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Terms Definitions
What is ability?
Ability refers to the relatively stable capabilities of people to perform a particular range of different but related activities. Differences in ability are a function of both genes and the environment.
What are the various types of cognitive ability?
Cognitive abilities include verbal ability, quantitative ability, reasoning ability, spatial ability, and perceptual ability. General mental ability, or g, underlies all of these more specific cognitive abilities
What are the various types of emotional ability?
Emotional intelligence includes four specific kinds of emotional skills: self-awareness, other awareness, emotion regulation, and use of emotions.
What are the various types of physical ability?
Physical abilities include strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination, psychomotor abilities, and sensory abilities.
How does cognitive ability affect job performance and organizational commitment?
General cognitive ability has a strong positive relationship with job performance, due primarily to its effects on task performance. In contrast, general cognitive ability is not related to organizational commitment.
What steps can organizations take to hire people with high levels of cognitive ability?
Many organizations use cognitive ability tests to hire applicants with high levels of general mental ability. One of the most commonly used tests is the Wonderlic Personnel Test.
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