances.
• Perform analytical procedures
• Test sales cut-off
What is the audit evidence in the management reports and data files?
• Pending order master file
• Credit check/approval files
• Price list master file
• Sales detail file (sales journal)
• Sales analysis report
• Accounts receivable aged trial balance
• Cash receipts listing
• Customer Statements
What is the feminist perspective of the family?
Choice is an essential part of this perspective
Which of the following is FALSE about applying picture styles?
A picture style can be added to a picture but not a clip.
control center in PoewrPoint
What is initially transparent, dissapears if not used, but is bright in appearance when the mouse is moved over it?
Mini Toolbar
position within a structure or outline
Groups are located where?
On a particular tab.
PowerPoint outlines can contain up to ____ levels
Mode in which the presentation appears on the screen
central location for managing and sharing documents
office button
What is the basic unit of any Powerpoint presentation?
appears when you perform certain tasks or work with objects such as tables or pictures
Contextual tab
In the accompanying figure, what are the 30 letter As known as?
WordArt Styles gallery
displays thumbnail pictures of each of the slides within a PowerPoint presentation
Slide Sorter View
What does the status bar consist of?
Information about the document and the view button.
What do the black boxes (solid placeholders) in the left footer placeholder and right footer placeholder in the Preview slide portion of the Header and Footer dialog box indicate?
current date and time and page number will appear
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