Chapter 10 Vocab Flashcards

Terms Definitions
relatively stable capabilities people have to perform a particular range of different but not realted activities
cognitive ability
capabilities related to the use of knowledge to make decisions and solve problems
verbal ability
various capabilties associated with understnading and expressing oral and written communication
quantitative ability
associated with doing basic mathematical operations and selecting and applying formulas to solve math problems
reasoning ability
diverse set of abilities associated with sensing and solving problems using insight, rules, and logic
spatial ability
associated with visual and mental representation and manipulation of objects in space
perceptual ability
capacity to percieve, understnad, and recall patterns of information
general cognitive ability
the general level of cognitive abilty that plays an important role in determining the more narrow cognitive abilties
emotional intelligence
set of abilites related to the undertsnading and use of emotions that affect social functioning
ability to recognize and understand the emotions in oneself
other awareness
ability to recognize and understand the emotions that other people are feeling
emotion regulation
the abilty to recover quickly from emotional experiences
use of emotions
the degree to which people can harness emptions and employ them to improve their chances of ebing sucessful in whatever they are seeking to do
the degree to which the body is apable of exuting force
psychomotor ability
associated with manipulating and controlling objects
sensory ability
associated with vision and hearing
wonderlic cognitive abilty test
12 minute test of general cognitive abilty used to hire job applicants
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