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Situational Audience Analysis
Terms Definitions
unsupported conclusions
three(3)-dimensional, scale-size representation of an object
Short Term
the working memory
represent documented occurences, including actual events, dates, times, people involved, and places
Captatio Benevoulentia
Thanking/praising your audience
anything that moves attracts attention. Gesturing and moving towards audience attract attention, so does language that evokes movement/activity "until--until--until" when describing earthquake.
combination of honesty and dependability
Speaker credibility
a speaker's expertise, trustworthiness, speaker similarity , and pyhsical attractiveness
how well you perform it
whatever a speaker communicates to someone else
figurative analogy
combines subjects from different realms of experience. For example, comparing building a house to building a speech
a comparison of something with something else, to give your topic meaning and relatability
making each unit of supporting information relevant to the main point or subpoint that is is intended to support.
explains how something is constructed or operated
Visual Channel
channel of communication that includes the speaker's physical actions and appearance- facial expressions, gestures, general body movement, physical appearence, dress, and objects held
Inferential statistics
statistics that help predict things
Qualities a Speaker Must Have(Creates speaker's ethos)
Pre-Performance Anxiety
anxiety while rehersing your speech
Adapting speech information to the audience in order to make your case
ethical decisions
sound ethical decisions involve weighing a potential course of action against a set of ethical standards or guidelines.
tending to argument or strife; quarrelsome:
apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially pleasing or plausible:
Empathic listening
listening to provide emotional support for a speaker
Scale questions
questions that require responses at fixed intervals along a scale of answers
subject people think, write, or talk about
sense of sharing the fate of others...can connect all humans, thus speakers can ask for reform by appealing to our sense of identification with women in Afghanistan for example
technical language that is specific to a profession. You wont be understood if you use jargon in front of an audience outside that profession.
prepersuasive function
power of informative speaking to influence perceptions can prepare listeners for later persuasive messages. Depending on a persons point of view (optimistic about teaching vs. pessimistic) you will be primed to respond differently to a later message (i.e. urging you to become a teacher).
and idea that supports a main point
focus on certain points and ignore others ( often to serve our bias )
an extended metaphor or simile that compares an unfamiliar concept or process to a more familiar one to help the listener understand the unfamiliar one
Explain your statistics
Statistics don't speak for themselves. They need to be interpreted and related to your listeners. Explain what statistics mean when dealing with large numbers since they are hard to visualize.
1. Extemporaneous Speech: Prepared in advance and
Ending all sentences in the same manner
opposition to the increase and spread of knowledge.
a statement, picture in words, or account that describes; descriptive representation.
Situational audience analysis
Audience analysis that focuses on situational factors such as the size of the audience, the physical setting for the speech, and the disposition of the audience toward the topic, the speaker, and the occasion.
literal analogy
ties together subjects from the same realm of experience, such as football or soccer.
physiological needs
need for food, water and comfort. Speeches involving these (about clean air, fast food, etc) arouse listeners
vocal distractions
BAD. i.e. um, well, okay, you know.....vocal fillers, may indicate nervousness or be when the speaker is collecting thoughts but in general are distracting and indicate that the speaker lacks confidence in themselves or their message.
the beginning of a speech, which gains audience attention and orients the members
Speaking Outlines
far briefer then working outlines and are usually prepared using short phrases or key words.
representation of a whole or a part of an area on a a flat surface
LCD projector
comes with an illumination or light source, which eliminates the need for an overhead projector
causal order
a method of speech organization in which the main points show a cause-effect relationship
1. Claims of fact: asserts that something is or is
When you want to gain additional information or in
global plagiarism
stealing a speech entirely from a single source and passing it off as ones own.
How to convince your audience to do think or feel what you want them to do think of feel
a standard or example for imitation or comparison.
Critical listening
a listening style used to evaluate and analyze a message for logic and value
expanded conversational style
talking with listeners, not at them. Direct, spontaneous, colorful and tuned to the responses of listeners. A bit more formal than everyday conversation but still natural.
value judgment
an evaluation or label (such as good or bad) applied to the topic of a speech.
Making Presentations in Groups
-Designate a team leader-Assign roles and tasks-Ensure consistency of delivery-Establish a consistent formatEstablish transitions between speakers-Rehearse the presentation
The recognition that a country such as the U.S. po
patchwork plagiarism
stealing ideas or language from two or three sources and passing them off as one's own
A frame of mind in favor of or opposed to a person, policy, beleif, institution etc.
Round off complicated statistics
Unless there is an important reason to give exact numbers, you should round off most statistics.
Ways to Make Your Anxiety Subside
-Manage your time wisely-Focus on research to be familiar with subject-Learn as much about your audience and speech environment as possible
What should Critical thinkers be looking for?
Flaws in arguments that resist claims that have noe supporting evidence
Developing a note of finality
- avoid an abrupt ending so audience is satisfied that it's over- weed in a concluding phrase- work on delivery to execute a note of finality (pull voice down, slow down)- avoid saying thank-you
Use visual aids to clarify statistical trends
visual aids can save you a lot of time, as well as make your statistics easier to comprehend.
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