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mokeys, apes, humans
What are dissociative disorders?
Regulates feeding behavior

Important for homeostasis

Coordinates stress response

Output projections to many brain regions, including those involved in decision-making
classification system that describes features used to diagnose each recognized mental disorder and indicates how the disorder can be distinguished from other , similar problems
stable cause
permanent, unable to change

Part of the retina


Eye movements occur to bring object of interest to this area
creativity results from __ thinking
in psychoanalysis, the expression of repressed feelings and impulses to allow the release of the psychic energy associated with them
Kinship Selection
Preferential helping of genetic relatives, so that genes held in common will survive.
_____ believed children use symbolic and make believe aspects by substituting a stick for a horse
overproduction of dopamine is associated with
parkinson's disease
developing valid ideas using existing ideas and principles of logic
Dorsal Stream

Stream of Prestriate cortex

Highly sensitive to info. from peripheral regions of retina
this person said sometimes people learn by observing others’ behavior and their consequences or observation learning
results from damage to Paritel lobe, cant make intentional movements
bystander effect
a paradoxical social phenomenon in which people are less likely to provide needed help when they are in groups than when they are alone
The 'building block' of the nervous system. A neuron is a nervous system cell, just like any other cell, except specialized to the nervous system and shaped differently than a traditional cell. When a neuron does its job, an electrical signal goes from one end to the other. Neurons are lined up one after the other in a chain.
how will you ensure that your observations are unconstructive?
surgical incision made to enlarge the vagina and assist in childbirth
what do psychologists use to sample behvaior broadly?
Emotional Distress
A criterion of abnormality stating that abnormal behaviors are those that lead to emotional upset or personal distress
adler personality type:outgoing and active, have abundance of social contact, and strive to make changes for the good
the social useful
Inhibitory Synapse
Neurons 1 & 2 release neurotransmitter into their synapses with neuron 4

Since the synapse with neuron 2 is inhibitory, the input from this synapse opposes the input from the synapse with neuron 1

The net effect of inhibition cancels out the net effect of excitation

Neuron 4 is not stimulated
Learning that occurs when behaviors are acquired or modified following exposure to others performing the behavior.
observational learning
amyloid plaques
proteins which form in spaces of neuroreceptors that disrupt neural communication causing Alzheimer's disease
major depressive disorder
a serious to severe depressive disorder in which the person may show loss of appetite, psychomotor retardation, and impaired reality testing
Manifest content
MAnifest content dreams are the dreams you remember. They are what your mind creates to cover up your latent dreams and are distorted versions. Freud would look for symbols in manifest dreams to discover what the latent dream was. ex he would look for phallic symbols. And if you dreamt that you had sex w/ someone then Freud would say that your latent dream must have been even more sexual and embarrassing than what you remember.
emotion-focused coping
A response involving reappraisal of a stressor to reduce its emotional impact.
Collateral sprouting
vessels grow around and bypass the block; causes some coronary artery blockages to not cause heart attacks
single-blind study
the particepents are kept blind about the particular group in which they've been placed
disease caused by toxic gain of function; sensitivity to glutamate so cell (in basal ganglia) wears out and disappears
Huntington's Chorea
Kohut said that when the child provides his own mirroring a _____________has occured
transmuting internalization
Dendritic Spines
Enhance the surface area of the dendrite and allow more synapses to be possible with a neuron

Show plasticity, increase neurotransmission communication
a large portion of the brain, serving to coordinate voluntary movements, posture, and balance in humans, being in back of and below the cerebrum and consisting of two lateral lobes and a central lobe.
parietal lobe
take in sensory info and make motor movements
Antisocial personality disorder
no moral sense; history of deception, crime, impulsive/aggressive/violent behavior. little emotional empathy. high risk for substance abuse and alcoholism
treatment for sleep apnea
don't sleep on back, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system, surgery
Lewinsohn's behavioural model of depression
depression -> decreased reward-seeking behaviour, avoidance of others -> increased depression -> noxious behaviours that alienate others and reduce social support -> deeper depression -> inadequate positive reinforcement or many punishers
Guest speaker - diagnosis of disorder?
Rapid cycling bipolar disorder
Methods or brain researching
1)clinical studies of individuals with localized brain damage. 2)Brain stimulations. 3)brain lesions. 4)Brain ablations. 5) Recording electical activity 6) Labeling techniques. 7) High Definition Images.
The part of the neuron that (for the most part) receives the messages from other neurons
Cause of Down syndrome
error in meiosis resulting in extra chromosome 21
Ravi brushes his teeth 18 times a day. Each time, he uses exactly 83 strokes up and 83 strokes down. After he eats, he must brush twice with two different brands of toothpaste. Ravi suffers from a(n):
obsessive-compulsive disorder.
what is analytic psychology?
Jung's expansion of Freud's notion of the unconscious; Jung believed that humans possess not only a personal unconscious based on their life experiences, but also a collective unconscious that consists of memories accumulated throughout the entire history of the human race
Divergent (type of thinking)
produces many answers to the same question
What types of descriptive statistics are there?
Descriptive statistics are the mathematical procedures of collected data such as mean, median, mode
What are the associative learning key ideas? (3)
Classical conditioning results in conditioned fears characteristic of anxiety disorders, anticipatory anxiety emerges, operant conditioning maintains escape and avoidance via negative reinforcement. i.e. running away from spider reduces anxiety
What are two ways to therapeutically approach phobias?
*systematic desentization-step by step process where you are desentizing a client to fear a object or experience*flooding-exposure treatment where client is taken directly to fear situation
How does reciprocity affect altruism?
By being altruistic, someone may still have personal gain.
top-down control vs. bottom-up control
- top-down control = control that comes from higher up in the brain; effects of unconscious inference
- bottom-up control = control that comes more directly from the sensory input; bring in the sensory info that is actually present in the stimulus

amniotic sac felled with amniotic fluid
separates embryo from mother so fluid exchange is regulated; cushions against environmental shock and temperature changes
What is the conscientious stage in Loevinger's Ego Development Theory?
1. CD: person shows greater understanding of complexity
2. IS: mutual sharing
3. CP: developing internal standards
4. CS: thinks in polarities, beginning more complex thought

a. Long-term personal goals and ideals, sense of responsibility, and internalization of rules
b. May choose to break law if it violates personal standards
c. Complex inner life and ability to understand emotions of self and others
What is the consolidation stage of memory?
Def. The process of establishing a memory
What 3 Western attitudes about death have occurred because of changes in healthcare?
1. Death associated with later life
2. Death "invisible"
3. People rely on media images
what does disneyland example show about memories?
When ppl got older they were asked if they met mickey there, they said yes, then asked if they met bugs and they said yes, but thts impossible because bugs bunny is from looney toones not disneyland.false memories can be created
What are 5 ways in which depression is presented differently in older adults?
1. More likely to report traditional mood symptoms
2. More likely to seek treatment for bodily complaints
3. May seek treatment for disorders other than mood
4. Depletion syndrome - lack of energy, hopelessness, loss of appetite
5. Significant cognitive deficits
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