CH. 6 Integumentary System Flashcards

Terms Definitions
what is the cutaneous membrane or the integument?
what is included in the integumentary system?
skin and it's derivatives: nails, hair , sweat glands, sebaceous glands
what is the scientific study and treatment of the integumentary system?
what is the body's largest organ?
integument; 7-8% of body weight
what is the body's surface area cover by the skin?
1.5-2.0 square meters
what is the skin's thickness?
1.5-4 MM
what are the major tissue layers of the skin?
superficial thinner epidermis
deeper thicker dermis
what is the layer which connects the skin to underlying muscle or bone?
subcutaneous layer or the hypodermis
predominate tissue in the epidermis:
keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
predominate tissue in the dermis:
dense irregular connective
predominate tissue in subcutaneous layer:
areolar and adipose connective
does the epidermis contain blood vessels?
no, however it is nourished by diffusion from capillaries of the dermis
name the possible strata of the epidermis from the deepest to most superficial
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