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Terms Definitions
If you were concerned with the effects of drugs on the human body the area you would study is?
If you were prescribed Tylenol #3 it would come under what schedule from U.S. Schedules of Controlled Substances?
Schedule III
The student nurse needs to give a narcotic she is aware that:
Narcotics are kept in a double locked cabinet
A drug that is names by its developer would be known as?
The trade name
The advantage of giving drugs by the topical route is that it:
is easier to administer
It is important to know the half life of a drug because?
it determines frequency of dose
a substance used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, relief, or prevention of illness
The study of the interaction between drugs and human systems
A person licensed to prepare and dispense drugs to fill a presciption
Written directions for the preparation and administration of a drug
Clinical Pharmacist
A specialist who guides the physician in the prescibing of drugs
A place where drugs are prepared and dispensed
Over the Counter drugs
Drugs that may be purchased without a prescription
Illegal Drugs
Drugs not prescibed by a physician, dentist or nurse practitioner
The study of how drugs interact with the body cells and tissue-theories of drug action is...
The study of drugs used to prohibit growth and production of abnormal cells is..
.... is the study of the effects of drugs on the human body
.... is the study of how drugs move through the body.
The study of the action of drugs in relationship to time is...
The study of hereditary influences on an individuals drug response is...
You are a scientist studying how a particular drug affects the cells and tissues of the central nervous system. Your research would most likely be related to which of the following areas of pharmacology?
Which of the following was the first law in the U.S. intended to curb drug abuse and dependency?
Harrison Narcotic Act
Which of the following statements regarding Schedule I is true?
Abuse potential for these medications is high
How many different schedules for controlled substance exists
There are 4 different stages for drug development. Which stage starts the human testing phases?
Stage 2 clinical research and development
given by the developer (simpler than chemical )
precise description of chemical composition
brand or trade name
name given by manufacturer
Which factor would influence a patients ability to metabolize a drug?
The patients age
inclination drug has for binding to a receptor site
Drugs ability to initiate biological activity
Combines with a receptor and initiates biological activity.
Inhibits effect of another drug
Competitive Antagonist
same receptor site for agonist
Non-competitive antagonist
Combines with different part of receptor than
A new drug is on the market that, if given orally, will be deactivated. The reason for this is:
the first-pass effect
A physician orders a medication for a hospice patient to relive the continuous nausea the client is experiencing? This drug would give which of the following drug responses:
What is an idiosyncratic response?
a reaction peculiar to the patient
What is a drug interaction where the effect of two drugs is greater that the sum of two drugs acting independently?
Six right of Medication Administration
When taking a verbal order for a medication, the R.N. should
only take verbal orders in emergency situations
transcribe orders to appropriate form before sending to pharmacy
limit verbal orders to only drugs that are familiar within your facility
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