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Terms Definitions
What is a circuit made of?
1. Copper wire 2. fiber optic cable 3. Wireless transmission
No matter what it is made of, a single end-to-end connection is called a ___________________________
Definition layer
Why are network layers important?
1. aid in development of hardware and software over a single platform. 2. Make development of hardware/software easier.
What does the application layer do?
is the application software used by the network user
What does the presentation layer do?
Formats the data for presentation to the user.
How does the presentation layer format data for the user?
by accommodating different interfaces on different terminals or computers. so the application program need not worry about them
What does the session layer do?
responsible for initiating, maintaining, and terminating each logical session between end users
what does The transport layer do?
deals with end-to-end issues
What's an example of an end-to-end issue transport layer might deal with?
such as procedures for entering and departing from the network,
How does the transport layer deal with end-to-end issues?
by establishing, maintaining, and terminating logical connections for the transfer of data between the original sender and the final destination of the message.
Before the network layer addresses and routes a package, what does it do to the message?
the message generated by the application layer and if necessary, breaks it into several smaller messages.
Which layer records message accounting information before passing it to the data link layer?
Network layer.
What are 2 things the network layer does in OSI model other than addressing and routing?
1. Breaks message into smaller pieces. 2. Records accunting information before passing it to the data link layer.
What 3 things does the data link layer do?
1. formats the message to indicate where it starts and ends 2. decides when to transmit it over the physical media, 3. detects and corrects any errors that occur in transmission.
The physical layer
Is the physical connection between sender and receiver.
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