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Terms Definitions
Scales of Measurement
Characteristics of major depression
Cognitive Deficits
Language-poor, monotoneExecutive Functions- poor (organization, planning)Social Reasoning-only know what supposed to do, not why. Theory of Mind: lack of awareness taht somebody else has thoguhts that differ from yours.
Give pleasure and relief pain
Members of our own species
Individual differences in emotion, reactivity, and self-regulation is _____
Physical development
-triple birth weight
-double height
-more proportionate
Even when unplesent situation occur they are improoving so long as theyoccur less
Socioeconomic Status
the catagorization of individuals according to their economic, educational, and occupational characteristics
eating disorder;the person, usually an adolescent girl or young woman, limits her eating and becomes emaciated.
any event, situation, or individual that varies
threadlike molecule or DNA that carries genetic information
Basic Research
Covariation of Cause and Effect
True or false....The experience of pain is a universal phenomenon, which shows very little cultural variation.
Part of the brain that coordinates simple movements, targets auditory and visual stimuli for further processing, helps regulate body temperature, pain perception, and sleep-wake cycle.
Test 5Frequency
is directly related to wavelength: longer waves produce lower pitch; shorter waves produce higher pitch.
Inoculation Procedure
a technique for increasing an individuals resistance to an argument by first giving them weak, easily defeated versions of it
Loosely organized groups that serve to structure social identity in high school
quasi-experimental research
used instead of randomization when random experiments are not possible
hindsight bias
the tenndancy to exaggerate, after learning an outcome, one's ability to have forseen how something turned out. "I knew it all along."
Deficiency in the amount or content of speech, a disturbance often seen in people with schizophrenia. Also known as poverty of speech.
What are cognative process influenced by?
biological maturation
Erickson's stage of psychosocial development associated with concern over one's contribution to the next generations and pro-social behavior is:
generativity vs. stagnation
Receptive-productive lag
Phenomenon in which infants understand far more than they can produce.
a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment, a person whose attention is directed outward, not towards inner feelings
sandwich generation
caregiving for their old parents and their own children
Social Motives
needs and desires that are learned through experiences with the social world
Social-roles approach
men and women often occupy many different social roles, they are socialized differently, and experiences different opportunities and advantages
Hypomanic Episode (Bipolar II)
Distinct period of persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood lasting throughout at least 4 days plus 3-4 symptoms of mania
Kaylee is so afraid of spiders and insects that she avoids most outdoor activities and even refuses to go to the basement of her own house alone. She appears to suffer from a(n):
depth perception
ability to see objects in three dimensions.
allows us to judge distance. 
Hormone replacement therapy
treatment to compensate for hormone reduction at menopause or following surgical removal of the ovaries.
What is drive reduction?
maintain balance (homeostasis), set point
Preoperational stage
in Piaget’s theory, the stage (2-7 years of age) during which a child learns to use language but does not comprehend the mental operations of concrete logic
a time following orgasm during which males are unresponsive to sexual stimulation
refractory period
What is the timing of when humans and many other animals sleep referred to as
Goals of Research In Psychology:Describe Behavior
identify regularly occuring sequence of events
Where does the first point protrude from?
The eyebrow line
A hypothesis is a(n):
Testable prediction, often implied by a theory
What was the traditional breakdown of mental disorders?
Neurosis and Psychosis
range restriction effects
When you don't vary an independent variable over a big enough range, and the effect size looks small
Spontaneous recovery
the reappearance, after a pause, of an extinguished conditioned response
Chris Langan
Who has a higher IQ Chris Langan or Einstein
Three dimensions of Public vs Private behavior
-Sensitivity of information
-Setting of information
-Method of dissemination
Two years after being brutally raped and beaten, Brianna still experience jumpy anxiety and has troubel sleeping and vivid flashbacks of her assault. She is clearly showing signs of:
Post traumatic stress disorder
What conditions make minority influence possible?
-if minority expresses a consistent, unwavering view the majority is likely to take notice and may even adopt the minority view.
-not effective if minority wavers between two different viewpoints or if two individual express different minority views.
What is Integrity? according to Erickson
adult who progresses successfully through psychosocial stages, faces old age enthusiastically, open to express true inner self and feels like has been fulfilling
What medications are used in the Treatment Of OCD and why?
SSRI Antidepressants (e.g., Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil)Reduce Obsessions By Increasing Serotonin ActivityTherapeutic Dosage Is Typically Higher Than That Required
Correct sequence of motor skill development in childhood.
Raising head, turning over, sitting, crawling, walking, standing.
(Same around the world) 
Why does aggression increase around 4th grade?
Two Reasons:-4th graders are better than younger kids at figuring out intent.-Fighting back is accepted as what you are supposed to do in these situations.
Characteristics of crying in infancy
Basic cry: occurs when baby is hungry or tired, starts softly, then becomes more intenseMad cry: More intense version of basic cryPain Cry: Begins with a sudden long burst of crying, followed by a long pause, and gasping.
The Scientific Study of the Body:
explain not just reflexes that are pre-wired at birth (ex. knee jerk) but how reflexes can be modified throughout experience (ex. yell 'fire' and people run-- not pre-wired)
how can we reduce prejudice? the contact hypothesis: interact
bringing members of different groups together will reduce prejudicedeutsch and collins 1951 housing study: randomly assigned whites and blacks to housing...all one race or integrated, integrated had reduced prejudice
What did Huey and Polo (2008) find in their meta-analysis of treatment efficacy among ethnic minority youth?
Ethnic disparity-some studies show that evidence based treatments work better for majority clients, while others show that they work better for minority clients.
What is a kind of sub-test found in several currently popular performance tests of SEI?
Matching lists of physical sensations to their most closely associated emotions.
We tend to pay attention to things if:
we are interested, this is a principle of memory improvement.
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