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separation of church and state. made up of ppl who volunteered to in it, didn't baptise babies b/c babies volunteer themselves
John Tetzel
indulgence salesmen "coin in coffer rings, soul springs"
John Tetzel
Leo X
excommunicated luther
Martin Luther
1505- sees corruption of church. 1517 - writes 95 thesis, warning Archbishop of Canterburry of the Church's crooked practices.
Martin Luther
No Works
Luther marries
CAtherine Von Bora
Anglican church
reaffirmed transubstantiation; rejection of monastic life--> Henry dissolved all monasteries in England; became truly protestant under Henry's son
Extremists, believed in adult baptism.
luthernism. presbyterian
religions produced by PR
Criticized the Catholic Church. Believed faith should be based upon Christian love and ethical behavior rather than dogma and ritual.
giving high positions to relatives
John Calvin
Believed in predestination, pure society, zealous reformers, Geneva becomes Calvinist society, retreat for protestants.
printing press
instrumental during time of reformation
in 1531 eight anabaptists arrested, 1534 led a streak through the city as a revolt
People who Protested against many actions of The Catholic Church, its corruption, and the Pope's authority in the 1500s. Luther & Calvin led the movement.
Catholic court that looked into people's religious beliefs and could execute heretics
Scot John Knox
brought Calvinism to Scotland
Sir Francis Drake
british, dfends england against spanish armada
Sir Francis Drake
yo soy de inglaterra
Matteo Ricci
set up a missionary in China
Edict of Worms
When CHarles V outlawed Luther
sold by the church to raise money
a pardon releasing a person from punishments due for a sin
Religious reforms dividing western Christianity
Roman Catholic Church criticized for abuse of power and corruption
Christian Humanists-wanted to reform Church
Believed through reason, and studying the classics one could become more pious (Christ-like)
Erasmus-father of Christian Humanism
Suggested reforming from within the Church
pope and church officials began to live luxurious life styles
In scotland who are the calvinist called
led the Ottoman Turks against Charles V
Christian Humanism
Came about during the Northern Renaissance. People were expected to be better Christians.
catholic counter reformation
started to counter rising protestantism
Reformation in Zurich
Ulrich Zwingli-leader who credits Erasmus over Luther as having set him on the path to reform. Had affair with barber's daughter. In 1519, competed for the position of priest in Zurich. He broke the Lenten fast and did not believe in practices that were not strictly stated in the Bible. Writes "Zwingli's Scripture Test". New regime imposed the first of harsh, puritanical Protestantism.
Elizabeth I
Queen of England, restores Anglican church. executes Mary of Scotland which pisses off Philip II
The idea that God determined the fate of every person
Henry VIII
King of England, had six wives, protestant, cut England off of Rome, proclaimed himself religious leader of England.
Henry the VIII
Married Catherine of Aragon. Son: Edward
Charles V
Holy Roman Emporer who didn't have time to deal w/ local conflicts b/c was surrounded by enemies w/ turks in the east and french in the west
Peace of Austburg
allowed German princes to chose between religions
The Jesuit Order
New Religious Order that emphasized discipline. Backbone of the Counter-Reformation. Defenders of Catholicism. Missionaries spread Catholicism throughout the world. Founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola.
Protestant Reformation
movement resulted in great split of WEstern Christendom which dethroned the pope as the single rleigious authority in Europe
Mary I
Edward VI's half-sister who sought to restore Catholic traditions, began to persecute Protestants; named "Bloody Mary"
Effects Counter Feformation
church launched counter refermation to change the church and win back the people who left.
Council of trent reacted to protestant teachings on faith.
Martin didnt plan to begin a new church he wanted to reform the roman church.
movement began which made a split in church
Leipzig Debate
(1519) Johann Eck forced Luther to deny authority of popes and councils
Thomas Cranmer
grants permission to Henry VIII to re-marry
Papal Bull
order from the pope, Luther recieved one and he burned it
Papal Bull
Bull commin' with the pop
created by King Henry VIII b/c he wanted to divorce his wife. same beliefs as Catholicism, but Pope had no power. Act of Supremecy = no pope, more power
the activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe beginning in the 14th century and extending to the 17th century, marking the transition from the medieval to the modern world.
Council of Trent
faith and good works led to salvation-"same old, same old", outlawed sale of indulgences, eventually militant Catholics and Calvinists clashed
Thomas a Kempis
author of "The Imitation of Christ" early northern christian writer who challenged individuals to live a godly life rather than focus just on knowledge, in Brothers of Common life
Great Schism
The split in the Church when the French Pope moved back to Avignon and the Italian Pope remained in Rome. Later attempted remedies ultimately led to three popes at one time.
Protestantism Spreads - Calvin
John Calvin replaces Zwingli (killed in religious war)
French, fled for safety to Switzerland
Exposed problem of predestination
1536 - began reforming Geneva, Switz.
Created a church govt of elect & laity
Used consistory (moral police)
Sent missionaries thru Europe to convert Catholics
Ideas spread  France, Neth, Scotland...
Mid 16th C - Calvinism more pop than Lutheranism.
His religion will eventually become Presbyterianism
Luther and Melanchthon
reduced 7 sacraments to two: baptism and communion (transubstantiation)
Julius II
wanted to extend the territory of the Papal States, Warrior Pope
Philip of Hesse
brought Luther and Zwingli together in 1529 to try to make alliance; disagreed on one point: Zwingli said Eucharist was symbolic, Luther said Christ's body was present; no compromise=no united Protestant church
Episcopal Church
The American branch of the Church of England.
Edward Vi
son of Henry VII, baby king, taken advantage of by Thomas Cranmer, which made England more Protestant
Anne Boleyn
The second wife of Henry VIII, she was killed for adultery, the mother of Elizabeth.
Jane Seymour
Queen of England as the third wife of Henry VIII and mother of Edward VI (1509-1537)
Holy Roman Empire
The empire set up in Western Europe following the coronation of Charlemagne as emperor in the year 800. It was created by the medieval papacy in an attempt to unite Christendom under one rule. At times the territory of the empire was extensive and included Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and parts of Italy and the Netherlands.
What does Max WEbber argue
That industrial revolution came first to the protestant areas in europe
The Marburg Colloquy
Philip of Hesse wanted to unite Swiss and German Protestants for defense. Luther and Zwingli's bitter differences (esp. about Eucharist)spoiled his efforts. Hesse brings Luther and Zwinglis together in his castle in Oct. 1529 to work out differences.
Effects of the Printing Press
Bible in more abundance and readily available for interpretation other than that presented by the Catholic Church.
things that came with luthernism
replaced latin with german in church services. encouraged hymns. wrote "A Mighty Fortress is our God". approved mariages by clergy. didn't believe in church higharchy. believed that all occupations were vocations that could serve God & others
Society of Jesus (jesuits)
formed by ignatius of loyola. vow of obedience to pope. spread catholicism with education
when does he nail the 95 thesis
1517 to the church in wittemberg
What medal does the pope give king henry 8
fidei Defensor- Defender of the faith
What does calvin believe about wealth
IF you are wealthy you are loved by god and not damned
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