Chapter 1-more key terms Flashcards

Terms Definitions
data communications
the movement of computer information from one point to another by means of electrical or optical transmission systems.
data communications networks
the systems that move computer info from one point to another.
also moves computer information. Add voice and video.
Why are data communications systems important?
1. They provide faster information flow to businesses.
2. Businessess depend on a reliable data flow.
3. Enables the Internet services businesses depend on.
What are 2 parts of an Internet address?
1. Computer name
2. Domain name
What's a domain name?
The thing that follows the last period. ie: .edu or .com
What's the computer name?
The text name for an IP address.
What are the 3 basci hardware components for a data communications network?
1. Server 2. client 3. circuit
3 business and personal data comunications applications?
1. Video conferencing 2. email 3. Internet
What is a group of microcomputers or terminals located in the same general area called?
What is a large central network that connects most everything on a single company site called?
Backbone network
What type of network encompasses a city or county area?
Which type of network spans cities, states, or national boundaries?
What type of facilities do MANs and WANs use?
Leased facilities-IXCs
Where are LANs and BNs located?
while LANs and BNs are often located internally in an organization.
Do LANs and BNs lease their facilities too?
use owned facilities.
What are a few examples of a client?
desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones.
What is a pathway or connection between client and server called?
3 examples of a circuit are____________
copper wire, fiber optic cable, wireless
When WLANs use wireless circuits, they are called ____________
What do we call the pathway through which a message travels?
A circuit
What do network models do?
Divide communications networks into layers.
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