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Indian tribe who go to war with the colonists in virginia
New Spain
Created after the collapse of the Aztec Empire (key elements Encomienda system, Slavery, Religion, Wealth)
Early Native american confederacy
Cash crops
Tobacco, cotton, indigo, rice. All features of the slave trade and atlantic trade network
Seneca Rights
First womens right convention in seneca falls formed by Elizabeth stanton and Lucretia Mott, Susan B Anthony
French and Indian War
"First World War" fought in north america and involved most european countries.
Push Pull land factors
Reformed version of the Church of england moving away from catholic practices
Pequot war
pequot people begin to attack colonists, colonists respond in attack allied with other tribes, essentially eliminating the pequot people. started brutality between colonists and natives for next couple hundred years
King phllip war
Last major effort by indians in southern new england to drive out colonists, one of the bloodier conflicts during this period
King Williams War
small but brutal war that ended in a treaty stated any grounds made went back to their side.
Queen Anne's war
larger war that happened because of unresolved issues from king williams war
Major General Edward Braddock
Killed in ambush, washington served as his aid
Fur trade
Spanish Explorers
Ponce de Leon (explored Floride) Hernando de Soto (southeastern US) Francisco Coronado (southwestern US)
Six Flags over america
Spanish, French, British, Dutch, Swedish, Russian
Encomienda System
Labor system Used by spanish to attempt to define status of indian people
Early english colonies
Roanoke (present day North Carolina), Jamestown first permanent english settlement
New England Colonies
Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine
British Relations with native americans
did not get along well, started many wars along with spurting inter tribal warfare among the indians
French relations with native americans
Got along, used the native americans to further they're fur trade economically
Iroquois League
Native Americans response to colonization, Consisted of 5 native american tribes that later became a very powerful force
Indentured Servitude
Featured poor europeans and africans mainly because they were unable to enslave native americans.
Why we used African slaves
natives knew the layout of the land and outnumbered colonists
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