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What's the first step in transmitting a message?
A user does something at the application layer.
Where would the message travel from the application layer?
To the transport layer.
What would the transport layer do with the data?
1. obtain the address of the end user
2. break larger data transmission into smaller packets
3. ensure that all the packets have been received
4. eliminating duplicate packets
5. flow control
What is flow control?
to ensure that no computer is overwhelmed by the number of messages it receives.
After the transport layer, where does the message go?
The network layer.
What does the network layer do with the message from the application layer?
takes the message generated by the application layer and if necessary, breaks it into several smaller messages. It then addresses the message(s) and determines their route through the network, and records message accounting information before passing it to the data link layer.
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