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Terms Definitions
Belief in:
India (origin)
Caste System
self rule
tree ring counting
wisdom of buddha
1st capital of egypt
introduced first coined money
Trained professional soldiers, as distinct from militia or conscripts. During the French and Indian War, British generals, used to commanding experienced _________, often showed contempt for ill-trained colonial affairs by the seaboard elite.
cyrus the great
darius 1
xerxes 1
survivor of great babylonian flood
made immortal
tells gilgamesh that immortality is in a plant at the bottom of the ocean. plant is eaten by a sea serpent
local rulers from conquered lands
Indo-European nomadic pastoralists who replaced Harappan civilization; militarizded society; Sanskirt language
communities taking turns performing labor on mining and building projects
elected president, and declares himself Emporor of France
Yamasee Indians
South Carolinians ferociously defeat the Yamasee Indians. THe defeat of the Yamasee Indians signified the conquest of almost all coastal Indian Tribes, yet the interior tribes strengthened and grew in number
writings of confucius of his teachings
man who befriends gilgamesh
lived with wild animals
Pure Land
Emphasized salvationist aspects of Chinese Buddhism; popular among the masses of Chinese society; aka Mahayana Buddhism
refers to an architectural style developed during the Middle Ages in western Europe; featured pointed arches and flying buttresses as external supports on main walls.
Households in Andean societies that recognized some form of kinship; traced descent from some common, sometimes mythical ancestor.
Location of greatest deposit of mercury in South America; aided in AMerican silver production; linked with potosi
most important legislative body of Roman politics; composed of aristocrats
ancienc philosopher whose methods of scholarship were rejected by Enlightment thinkers
formal agreement between two or more nations
Headright System
Headrights were parcels of land consisting of about 50 acres which were given to colonists who brought indentured servants into America. They were used by the Virginia Company to attract more colonists.
Myceneans and Minoans
Two Mediterranean civilizations that preceded the Greeks
ahmose 1
pharaoh who defeated hyksos
began the period of the empire
Mehmed II
Ottoman sultan called "the conqueror"; responsible for conquest of Constantinople in 1453; destroy what remained of Byzantine Empire
Sect in northwest India; early leaders tried to bridge gap between Hindus and Muslims, but Mughal persecution led to anti-Muslim feelings
the Buddhist state of enlightenment; a state of tranquility
Olympic Games
one of the Pan-Hellenic rituals observed by all Greek city-states; involved athletic competitions and ritual celebrations; still held today between many countries of the world
Yi Dynasty
Korean Dynasty that succeeded Koryo dynasty following period of Mongol invasions; established in 1392; ruled Korea to 1910; resotred aristocratic dominance and Chinese influence
traders from the island of crete; ideas and technology from Egypt and Mesopotamia; frescoes; Mycenaean invasion led to destruction
United States entered WW1 in this year
states' rights
the principle that the rights and responsibilities of the states should take precedence over the rights and responsibilities of the federal government
Mayflower Compact
1620 - The first agreement for self-government in America. It was signed by the 41 men on the Mayflower and set up a government for the Plymouth colony.
Leonardo da Vinci
Represented the Renaissance Man
He was skilled in various areas
shi huangdi
chin or qin dynasty
builder of great wall of china
Molasses Act (96)
West Indian purchases of north American timber and foodstuffs provided the crucial cash for the colonists to continue to make their own purchases in Britain. But in 1733, bowing to pressure from influential British West Indian planters, Parliament passed the Molasses Act, aimed at the squelching North American trade with the French West Indies. If successful, this scheme would have struck a crippling bow to American international trade and to the colonist's standard of living. American Merchants responded to the act by bribing and smuggling their way around the law. thus was foreshadowed the impending imperial crises, when headstrong Americans would revolt rather than submit tot the dictates of the far-off Parliament.
Ridda Wars
wars that followed Muhammad's death in 632; resulted in defeat of rival prophets and some of larger clans; restored unity of Islam
- are sworn associations of people in the same business or trade in a single city; stressed security and mutual control; limited membership, regulated apprenticeship, guaranteed goo workmanship; often established franchise within crisis.
rulers of Xia Xia kingdom of Morthwest CHina; one of reginal kingodms during period of southern Song; conquered by Mongols
Amigos del pais
Clubs and asociations dedicated to improvements and reform in Spanish colonies; flourished during the 18th century; called for material improvements rather than political reform
Direct Democracy
literally "rule of the people"; as interpreted in Athens, all decisions emanated from popular assembly without intermediation of elected representatives
3/5 rule
def: three-fifths of the population of slaves would be counted for enumeration purposes regarding both the distribution of taxes and the apportionment of the members of the United States House of Representatives-->
James Wilson and Roger Sherman.
sig: used for determining the house of reps.
a narrow strip of land, bordered on both sides by water, connecting two larger bodies of land.
Duke of York
King Charles the Second gave the colony to his brother (this name) who renamed it New York instead of New Netherland/New Amsterdam
Separate City States
Geography influenced the lives of the ancient Greeks, which led to...
charter (30)
The charter of the Virginia Company is a significant document in American history. It guaranteed to the overseas settlers the same rights of Englishmen that they would have enjoyed if they had stayed at home.. This precious boon was gradually extended to subsequent English colonies, helping to reinforce the colonists' sense that even on the far shores of the Atlantic, they remained conformably within the embrace of traditional English institutions.
Third Rome
Russian claim to be successor state to Rome and Byzantine Empires; based in part on continuity of Orthodox Church in Russia following fall of Constantinople in 1453
Cyrus the Great
established a Persian empire in the Middle East
were of the First Estate in the old regime
Control of Mediterranean Sea
The conflict of interest that lay between Rome and Carthage
The Holy Roman Emperors-
were emperors in northern Italy and Germany following split of Charlemange's empire; claimed title of emperor c 10th century; failed to develop centralized monarchy in Germany.
Excise Tax
def: a tax that is measured by the amount of business done (not on property or income from real estate)
sig: tax on sales of goods
Philip II of Macedon
ruled Macedon from 359 to 336 BCE; founder of centralized kingdom; later conquered rest of Greece which was subjected to Macedonian authority; father of Alexander the Great
South Carolina Slave Revolt (Stono River)
(1739) Uprising, also known as the Stono Rebellion, of more than fifty South Carolina blacks along the Stono River. The slaves attempted to reach Spanish Florida but were stopped by the South Carolina militia.
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