Supervision Of Police Personnel Chapter 3 Flashcards

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Why do supervisors often resist leadership training
Supervisors resist leadership training because of the inability of some supervisors to adopt and apply realistically the principle of leadership to their own particular assignment
Name three types of leaders, and discuss each
(1) Autocratic: goes by the book, Is the only voice in decision making, Rules through fear, intimidation & threats, Demands complete and unquestionable obedience. (2) Democratic: seeks ideas & suggestion from subordinates, allows participation in decision making, uses little authority, and treats subordinates as associates (3) Free rein: Exersizes minimum control, seldom give attention or help needed, does not interfere and has a leaderless operation.
Define command presence & how does it affect leadership
Dignity, Self assurance, & Poise. The outward appearance that denotes the person has the ability & qualifications to handle a situation. A leader lacking command presence will have a difficult time leading his group.
Discuss the principal characteristics of good leaders
Friendly, Enthusiasm, Ambition, Energy, Moral & Physical integrity, Intelligence, Technical skills, Faith, Verbal aptitude, Courtesy,& Modesty. Having these qualities does not ensure the person is a good leader.
What are the objectives of good human relations
The greatest production in the shortest possible time with the minimum energy and maximum satisfaction for the producer.
What are the basic principals for commending & criticizing others
The basic principals for commending and criticizing others are, commend in public but criticize in private. Sincere praise & commendations when merited, and strike a reasonable balance between constructive criticism when it us needed and praise when earned.
What are the most prevalent reasons for failure in order giving
Indirect speech, poor word selection, giving orders in a disordered or haphazard manner, too many orders at one time, too much detail in one order, assuming the hearer understands clearly, & neglecting to follow up
List & discuss 4 methods of giving orgers
Direct command: when direct or prompt action is needed, for lazy careless, indifferent or irresponsible subordinates, . . Request: Cooperation is most readily obtained through request rather than commands. Implied or Suggested: To be used with reliable subordinates, Useful in developing initiatives of subordinates allows for latitude in completing task that when immediate action is not essential. . . Request for volunteers: not to be used for escaping the responsibility of decision making.
Discuss the steps involved in decision making
(1) Awareness a real problem exist. (2) Obtain facts. (3) Get sufficient data, evaluate & Analyze it. (4) Use a different approach to form a logical conclusion. (5) Make a decision from alternative solution. (6) Communicate decision to subordinates
Discuss how over supervision occurs and the hazards that result from it
Comes from inexperience, a failure to delegate task because of a lack of confidence in his subordinates, or a reluctance to relinquish what he believes are his supervisor prerogative. The hazards are lost of respect, creates suspension, and arouses resentment.
Explain how supervision of Women & Minorities employee sometimes differ from that of white male workers
They do not differ, everyone is to be treated equally
List and discuss some of the different techniques for supervising women employees
Be aware that women are more sensitive to criticism, more inclined to be emotionally involved in their job, and more appreciative of the supervisors efforts to improve the job environment.
What are some of the positive motivators? & describe how the can be used
Positive incentives, Appropriate recognition. Praise when merited, & opportunities for personal development
What are the major systems of leadership failure
Leadership not provided when needed, Low levels of discipline, Low standards of conducts & performance, and Disloyalty, mistrust or self interest within the organization.
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