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Terms Definitions

Important psychologist:
First to employ method of observation to study behavior

cohen's d
cohen stated that d = .2 is a small effect size, d = .5 is a medium effect size, and d = .8 is a large effect size.
Psychodinamic (Approach)
Unconscious mental forceRepressionIceberg modelIntrapsychic conflict
The first operant conditioner
most sleep occurs during this
neurotransmitters that regulate mood, hunger, sleep, and arousal. too much-> always sleepy; too little->OCD depression, anxiety
hindbrain structure responsible for coordinating fine muscle movement, balance, and some perception and cognition
complex psychological state that involves a state of physiological arousal, an outward behavioral expression of emotion, and a cognitive appraisal of the situation to determine the specific emotion and is intensity
biological rhythms
periodic physiological fluctuations in the body
6. Hippocampus
serves two purposes
1. problem solving (trial and error)
2. long term memory
we forget what purpose is for
survival of self/species
memory is distorted by emotion
Successful surgeons might be expected to excel in which of Gardner’s MI’S?
• Punishment
events that decreases the probability that a response will be repeated
Flashbulb Memory
Enduring memories of emotionally charged events that seem to be permanently seared into the brain.
something about the liked
physical attractivenessHatfield 1966what is attractive?--both sexes: large eyes, prominent cheekbones, and a big smile (baby face)women--a small nose and chin, narrow cheeks, and high eyebrowsmen--a large chin*being attractive buys you a lot: better jobs/more opportunities, more help if in trouble, less punishment
participants randomly assigned to groups => equal participant characteristics across groups
independent variable
The level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impulse.
mindfulness meditation
technique practiced by yoga ethusiasts and buddists
evolutionary psych
exaines behavioral processes in therms of their adaptive value for a memeber of a species over generations
the extent to which a variable accounts for the relation between two other variables
discriminant validity
failing to correlate with measures that are supposed to tap other constructs
an educated guess based on prior experience; "rule of thumb"
The process of knowing; the thinking, judging, reasoning, and planning activities of the human mind. Behavior is often explained as depending on these processes.
issue of toddlerhood
autonomy v shame and doubt
William James
Founded Functionalism. He did not believe that conscious experience could be parceled into discrete elements. Rather, he believed that mental experience is best understood in terms of the functions or purposes it serves.
an anxiety disorder marked by a persistent, irrational fear and avoidance of a specific object or situation
labeling individuals negatives
self-fulfilling prophecy, bias, does not provide complete information on treatment
gender roles
Give an example of a problematic script or schema
Parietal lobe
Processes sensations and is located on the sides of the brain
Sensitivity of information
More sensitive information is regarded usually as private (religion, sexual practices etc)
Empathy & Sympathy: Hoffman: 5 stage development of empathy (Which stage?)

Precursor; when infants hear another cry, they cry too
Stage 1
mundane realism
the degree of resemblance between the laboratory operational definitions and some target objects or events outside the laboratory (not a precondition for experimental realism)
• Learning
study of how behavior depends on the outcomes of past behaviors
In vitro fertilization
fertilization of ova outside the body.
scale of preparedness
different things are easier/harder to condition an association
generalized anxiety disorder
characterized by prolonged vague but intense fears that are not attached to anything in particular
2x2 designs
- two independent variables
- each IV has two levels
- can look for main effects of each variable
- can look for interactions between the other two variables
unconscious priming
What type of priming occurs even when unformation is presented with awareness
alternative hypothesis
there is an effect, a difference, or relationship. 
What smell do deer hate?
the smell of rotten eggs
external validity
the extent to which one can generalize the results of the research to the population at interest
What is a naturalistic study?
Observing someone without any interference of the behavior.
might need to be done to correct kidney failure; uncomfortable
kidney dialysis
Theory of mind
people’s ideas about their own and other’s mental states – about their feelings, perceptions, and thoughts, and the behaviors these might predict
Autonomic and Somatic
The PNS is divided into what two divisions?
visible parts of the eye:pupil
often used to determine neurological function
Reactive schizophrenia
-was thought to be a response to an extremely stressful situations, coming on suddenly and producing behavior that was highly social, volatile, and intense. thought to be related to stress and have a good outcome
female sexual arousal disorder
Recurrent inability in some women to attain or maintain adequate lubrication and swelling sexual excitement responses until completion of sexual activity.
emotional sources of prejudice: Four Theories
economic and political competitionrole of the scape goatgrustration-aggression theoryrelative deprivation theory
How do underlying constructs help psychologists understand  human behavior?
Start the process by drawing conclusions about what types of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics, that fuel cells and patter other behavior
Which of the following observations provides the best evidence that intelligence test scores are influenced by heredity?
Identical twins raised separately have IQ scores that are very similar
3 factors inhibiting contributions of women
1.Grad Programs not accessible to women; faced discrimination in admittance. also difficult recieving rightfully earned degree2.General discrimination held again women of the century. Believed to have innate deficits that hindered academic performance and considered to fail from the rigors of grad school3.Job availablity for women=poor. evn when completed degree and graduated from grad school
Skinners legacy. What did he argue?
argued that behaviors were shaped by external influences instead of inner thoughts and feelings
name the two cells of the supporting CNS.
astrocytes: provide physical support, clean up debris, regulate chemicals.oligodendrocytes: produce the myelin sheath
What are the different ways of coping?
1. $$ and time2. Problem-focused coping (alter/eliminate source of stress)3. Emotion-focused coping (regulate negative consequences of stressor)
What were the effects of the orphanage on the children right when they got to Britain?
Severely malnourished, more than half in the lowest 3% of children in terms of hight, weight, and head circumfrence, varying degrees of mental retardation, and they were socially immature.
Deer in deer yards have protection in numbers and use it by:
running in pathways and confusing the predator
What is the definition of a depressant and what are a couple examples?
-a drug that slows down the Central Nervous System.-ex) alcohol, valium, xanax.
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